May 21 2015

In the auction recap I have included Shane’s entire list for your reference. My comments are in bold. Please keep in mind that each auction house will have different end times. Because of this there will be a delay in the results.



MegaPulse.com Mega names continue to do very well. 20 years old. In the hundreds but Mega names have sold for thousands recently

MegaPulse.com: 47 bids for $1005. Not sure how I would build this one out but it is a mega brandable… Did everyone see what I did there?

TeachYourBaby.com The generic of Baby Einstein. Great marketing name

TeachYourBaby.com: Didn’t catch this one but I believe it was in the $200 to $300 range. Good name. Lots of uses and the baby industry is way into the billions.

VeryEasy.com My favorite name today. I will be bidding

VeryEasy.com: Didn’t see the result of this one and I wish I had. Someone please fill me in. Great name. Kills the radio test and would be fantastic for a start up or re brand.

BuildValue.com No bidders. For $12 its a nice investing name

BuildValue.com: 31 bids ending at $760. I like this one for a home builder or something like that. You could also use that as a financial planner. I would want my financial planners to be HidingYourValue.com.. Jk IRS.

WAPR.com Wide Area something something

WAPR.com: Missed it! I would have gone with something something public relations. To each his own.

GreenBody.com I only like it because it has the word green in it and I know how well green names do. 16 bidders

GreenBody.com: 45 bids for 700. I like this name as well. This is the site name for a service that will paint your body before a big game… Hope the team color is green.

PRHN.com Solid letters and a lot of bids

PRHN.com: Missed. As he said above. All good letters and no vowels!

187111.com 6 numbers but if you can end it in 111 then you can have more than $600 evidently

187111.com: 34 bids for $670. You all thought I wasn’t going to have that one huh? Not much above 600.

RIRR.com Lots of Rs. And who doesn’t love Rs

RIRR.com: 33 bids for $861. I am sure this is for a lawn mower repair shop. Because my lawn mower made that same noise when it wouldn’t start. I really do like this domain.

NDS.cc At $225. Might seem like a good price in a year

NDS.cc: Didn’t see it. I am not all that into .cc’s. I like the letters but would like it better if it was DNS.cc

Flippa- From the list on 5/20/2015


TGCG.com I just like saying it. And I think others will as well

TGCG.com: 61 Bids for $455. I think that is a good buy for this domain.

Slogan.com Not getting much love. Maybe you can make it sell

Slogan.com: 13 bids reached $12,000. Didn’t meet reserve. Great name for a branding company. Everyone needs a slogan.

Yields.com If first you don’t succeed. Put it up for auction 74 times

Yields.com: Did not see the end and the listing was taken down.

Tamer.com Not just for lions.

Tamer.com: Did not see the end and the listing was taken down.

Paramedic.org The plural .org sold for $7K. This is at 10% of that

Paramedic.org: 10 Bids reached $1000 but didn’t sell. Not sure how much they are looking for here..

When.io Dot io has settled quite a bit lately but I like this one a lot. Tech likes short common word brands. Fits

When.io: Ended unsold at $215 and was re listed.

Phones.xyz This says so much about the resell value of gTLDs and specifically .xyz. Not $1 bid on this one

Phones.xyz: This got too $100 and then negotiations started at 1200.

NameJet- From the list on 5/17/2015


KEO.com Not as good as VEO but still so so pretty

KEO.com: For some reason I was not in the bidding for this one so I didn’t see the results. Fantastic name.

CDSV.com 18 year old LLLL.com and that’s good enough for me

CDSV.com: Didnt’t see the result. Love the letters. Come Discover Sierra Vista (That is a joke. it is a horrible boring place.)

IronShoes.com A great running site name. Because its what everyone feels like they are running with at the end of a race. Look at all the bidders

IronShoes.com: Didnt’t see the result. I love this as a brand or slogan though. Shane what if mine feel like that in the middle of the race?

KissMyFeet.com Memorable. Two bidders have a foot fetish

KissMyFeet.com: Didnt’t see the result. Nail salon…? No idea how to develop that one.

DogCare.com Everyone love pet names and all the bidders prove it

DogCare.com: Didnt see the result but I am pretty sure it did not hit reserve. Love this one. People spend serious money on their pets.

KB3.com Everyone should own a few LLN.coms

KB3.com: Sold for $850. I really like the way this one sounds.

6674.com Pick up a few NNNN.coms while you’re at it. Just dig in your change jar and you should be fine

6674.com: Didnt’t see the result. Has a four but I am pretty sure that stopped mattering a while ago.

CMX.net 11 million Google results

CMX.net: 130 bids for $1110. I like this one even as a .net and as Drew says ” Its got that X factor.”

Football.biz One of the very few .biz names I can support buying

Football.biz: Didn’t see the result. I have never bought a .biz but ones like this are the ones that would make me think.

777.asia These two go together pretty nicely. One of the few .asia I can recommend

777.asia: Didn’t see the result. Same story as .biz. I like to stick with what I know and learn more before branching out.

JZ.tv Its pronounced Jay-Z

JZ.tv: Didn’t see the result. I like this one, has a nice ring to it.

01170.com Buy on Namejet, sell on GD

01170.com: Sold for $165. I agree, this could be a pretty easy flip on GoDaddy. I like the 0’s at the end, they are like round bookends.

Only one domain from me today!


Book.cc: 2 bids for 5100 GBP or about $8,000. Now this is more my speed. I would own a .cc like this. I read these still. I have a e-reader but I like having a book still.

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    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Wow, That is huge. Maybe they will build it out and other Aaron will tell us about it in his RECENT DOMAIN SALES THAT HAVE BEEN DEVELOPED posts. Thanks for the Info DC. I appreciate it.

  1. Juan

    It seems that TeachYourBaby.com went for $105, VeryEasy.com for $1225, WAPR.com for $570 and PRHN.com for $260

  2. Post author
    Aaron Johnson

    Hey Juan, Thanks for throwing those in here for everyone! I really like VeryEasy.com I think that is a good price… I had a shirt in college that said “Its not easy being easy” Pretty sure I wore it the first time I met my future in laws.

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