Jun 06 2015

Welcome to the Auction recap.



NAV.com As I said yesterday, best LLL.com Godaddy has had this year

NAV.com: 5 bids for $40,500 and didn’t hit reserve. kinda surprised that this one didn’t have anymore interest.

2024.net Opening bid is $20. Hard to believe this isn’t worth $20

2024.NET: 24 bids for $207. I would have put it at more than $207.

WhackShack.com Sounds like something that is accidentally open in another window behind my main browser screen. I have no idea why. No


WHACKSHACK.COM: 1 bid for $12. Well this one crushed it. Sounds like an awesome name for a brothel. A really cheap one.

ANSF.com Despite the vowel thing lately, I love As. This one is doing well

ANSF.COM: 31 for $305. Something Something San Francisco.

Gruppy.com For $12 (no bidders) I’m always willing to take a flyer on names like this.

GRUPPY.COM: 11 bids for $93. a site about Grumpy puppies.. Is there such a thing?

OSXP.com I’m almost to the point where I feel I should buy every LLLL.com I can under $100. This one is at press time

OSXP.COM: 20 bids for $167. Shane I have a really bad one I would give you for $100.

QZRX.com All the old worst letters and they’re all together. And of course its killing it

QZRX.COM: 32 bids for $710. Something Something Prescription!

XLYZ.com Ditto

XLYZ.COM: 24 bids for $708. Extra Large Yellow Zebra.

2ube.com People still like these hacks

2UBE.COM: 32 bids for $621. I am not one of them. I like very few hacks. This one isn’t bad though.

MVVD.com Vs evidently are bad. Two doesn’t seem to be interesting anyone either

MVVD.COM: 20 bids for $210. MVVD noun Male Vertical Volume Drinkers; someone, usually male, who consumes an excessive amount of alcohol while standing up.

GlassFigurines.com There are still people that collect these. Window is closing though, they’re getting old

GLASSFIGURINES.COM: $510. If they are too old they wont use the computer. Sell those figurines! Looks like BuyDomains owns the .net and .org.



JUKD.com A nice four letter dot com that should appeal to both Asian and English Speakers.

JUKD.com: 9 bids for $206, Auction ended unsold.



MedFund.com Medical insurance and funding will continue to be a top topic. Only 13 bidders. 19 years old

MedFund.com: 71 bids from 60 bidders for $500. OI see medical funding. There is an end user for this one.

PlantZone.com I’ve been told I should buy this. I’ll let you have it. 154 bidders

PlantZone.com: 181 bids from 177 bidders for $1,600 auction didn’t meet reserve. I feel like this domains has been up on NJ a lot.

BridalConsultants.com Surprised there are no bidders considering all the ads for the keywords on Google

BridalConsultants.com: 38 bids from 32 bidders for $229. Its long but works. I really like this domain. Billion dollar industry.

UV1.com NNL and LLN.coms are the next to move IMO. We’ll see if I’m right

UV1.com: 94 bids from 84 bidders for $889. Ultra Violet 1. Nice name.

QANA.com Officially a CVCV.com That’s a good start. And I think it looks pretty

QANA.com: 162 bids from 126 bidders for $810. Sounds like it should mean something.

NODU.com Ditto

NODU.com: 156 bids from 142 bidders for $2,000. Short for “No Dude!” A video blog site with videos of things guys should never do.

PJ.org LL.orgs don’t come up for sale very often

PJ.org: 231 bids from 174 bidders for $10,001. Sold 2 years ago for $3,500. Solid domain.

Mammography.org As heard on DomainSherpa. The future of cancer screening

Mammography.org: 64 bids from 49 bidders for $710. I really like .org domains in the medical sector.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

CabWatch.com My favorite part of Uber is watching all the cars around me. Regular cabs should start doing this

CABWATCH.COM: A watch that is a tiny cab car on your wrist. Cabs are soon to be a novelty item once Uber takes over completely.. Uber? or Skynet? I am freaking out.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

Nav.com $199,000

PJ.org $23,000

GlassFigurines.com $18,000

Gana.com $7,500

Jukd.com $2,900

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