Jun 08 2015

Welcome to the Auction Recap!


Swina.com Not going to make you rich but under $25 it could make you money. 15 years old

Swina.com: $122. Could under $125 make you money too? I have a few that I just leave at about $500 BIN. Sold a hand reg a few months ago like that.

Tevex.com Another 5L.com that is getting some love

Tevex.com: $707. Sounds like a company named in a class action law suit. Those companies always have money. Sell this to them before the suit gets filed.

YJin.com Very surprised how cheap this one is. Jin is a pretty popular Asian name

YJin.com: $325. Still seems like a good price for this one. Unless this is a tabooed name in their culture..

NWOF.com The o is holding it back. Take the discount. You’ll be fine IMO

NWOF.com: $204. North West Optimazation Federation.

HNLH.com Will probably cross $2500. I hope the above does that as well

HNLH.com: $2,326. Wow. What happened here. Looks like There is a forign TV series called Hum Ne Li Hai maybe this is why.

YFYD.com I’m a bidder on this one

YFYD.com: $658. Y’s are the next X. Totally just made that up. But what if me saying that is the tipping point?

BCK.cc LLL.cc have added another 25% in value this month

BCK.cc: $310. They are heading up.

FXWF.com Yup, formally bad letters kicking it in the new era

FXWF.com: I like the FX at the beginning. say it fast enough and it sounds like effects.

AutoTweeting.com Under $50 at press time. I probably should have auto tweet

AutoTweeting.com: $326. Possible TM issue? This is something that business owners want. Social media manager.

WuBox.com One bidder at $12. Would make a great app name

WuBox.com: Brandable for sure.



4LR.com Reserve met at $230

4LR.com: 54 bids for $515. I like NLL.com domains. Especially when its got a 4 because then it could be a hack and it is a fraction of a 3 letter.

Veepy.com I liked the domain but see the sale is actually for a website. It gets traffic but its social traffic

Veepy.com: 28 bids for $1.150. Description says social media site with it. Not bad.

NYQ.com New York Quality. Worth $40K IMO

NYQ.com: 13 bids for $23,000 Auction didnt hit reserve. New York Queen. Beyonce?



GameStars.com Video game starts are becoming real celebs

GameStars.com: 123 bids from 103 bidders $8,988. My brother was a pro Halo player on a top team for a long time. Sponsered tournaments all over the country. His team was pretty close to locking in 2 year 250k contract per player. Big money in this.

uTrain.com Great online training name.

uTrain.com: 100 bids from 77 bidders $1,575. Solid name.

LPCH.com No vowels. Lets see if that translates like it does on Godaddy

LPCH.com: 107 bids from 82 bidders for $584. Lucky Purple something something.

NewDriveway.com No bidders. If I pour or lay driveways I would want to own this one

NewDriveway.com: 44 bids from 31 bidders for $365. I love this name. Perfect for a paving company.

LDRX.com Only fourteen bidders. No vowels, no V

LDRX.com: 61 bids from 47 bidders for $390. Thought this would go for more with the X. Love Dr. X.


No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

Closers.net Its a dot net but under $75 it’s not unfairly priced

Closers.net: Me. I am a closer. That is why I am drinking coffee. Because Coffee is for closers.

HDDH.com Best LLLL.com on the board but it’s mine so don’t listen to me

HDDH.com: Hasn’t ended yet. He is right. Damn good name. Not sure what else he wrote about it because I wasn’t listening.

88279.com Double 8s always brings the boys to the yard

88279.com: Sold on DropCatch in March for $450.

53603.com I’m still getting the hang of the 5N.com market but non four number under $50 seems like a buy to me

53603.com: The number 3 in Mandarin sounds like the word life, this can be a positive depending on how the rest is interperated or what language they are doing it in.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list–

NYQ.com: $67,000

OOO.net: $17,000

NewDriveway.com: $8,400

LPCH.com: $8,400

uTrain.com: $6,200

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