Jun 20 2015

Welcome to the Auction Recap.


NightBlue.com This one is under $30 at press time and worth over $500 IMO

NIGHTBLUE.COM: $510. Easy to spell but not easy to remember because your mind wants the words switched.

HSCD.com The American version of the best kind of LLLL.com

HSCD.COM: $800. High School CD.

XTHH.com The Chinese version of the best kind of LLLL.com

XTHH.COM: $1,525 I can’t come up with acronyms for all of them.

PTSO.com More good letters. Post Traumatic something something

PTSO.COM: 27 bids for $490 Please Turn Stupid Off. Damn this would be awesome.

BLoved.com I’m not sure I get why the price. I only see a short form of Be Loved

BLoved.com: $2,255 Not sure I can be loved anymore than I am. I only see that too and I don’t get it either.

Sentilla.com A startup that was purchased by Ericsson. Now the name is up for auction and everyone wants it

Sentilla.com: 106 bids for $2,250 If you get it don’t put advertising on it.

NetFilms.com Very good online movie name. The generic form of NetFlix

NetFilms.com: $1,500 Says what it is. I like that. Solid name.


Burb.com The owner has a pretty good writeup. Lots of Burb domains come with auction. Really thought this one out…….and then he gave up and wants to sell it

Burb.com: 18 bids for $4,000 Auction ended unsold. I think of The Burbs like the suburbs.

VeryOrganic.com No bids. At $1 . I can comfortably say this is worth more than $1

VeryOrganic.com: 3 bids for $60 Auction ended unsold. Could be an SEO domain or food. Not a bad one.


FieldBook.com All good researchers keep a field book. 19 years old

FieldBook.com: 79 bids from 62 bidders $3,600. This domain just sounds cool.

GreenAnt.com Color + animal is always a good investment IMO. In this case color + insect

GreenAnt.com: 119 bids from 60 bidders for $1,309. I really like color + something domains. This one works, Estibot thinks so too.

GBCN.com The CN may be enough to move this close to 4 figures. Not a lot of bidders though

GBCN.com: 128 bids from 75 bidders for $1,409 Reserve not met. Georgia Baptist College of Nursing

VDDD.com The collectible domains like this with three letters haven’t always done well. But the market has changed

VDDD.com: 101 bids from 78 bidders for $1,600. I like the repeating domains, I like them more when the the letters that repeat end the domain.

SmartVideo.com Because I know I’ve watched too much dumbvideo

SmartVideo.com: 124 bids from 91 bidders for $4,755. Lots of bidders. Great name. Much stronger than Net Films imo.

TopSocial.com Might as well be the top if you’re going to be social

TopSocial.com: 54 bids from 43 bidders for $322. Could be a cool name for a social media management company.

432.tv Certainly easy to remember

432.tv: 44 bids from 23 bidders for $370. Idk, I would like it better as a round number.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

HomeSooner.com No bidders. Great marketing name for $50

HOMESOONER.COM: maybe we would be with self driving cars are coming. This could be a good name for something like that.

Giggled.com Cute name for the price

GIGGLED.COM: I do this a lot. Like a school girl.

LETX.com Not a great acronym but very memorable

LETX.com: Not a bad domain especially right now with the popularity of LLLL domains. But it doesn’t pass the radio test.

555P.com I drove the price up from $12 to $85 but I think it still goes higher

555P.COM I like this domain quite a bit. Repeating NNN with a Letter at the end.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list–

BURB.com $20,000

QBCN.com $15,000

FieldBook.com $9,200

GreenAnt.com $8,500

PTSO.com $7,000

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  1. Mike

    We love your posts, but PLEASE STOP using Estibot. It is BS which appraise a value based on sick assumptions and incomplete information (example: US.com shows value of $394k, claiming .info/.biz/.us are available)

    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Hey Mike, Thanks for reading. I am glad you enjoy the posts. As far as the Estibot prices I have that on there just because I think it is interesting. I don’t agree with what it says sometimes but it is a tool like any other and still provides some good information.

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