Jun 12 2015

Welcome to the Recap!


SJKD.com Let’s start off the list with a $1000 + LLLL.com

SJKD.com: $1,370. South Jersey KiD.

HDDH.com I thought I would try and sell it but still no interest in the name at the price I’d like to sell it at

HDDH.com: Didn’t meet Reserve. Great name. Neen.com sold for 9,500 almost a month ago. To Vowel or not to vowel.

ESRN.com This is the kind of LLLL.com I was talking about at the top

ESRN.com: $565. Something something Registered Nurse.

Pantero.com An upgrade name for a few companies. Also a surname which means it will be the name of future things

Pantero.com: $210. Cheap pickup for this one imo.

UniData.com I was hoping to sneak in and grab this. But a few other bidders looked to have the same idea

UniData.com: $4,070. 271 million search results and it looks to be an upgrade for a lot of companies.

31230.com Under $500 at press time

31230.com: $1,324. the price almost has all of the numbers from the doamin

HJKC.com An example of the Chinese name that has increased drastically in value in the last few months

HJKC.com: $737. This domain would have been terrible a few months ago.


GasHobs.com I have to admit I had no idea what a gas hob was. But then I saw all the Google ads and realized I’ve purchased a few myself over the years

GasHobs.com: 71 bids for $621. People paying thousands for professional ovens need these and don’t have a problem buying them

RentDrones.com Hard to believe that this is less than a year old. Good name

RentDrones.com: 6 bids for $1,695. I like this one, interested to see if its developed.

Neuter.com Reek

Neuter.com: Auctions ended unsold at $9,500 with 30 bids…. What he said.


Righter.com I like it much better than wronger

Righter.com: 83 bids from 61 bidders for $1,421. But Wronger is funner.

eJump.com Not sure why but has a lot of bidders

eJump.com: 113 bids from 95 bidders for $560. Brand? speaking of jump… I like sky diving.

GraduateDegreeOnline.com Great CPC a lot of people are looking to buy an extra degree.

GraduateDegreeOnline.com: 61 bids from 60 bidders for $160. This was my favorite name at NameJet today. Its long but has a Huge CPC. Great buy under $200

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

Yun.us Don’t think .us has any value? Put one of the most popular Chinese names in front and see if you still think it has no value

Yun.us: Kinda Ironic.

83248.com 8 overcomes the 4

83248.com: Begin and ends with an 8.

FourThings.com I’m excited to see what the four things are. I think I know two of them. Has a good bid

FourThings.com: Auction has not ended yet. I know 3 things. Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica. First one to tell me where that is from gets my respect and admiration.

Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

Neuter.com $115,000

SJKD.com: $5,900

HDDH.com: $5,900

GraduateDegreeOnline.com $4,700. (CPC over 35.00)


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