May 20 2015

In the auction recap I have included domains from on and off the list. Please keep in mind that each auction house will have different end times. Because of this there will be a delay in the results and some will not be listed.

From Shane’s List


DomainDistrict.com: Sold for $125. Nice brandable for someone is our business. I didn’t pay much more for TopChoiceDomains.com. I like that both words start with the same letter.

TriedIt.com: Sold for $257 with 29 bids. I like this one. Shorter than been there don’t that. The slogan can be “I’ll try anything once”

YYDO.com: Sold for $225 with 27 bids. I like the double letter, but not as much when it’s a Y.

CLWT.com: Sold for $635 with 61 bids. This one is better. Had quite a bit of action to get it up to $635.

FastGate.com: Sold for $635 with 37 bids. 18 years old and a nice domain. Could be a brandable or this could already be the name of a gate shop.

Tanghu.com: Sold for $1880 with 61 bids. Looks the name of a middle school. They also own the .Net. Also Tang Hu is a name, could be used a few different ways.

DailyNonSense.com: Sold for $453 with 37 bids. Fun domain. I would build out a site that has random pictures and videos. Or for more examples of daily nonsense keep reading!

AndhraBank.com: Sold for $10,313 with 122 bids. I am with Shane. I wonder if the bank wasn’t in on the bidding because that went for a lot more than I thought it would.

QSBB.com: Sold for $1525 with 13 bids. Quick Stay Bed and Breakfast. I like bacon with my eggs.

KCTI.com: Sold for $410 with 34 bids. This already stands for a few things including a radio station and The Korea Culture and Tourism Institute.



MobileGroomers.com: 60 bids from 54 bidders. Bidding reached $530 but the reserve was not met. Great name. This is the new thing, why would I take my crazy dog in the car with me and drive to the groomer when they can come to me?



420.cc: Sold for $1850. I like this name. Would be a great name for a Marijuana supplier in a state where that kind of thing is legal.


To finish here are a couple domains that I liked that were not on the list.


DigitalYou.com: Sold for $2280 with 73 bids. Love this name. I think I would use it to create a social media management hub or do reputation repair and or monitoring.



CocaineAddictionTreatment.com: 54 bids from 41 bidders and ended at $248. I bid on this till about 200. It is long but there are 1100 exact match searches per month with a CPC of 33 bucks.

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  1. KC

    Tanghu.com. Possible buyers can be Tanghu Middle School (棠湖中学) which is already using Tanghu.net, and Tanghu Hotel(成都雙流棠湖賓館) which is using TanghuHotel.com. My pick is the latter.

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