Jun 19 2015

Welcome to the Daily Recap.

A brandable took the high spot today at GD. I like it but I personally would have gone after others that I think would appeal to a larger potential enduser base. Could be wrong.


PCSA.com 18 years old. And the A at the end is back baby. Prices are holding and starting to rise

PCSA.com: $540. Pendrick Charles Scott and Associates.

BlueRaspberry.com Color + Fruit is gold. In this case $65 in gold

BlueRaspberry.com: 40 bids for $670. This is my favorite name on the list today. Love it.

WinningUgly.com Surprised this saying has no bidders

WinningUgly.com: 12 bids for $120. Winning pretty doesn’t flow the same.

Godzirra.com Racist name

Godzirra.com: last I checked this can still be purchased for 11 bucks. and I laughed out loud when I read this one. 

TheTiny.com No bidders. Short and easy to remember. An important part of the domain name

TheTiny.com: 17 for $97. Not much love for this one.

OPLN.com N for Network. Over under $383

OPLN.com: 13 bids for $220 and didn’t hit reserve. Anyone ever feel like it would have gone higher without a reserve?

Geeky.org No bidders. I don’t think you can go wrong at under $25

Geeky.org: 10 bids for $105. I agree but I think this one is a good buy. there are site out there that sell nerdy and geeky thing and I would guess it makes a lot of money. because alot of them make good money and have no significant other to spend it on.

TheNarrator.com Only a few bidders. One of those names where I think the “The” flows better than with out it

TheNarrator.com: 17 bids for $450. I really like this name.

QXSK.com Only the best letters can get you this kind of price

QXSK.com: 30 bids for $1,000. X Factor.

97700.com Fits my 70 theme I’ve been buying

97700.com: 26 bids for $2,325, Domain didn’t meet reserve. Nice and round.

Pixely.com the ly names seem to be keeping their value

Pixely.com: 80 bids for $3,179. Ill say. These can make great brands.

888481.com Much less than I thought it would be

888481.com: 19 bids for $210. That is alot of 8’s without breaking $500.

JS008.com The JS numerics are bringing in over $300 for the best JSNNN.coms

JS008.com: 54 bids for 1750: This one did a bit better than 1750 because of an 8 at the end.

EatingLocal.com Because driving 4 hours for lunch isn’t much fun

EatingLocal.com: $225. After four hours it would be Dinner right.?


BrandSeekers.com Buy your own logo domain selling site.

BrandSeekers.com: 59 bids for $3,383. I think this is a solid price for this domain and package.

Market.info THIS is the kind of name that works with .info Great stock market name

Market.info: 10 bids for $1,550 didn’t meet reserve. Fantastic .info. There are a few.

L.Domains I think I remember a single letter .domain sell for $1K or something. Its a little less now

L.Domains: 10 bids for $46. If that were an X they may have broken $100.

9SJ.com All depends on the reserve

9SJ.com: 3 bids for $650 didn’t meet reserve. Fan of the hybrid domains.


Cabbage.net Slang for money. Net, slang for 5% of dot com

Cabbage.net: $380. Mmmmm veggies.

Neurospine.com Its a thing and a few institutes have the name. Would think they would want it

Neurospine.com: $2,105. Absolutely I think they would. I think this could be a big boy name.

OnlyYou.com Makes me feel pretty special

OnlyYou.com: $26,000. Up 18k since it sold 2 years ago. I didn’t think it would sell for that much.

L9.net Two character dot nets still have great value. One of the better dot nets you can buy

L9.net: $1,600. These do have a lot of value. I like this domain name.

ArtDegree.com Also known as “I have no idea what I want to do” degree

ArtDegree.com: $2,400. And a lot of people get them still. Would be a great build out.

VYVY.com Boy Girl Boy Girl

VYVY.com: Repeating domains always have value. That’s why I just registered BuyThisBuyThisBuyThis.com

CentralPark.net I’ve heard of it. I think my buddy mows it on the weekends or something

CentralPark.net: $830. Never been. Sounds pretty incredible, this would be a nice tourist site.

19558.com Wouldn’t be a list lately if it didn’t have a non 4 5N.com

19558.com: $691. Good call Shane.

Katianna.com I’ve always thought it was a pretty name. Of course the only one I personally knew was very nice looking and that seems to change the way you feel about a name

Katianna.com: $210. First names were talked about In one of the last domain sherpa shows. I like this one.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

TheMoneymaker.com Not sure its necessarily better with the “The” but it is worth a lot more than the $20 bid IMO

TheMoneymaker.com: I am. My wife stays home with the kids.

Tound.com Only one bidders on this solid 5N.com

Tound.com: I like this one. If it was cheap enough it would be a decent brandable.

VersaTool.com Surprised this has only 4 bidders. We have a few “Versa” company names around here and a versa tool sounds like it will do a whole bunch of things. 19 years old

VersaTool.com: I think this describes a versatile tool.

XDD.com No description really necessary. Just buy it

XDD.com: Damn good domain name.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list–

XDD.com $173,000

OnlyYou.com $73,000

Market.info $27,000

PCSA.com $18,000

ArtDegree.com $15,000

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