Jun 09 2015

Welcome to the Auction Recap. Thanks for reading. My comments are in Bold.


BEZ.net 16 years old. Has some room to run based on past month’s sales history

BEZ.NET: I like cvc .nets.

SpaceCruiser.com Hard to believe this only has one bidder. I think we’ll have these before I die. And I’m feeling pretty good so that’s a broad range

SpaceCruiser.com: $505. This would be a great brand for a beach cruiser bike company. Those are very popular.

IncredibleLife.com Not going to make enough to have an incredible life but no bidders so it would ruin it if you already have one

IncredibleLife.com: $510. We all have ups and downs but life and situations are what you make them. It also helps if you are incredibly good looking like me… Damn I should have bought this.

SugarSpot.com You’ll put on weight just by owning this one. 15 years old and a few bidders

SUGARSPOT.COM: 31 bids for $490. I like this one as a candy shop or Ice cream shop. Could also be a great pron name.

YSEA.com Don’t be scared of the two vowels. They’ll be fine

YSEA.com: $225. How do you know?! Oh right, been doing this for a bit huh? Yellow Sea.

DYMB.com Typo for dumb by the people that it represents

DYMB.com: $125. This ins’t a typo! It is spelled right.

Karmala.com Quite a few people and things with this name. But no bidders

KARMALA.COM: 22 bids for $405. Lots of people to sell it too.

Simby.com The type of 5L.coms that I love. Cheap, short, and make great brands

SIMBY.COM: 28 bids for $450. Reminds me of Lion King.

XTXC.com I like the above better but might as well buy the pair since I’m bidding

XTXC.com: $495. Hey look a 4L with some X’s.

RCF.cc Another LLL.cc that will cross $300

RCF.cc: $290. I bet is hits 290… called it.

444417.com 4s aren’t desirable but put four fours together in an army and people actually want them. Getting a few bids

444417.COM: 24 bids for $262. Wonder how much the price would go up if it ended in an 8 not a 7.


TBNY.com Flippa’s results are starting to catch Godaddy. This is a nice one that is doing well

TBNY.com: 46 bids for $405. Some one with the initials T B in New York should buy this.

ooo.net Don’t find many triple repeating letter domains up for sale. Using my calculator brain there are only 26 of these. Reserve me

OOO.net: 16 bids for $5,350. Solid name. Ooo a .net.

OF.org Great to see an LL.org up for sale. Not sure of the reserve but worth watching

OF.org: 21 bids for $10,601 and reserve met, with 50 minutes left at time of post. Awesome .org


DV.biz We’re going to find out the value of LL.biz

DV.biz: 5 bids for $502. So about the same as a random brandable .com.


Mable.com Back up for sale and back with 150 plus bidders

Mable.com: 203 bids from 190 bidders for $7,100. I love this name, fantastic brand.

BarnStone.com Love it as a brand. No bidders

BarnStone.com: 45 bids from 32 bidders for $467. I liked this name as well. I Like barn finds better, I want a 1965 Aston Martin DB5.

Murt.com Was almost my daughter’s name. But I’m not very good with names. Went with Bear Bryant. What’s funny is I’m not kidding about the Bear Bryant

Murt.com: 118 bids from 85 bidders for $845. Again this would make a good brand.

888639.com 888 followed by any three numbers besides 4 is probably worth $100 at this point

888639.com: 30 bids from 27 bidders for $192. Me likey the 8’s.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

XBXC.com My favorite on the board just because its so memorable. That’s half of the goal of a domain

XBXC.com: I like that the two other letters are next to each other in the alphabet. Makes it flow better.

27713.com Ends in a few days but if you guessed that this is over $7000 then you are a great guesser

27713.com: It’s not showing on the auctions.. not sure if it got removed or what?

KBHR.com 18 years old. Will do well in the new LLLL.com market

KBHR.com: Kuala Bears Have Rabies

My Picks-

SOCIALORBIT.COM: $157. Social Media Manager business.

WATERSUPPLYSYSTEM.COM: $32. Estibot 2,500.

MASSBUILDING.COM: 31 bids for $480. Solid name.

Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

Of.org $24,000

OOO.net $17,000

Murt.com $12,000

Mable.com $12,000

MassBuilding.com $7,600

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      Aaron Johnson

      Hi Doron,

      I like it for that! If it was AJ.biz I might have bid too. Aaron and AaronJohnson dot anything are pretty much taken. Have a good one, thanks for commenting and reading.

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