Jun 05 2015

Welcome to the Recap. I added a section to the recap of the top 5 Estibot values. My Comments are in Bold.


BISN.com 17 years old. Doing well as all Bison related names usually do

BISN.com: 47 bids for 1575. Gets 475 searches a month and estibot has it at 14k. Great LLLL.com.

ELST.com El Street. Will cross $1000 easily despite the dreaded vowel. And I joke about the vowel. All letters are now loves

ELST.com: $2,247 The Street or maybe E List? If it has meaning it is always going to do better. If Shane and I can come up with something in 5 minutes then there is bound to be many more.

NaturalCurves.com Highly desired when you choose not to watch your diet and avoid exercise. Only one bidder

NaturalCurves.com: $465 I like this one as an online clothing store. I could come up with things to build out all night.

SolarWaterSystems.com The plural is the key. More popular than you think. And if you install them you should want to own this name. 1 bidder

SolarWaterSystems.com: $123 This is just going to get more popular. Long tail name but I like it and whoever bought it got a great price. Couple hundred searches a month doesn’t hurt either.

NJLL.com Under $500 at press time

NJLL.com: $709. Double letter never hurts.

WLDA.com I’ve always felt that LLLL.coms ending in A are valuable. This one is proving me correct

WLDA.com: $875. Wild Land Dog Association.

VX8.com Ditto

VX8.com: 31 bids for 651. Oooo an X and and 8. I like.

DomainNameExpert.com I figure you guys would like it. And many of you are

DomainNameExpert.com: Don’t need the domain to know it. Just kidding, not sure I will ever be an expert. Things change so fast I may never be.

DickCheney.com The price tells you how many people care about the former Vice President of the US

DickCheney.com: 22 for 510. Eh, i’m not sure what to do with this one.

ToughMonkey.com I normally don’t like monkey names. Just think monkeys are silly but I like this one. Along with my double whammy sayings I also say “that is one tough monkey” when referring to something tough

ToughMonkey.com: 26 bids for $360. Always like a branable with an animal in it.

DR.biz one of the best biz you can own

DR.biz: It’s a good Biz to be in.


JIJ.com Only get two different letters for the price. For $30K you think they would at least throw in three different letters

JIJ.com: Auction ended unsold at $32,000. Whats with the thumbs up picture on the listing?

Menz.com Officially an LLLL.com but also what the men at the club call other men they like

Menz.com: Auction ended unsold then relisted. Domains ending with a Z have been doing well on Flippa recently.

Spam.org I like the org as much as the dot com. Others agree based on the price

Spam.org: Auction ended unsold at $4,000. I like this in a .org


Driving.com I don’t think it will sell. But if it does, it will be for a lot. You will be driving all right. To the bank to take out some money

Driving.com: Looks like this one didn’t meet reserve.

J4.net Don’t see many LN.nets up for auction

J4.net: 95 bids from 72 bidders for $2,700. I like LN domains.

Nosejobs.com Will eventually end up in the hands of a plastic surgeon.

Nosejobs.com: 258 bids from 253 bidders for $15,000. Great domain name, obvious uses.

Cyclists.com They spend a ton of money on their bikes. Trust me, I’m one of those guys. Build it and they will ride

Cyclists.com: 194 bids from 152 bidders for $12,100. This is a very popular sport anymore.

W-X.com L-L.coms sell for a good price. Not sure how they’ve changed after the great short domain rise of 2015

W-X.com: 86 bids from 79 bidders for $2,500. I am not sure what the market is for L-L.coms. Be interesting to see.

DoYouParty.com No bidders. My gift to you. They asked me this 100 times on my way home down the Las Vegas Strip……..I don’t

DoYouParty.com: 14 bids from 13 bidders for $79. If you were wondering the answer is no, not really.

6820.com Already crossed $10K

6820.com: 167 bids from 135 bidders for $16,920. Numerics right?

VAQA.com Lower end CVCV. Too many vowels. A joke. No bad LLLL.coms any more

VAQA.com: 98 bids from 68 bidders for $830. Vaca means cow in spanish this sounds the same.

74.tv Do your own due diligence on renewal cost. Otherwise, I love it

74.tv: 45 bids from 38 bidders $2,400. Short and Numeric = I like!

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

DDZS.com You can’t go wrong with a pair of double Ds. And no vowel. Under $50 at press time

DDZS.com: DD zs like Designated Drivers?

WEHL.com 18 years old. Under $50 at press time

WEHL.com: Up they go. Using googles all in URL search first result is West End Hockey League looks like it might also e a town in the Netherlands.

StonyRun.com Over a million results of places with the name. No bidders. $12

StonyRun.com: Good name for a trail running site.

DoubleWhammy.com Popular saying with hardly any bidders. Maybe I’m the only one that uses it anymore

DoubleWhammy.com: Sayings usually do well. Do you know why? Because they are called sayings for a reason people!

LK5.com I like these. I buy 8s and 5s. Always have. But my lucky number is 13 but no resale value in 13

LK5.com: Everyone should have a few of these. Solid domains and they look cool.

Top 5 Estibot Values from the list:

Driving.com $560,000

JIJ.com $179,000

NoseJobs.com $113,000

Menz.com $20,000

Spam.org $16,000

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  1. Post author
    Aaron Johnson

    Hi Marcus,

    I think the best answer is that time will tell. If they sell it down the road for a profit we will all say it was a good buy. Or it could end up like NoseJobs.com which sold for $15,000 at NameJet for a decrease of 55%. It last sold for $33,633 on August 5th, 2011 at NameJet. (That info from NameBio). One domain could be worthless to someone and another can turn it into something great. If the site is developed it could be a massive site for cyclists around the world. That all being said I would not have paid 12k for that name. I am not passionate about cycling though and don’t have the time to develop anything else right now.

    Sorry for the lengthy reply. I hope you got something from the answer. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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