Jun 18 2015

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WeddingHelpers.com 17 years old. Should be way more than one bidder.

WeddingHelpers.com: $510. Huge industry and this is a decent phrase.

SportsPager.com In 1997 this actually was a thing. Not worth anything but I laugh every time I see a pager name

SportsPager.com: 1 bid for $12. It actually sold

aFax.com Fax to Email is still a pay service. Over under $683

aFax.com: What if I need to send more than A fax?

BLGO.com The kind of LLLL.com I used to buy….and still do because they are cheap compared to the the XZQ names

BLGO.com: $475. Blue Lemur Golden Otter.

GetHelpFast.com No bidders. Great customer service marketing name for any company

GetHelpFast.com: $305. This one. Sold for a grand in 2013.

DailyDigest.com Everyone is looking for help on digesting food. But it could have other uses I guess

DailyDigest.com: $3,305 .net developed.. If you can call it that. .org for sale.

UOOD.com I like the LLLL.com with two o because I can make them into eyeballs in the logo

UOOD.com: $500. This has sold on GD the last 3 years. 2013: $115 2014: $225 2015: $500. It doubles every year. This is what us stat people call a trend.

Puckers.com Sounds like a bar with overpriced chicken wings

Puckers.com: $761. This is a lemonade or sour candy brand for sure Shane.

WhenImGone.com Like the song, love the name and the current price

WhenImGone.com: $492. This one went on forever. Like $5 to $10 increments that kept extending the auction for hours.


VPYX.com 17 Four letter dot coms for one price

VPYX.com: Sold via BIN for $1,925. Even if you just took the 17 four letter domains that is $113 per name. Damn good deal. I don’t care what the names are I am pretty sure you could double your money listing them a week from now on GD.

WMGN.com Under $50 at press time

WMGN.com: 12 bids for $200 auction ended unsold. Waste Management Golf Something.


StockNews.com Fantastic buildout potential and broker affiliate programs pay a ton

StockNews.com: I love this one, I follow the market a bit. I like Disney as much as Shane likes Apple.

365.tv A pending delete. Everyone should want to own this one. If you don’t know why then stick to words

365.tv: Great domain. Tv you can watch year around.

IHIH.com I know I had a great time typing it out. Worth buying for that alone

IHIH.com: 80 bids from 72 bidders for $2,333. I hope I hope.

32400.com Has a four but the round ending offsets it

32400.com: 63 bids from 46 bidders for $323. About where I expected it to be.

FastDigital.com I would sign up for this service….and I don’t even know what service they offer yet

FastDigital.com: $509. 72 bids from 58 bidders for $509. Great name, pretty sure this one was talked about on Name Pros as potential TM issues.

PGuy.com Just hoping P doesn’t stand for Pee

PGuy.com: 32 bids from 31 bidders for $85. Looking at the price it seem like Pee Guy was the only thing people could think of.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

PFFP.com LLLL.com palindromes seem to always do pretty well

PFFP.com: I like the look of this one.

Paramedic.org $20. No reserve. Tens of thousands or paramedics around the US and many more are thinking about it. Dot org works for this one

Paramedic.org: I really like this one as a .org as well. Great lead gen name.

966000.com Nice and round. Over under $2400. If you would have asked me last week I would have said $700

966000.com: Good numbers. Looks like we are starting on 6n names.

8011.cc Has reached $300 and climbing

8011.cc: Well if it isn’t a .cc.

TheWebDetective.com Solid name for a background check or information gathering company.

TheWebDetective.com: Shouldn’t Jamie Zoch buy this? No idea where he gets all the info he does.

Burials.com Under $30. Because there’s no money in the funeral business

Burials.com: Gets some searches. and it can encompass a lot.

747747.com Worth more than the $12 bid IMO. I’m learning and it has fours but the repeating thing people will like. Just need one person

747747.com: I keep saying I wont be surprised and then I am.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list–

StockNews.com $81,000

PFFP.com $13,000

Paramedic.org $12,000

Burials.com $8,000

IHIH.com $7,800

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