Jun 10 2015

Welcome to the Recap.


Sumy.com A city in the Ukraine, a fake CVCV, or a nice LLLL.com

Sumy.com: I like it as a nice LLLL. Not sure why people think Y can be a vowel.

PerfectSpot.com Everyone is looking for the perfect spot.

PerfectSpot.com: $1,577. This could be great for a vacation spot.

PPPU.org I wouldn’t have noticed it except that GD says it gets almost 10K visits a month. One bidder at $12

PPPU.org: $260. looks like it use to be a porn site… would explain the visits.

TopBeat.com Only one bidder at press time. Short two worder

TopBeat.com: $450. This would be a great DJ site.

MyFish.com I was sitting next to Merlin when he bought GoFish.com for $50K. This is just a little short of that

MyFish.com: $3,101. I like Mahi Mahi.

GameCoins.com Getting lots of loves. Just because I don’t know what they are doesn’t mean they aren’t cool. I didn’t know that skinny jeans were cool for non band guys until recently

GameCoins.com: $2,938. This domain sold for $10,500 in 2011. Gaming is big business.

13292.com If you guessed this one is already at $1500 plus you guessed right

13292.COM: 36 bids for 1575. The number one signifies the beginning. Thats why I like the number one at the beginning

8377.org If you guesses this one would be at $1800 you guessed wrong

8377.org: NNNN.org. Great domain.

ORZS.com Won’t meet reserve. I should know because I set the reserve. How’s that for a sales pitch?

ORZS.com: Didn’t hit reserve. Sounds like Oars. ORange Zebras Stampede.

ZPTR.com Over under $1100

ZPTR.com: $1,234. No vowels!

Foomy.com Nice LLLL.com for $25. Only one bidder

Foomy.com: $162. I have one like this. same first 3 letters.

WTTQ.com Under $500 at press time. I have no idea if that’s good or bad yet

WTTQ.com: $1,339. Sounds like radio letters.


Cheats.co Website that gets 150K uniques per month. Looks like a good moneymaker

Cheats.co: 32 bids for $15,888. Not a bad looking site. I am not a big fan of .co domains normally but this one is pretty solid.

49497.com May have fours but it’s very easy to remember and give out

49497.com: Auction ended unsold at $120. This would do better on NameJet I think.

293.org LLL.orgs have some catching up to do

293.org: 3 bids for $200 auction ended unsold. Same thing.

RomanticIslands.com Nice travel name. The honeymoon market is a billion dollar market and they certainly would go to a site with this name. Met reserve

RomanticIslands.com: 11 bids for for $215. There is an end user buyer out there for this one.

CoffeeHouses.net Met reserve at $11. 13 years old. Waiting for a directory

CoffeeHouses.net: 24 bids for $110. Could be a directory site.

Profitable.com The goal of every business. Great name for anything financial

Profitable.com: Auction ended unsold at $50,000. It certainly is.


BULG.com I can see the slogan “Battle of the Bulg”

BULG.com:147 bids from 112 bidders for $1,000. I do love that at the slogan.

UHCA.com I actually like this one better and it has 5 times less bidders. But I like value

UHCA.com: 78 bids from 57 bidders for $371. United Hockey of California Association.

IS.UK I don’t even buy .UK and I’m still thinking about bidding on this one

IS.UK: 82 bids from 78 bidders for $2,100 reserve was not met.

Avoidance.com Only 12 bidders at press time. People are avoiding it……..sorry

Avoidance.com: 70 bids from 55 bidders for $659. I like this domain name, would have thought it would end up over a a grand.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

DDZS.com If you are going to own just one domain name this is the one you want to own. Of course I’m the one selling it so keep that in mind

DDZS.com: Nice Double D’s.

32118.com No 4s, ends in 8. Over under $788

32118.com: Like the man said. Ends in an eight.

2VA.com You know I love CCC.coms Liquidity keeps the portfolio active

2VA.com: I like this domain quite a bit.

QR4.com One more. At $600 plus at press time

QR4.com: And another!

UNKP.com No bidders at $20

UNKP.com: Looks like it says Unkempt. Love it.

Top 5 Estibot Values from the list–

Profitable.com: $111,000

GoFish.com: $52,000

Bulg.com: $17,000

Avoidance.com: $13,000

GameCoins.com: $11,000

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  1. Dan

    “Not sure why people think Y can be a vowel.”

    Because it is, at the end of such names.

    “The letter y is a consonant when it is the first letter of a syllable that has more than one letter. If y is anywhere else in the syllable, it is a vowel.

    Examples of Y as a Vowel


    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      You just made that up!
      Just kidding, thanks for the comment Dan. I always enjoy readers comments.
      I guess it is considered a ‘semivowel’. But I still like it better as a nice LLLL.com.

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