Jun 17 2015

Guess who?! Hope you are all ready for me to crush out 3 days in one post because it is happening.

Also for those of you that did not watch yet The Domain Sherpa Review was great this week like always.



SleepandEat.com I’ve met more than a few people that think these are the two most exciting parts of their day. So it should do well

SleepandEat.com: $136. Their called teenagers…

HoloBook.com They’ve been talking about hologram books for decades. Somebody gave up and let it expire. Now its your turn to try and be ahead of the technology

HoloBook.com: $1,052. A book to catalog the advancements of holographics. First thing I remember is hologram baseball cards.

PickandShovel.com Great brand. And as we all know its not gold that made the money its the guy selling the picks and shovels

PickandShovel.com: $260. Love this as a brand. I use these all the time, I really enjoy working outside in the yard.

ThinkingBigger.com That’s what she said

ThinkingBigger.com: $510. Win some lose some Shane. I like this one, I think big and set my goals even higher.

FriedChicken.net No bidders. For $12 you could do a lot worse. Easy to remember and everyone loves fried chicken

FriedChicken.net: $230. 110,000 exacts a month. For a .net it is solid.

MrBH.com Bill Hader

MrBH.com: $653. Bull Honkey.

GetWhiteTeeth.com No bidders. Great marketing name for a dentist

GetWhiteTeeth.com: $135. I really like this name for marketing. I think its a good buy at that price.

Drones.us Said this yesterday. Let’s see if the dot us can kill one of the hottest keywords

Drones.us: $2,950. Sold for more than I would spend on a .US.

WZSP.com You are getting a glimpse of the hottest letters in LLLL.com

WZSP.com: $2,000. Hitting 2k with a W and a Z a last year ago would have been wack.

WZXZ.com All of these are going to be much higher than you expected

WZXZ.com: $2,000. Agreed.

WWDZ.com So high that you are going to read this list and then probably go look in your portfolio to see if you have any LLLL.com that are similar to these

WWDZ.com: $2,000. That is weird… all 3 at exactly 2k?

GZQM.com And this is the highest one of them all. Which confuses us even more

GZQM.com: $3,000. I’m lost. Who has a map?

WaterMagic.com I like water and I like magic. Probably pretty good together

WaterMagic.com: $621. In the Arizona summer this kind of show would be a hit.

VHBD.com At $65 I think these are the kinds of LLLL.com that are good value right now

VHBD.com: $145. Under 150 is a buy right now for LLLL.coms imo. There isn’t even any vowels!

NameJet from 6/10

HTHE.com People have always loved THE

HTHE.com: 133 bids from 120 bidders for $359. I bet this would have gone Higher if it was TheH.

RagaMuffins.com Not sure how much value it has but my Mom used to call us this all the time. 10 bidders must have had the same experience

RagaMuffins.com: 56 bids from 39 bidders $420. I think this could be a nice brand. Almost 1600 searches a month.



NewTier.com 19 years old. Great brand. Speaks of change, taking it to a new level

NewTier.com: $500. Always working towards the next tier.

PreMarriage.com No bidders. I’m not even sure what angle to go with the name but for $12 I’m sure I can figure it out

PreMarriage.com: $490. A site for bachelor and bachelorette parties.

IBHA.com The LLLL.com that end in are doing well again. A for association

IBHA.com: $558. I personally like domains like this.

WHTP.com Over under $1345

WHTP.com: $950. WHite Toilet Paper.

MyCreditCheck.com Last year this one would have been 5 times the price of the above

MyCreditCheck.com: $5,605. Nice name. HUGE CPC.

887000.com I admit. I never thought the 6Ns would move after the 5N.coms. I was wrong. I wasn’t wrong that the best numbers are the ones with value

887000.com: $223. 6n’s… .cc’s. crazyness.

GGRY.com Over under $455

GGRY.com: its a four letter. buy it.

UBXX.com 15 free monthly visits with the purchase

UBXX.com: $170. This isn’t bad. Ends in a double X.


PremierGunCabinet.com One of the first sites up for sale at Flippa that I think someone could actually buy and run easily

PremierGunCabinet.com: 36 bids for $13,100. Not a bad domain.

FP.org Recent sales on Namejet suggest this could hit five figures

FP.org: 32 bids for $13,201. Fire and Police.

NameJet From 6/11

EducationalCenter.com I feel like I’m going to get smarter just visiting

EducationalCenter.com: 66 bids from 53 bidders for $1,010. I dont know that I like it as much with the al. Its not bad but I don’t think I would be in at 1k.

WDNR.com 15 years old. A few bidders

WDNR.com: 88 bids from 73 bidders for $560. Written Do Not Resuscitate

TUMO.com Most bids I’ve seen on a pending delete in months

TUMO.com: DropCatch got this one. $7,252. 2 Vowels and broke 7k.

CyberBank.com I guess people still use the word cyber based on all the bids. I don’t think I’ve used it in a decade

CyberBank.com: Snapnames got this one. $2,947. I like this one.

43400.com I like the roundness of this one. A couple bidders

43400.com: 65 bids from 45 bidders for $309. its got 2 fours.

RareWords.com Love this one. One a few bidders agree. Great domain name company name

RareWords.com: 34 bids from 31 bidders for $99. I like this one quite a bit.

MapleGlen.com A ton of places named this

MapleGlen.com: 40 bids from 28 bidders for $411. I bid on this one but didn’t take it home.

343.org Despite the four and the dot org. I like this one. flows nicely

343.org: 90 bids from 70 bidders for $675. Not bad, I am a fan.



RealGroovy.com Anyone still say groovy? 16 years old. I still think its a good buy under $50

RealGroovy.com: $163. This has got to be a clothing brand at some point.

Tannic.com Definitely a brand. I’m thinking wine but really could be anything. 16 years old

Tannic.com: $455. I was thinking tanning salon.

SoccerBalls.org Dot org is not a very good ending for a product but only one bidder at $12

SoccerBalls.org: $150. Shane and I have experience in trying to move product .orgs. Its tough.

MyNF.com My nerf football. Over under $515

MyNF.com: $758. I had the one that whistled when you threw it. Could also be My Nerdy Friend.

ZCJT.com All the makings of a $1500 name………I think

ZCJT.com: $1500. Right on the money.

79897.com Great numbers, good price

79897.COM: 44 bids for $810. I like the way this one is set up.

75589.com I like this one more

75589.COM: 52 Bids for $1,174. These numbers are better.


Bowl.net Smoke it or eat cereal from it

Bowl.net: Auction ended unsold and relisted. Cereal with Almond Milk.

Gyrate.com Love it as a one word brand. I like any name that inspires the thought of movement

Gyrate.com: 19 bids for $3,900. This sounds like an adult product. I’m just saying.

AVI.Video Look how high this domain has gotten already. Who says new gTLDs don’t do well at auction

AVI.Video: 1 hour left currently at 9 bids for $16,150. Reserve has not been met yet.

NameJet from 6/12

CustomRoofing.com Most bids on the board. Every house has a roof

CustomRoofing.com: 185 bids from 173 bidders for $2,100. I like Custom product domains. I own one and have a site on it.

70998.com Buy at Namejet, sell on Godaddy

70998.com: 133 bids from 59 bidders for $1,809. I don’t think this buyer is in the flipping game.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

JS006.com I haven’t talked about this much but if you’ve been paying attention you’ll notice that on Godaddy and Dropcatch that JSNNN and JSNNNN.coms have been going for higher and higher prices. I will be doing a post on these “other” numerics that have been fetching great prices in the next week or so

JS006.com: Never looked into anything like this. If it makes money i’m in.

9DS.com Worth more than the $621 bid it has IMO.

9DS.com: 3 times better than 3DS.

PennyInvestor.org No bidders. Great name for a build out on penny stocks. A ton of affiliate programs if you can attract visitors

PennyInvestor.org: I hope someone bought this. Even as a .org it is worth a pretty penny.. sorry I had too.

TrademarkDefender.com Great legal name. A few bidders agree

TrademarkDefender.com: Agreed. Love this one.

UNKP.com Under $100. Pretty sure every LLLL.com is worth over $100

UNKP.com: Makes me think of Unkempt. love it.

773399.com The top bid getter and you’re probably not even close on the price

773399.com: All good numbers.

SSL.cc I am trying to buy this one

SSL.cc: This .cc I like.

7374.cc My daily NNNN.cc

7374.cc: Yeah yeah. I kinda like this one.

TC.TV a bunch of dot tvs up for auction. We’ll see what LL.tv’s auction value this week

TC.TV: Looks like this domain sold a few times is 2011.

Nicer.net No bidders. I think this is worth more than $12

Nicer.net: Nicer than what?

BNNH.com 11 years old. Been Neglecting Neighbors Hamster

BNNH.com: Been Neglecting Neighbors House.

DNMW.com Domainers love DN names. But really not any higher than any of the other LLLL.coms

DNMW.com: Domain Name Market Warehouse.

ThemeCake.com Solid WordPress Theme name for $25

ThemeCake.com: This could work as a site for a baker that does Themed cakes. I want a domain themed one for my birthday.

TrademarkExpert.com No reserve. Everyone can look them up, but very few know how it applies to their name. Call in an expert. At $20

TrademarkExpert.com: I really like this one for filing for TM’s.

Votery.com Half the US citizens understand voting. The others just bitch about the elected officials

Votery.com: Donald Trump for President right?!?


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list–

FP.org $20,000

Gyrate.com $19,000

Bowl.net $15,000

Tumo.com $11,000

GGRY.com $8,900

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  1. Yogi

    Here’s what i think LLLL .com with Z X J W are making so good money.
    Mostly those LLLL have chinese city name short code. most of the chinese city starts with G Z Q and are 2 word names as follows
    GZ – Guangzhou
    SG – Shanghai
    SZ – Shenzhen
    HZ – Hangzhou
    W – Wuhan
    ZJ – Zhanjiang
    so on and s forth

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