Jun 22 2015

Thanks for reading and welcome to the auction recap!




BJXT.com Has to be one the top prices for an LLLL.com at Godaddy this year

BJXT.com: $5,100. That is a big price. wow.

JCBX.com Similar letters but a little different price

JCBX.com: $737. Lil different.

PEXX.com This LLLL comes with 39 free monthly visits.

PEXX.com: 1,711. Barndable and this one is actually pronounceable.

DailyPage.com I like the name. Not sure I like it as much as the high bidder but its 17 years old and its legal next year

DailyPage.com: Auction ends tomorrow. pretty awesome site on the .co.

XNXP.com Just your average over $1000 LLLL.com

XNXP.com:$757. Them crazy X’s stiring up trouble and prices.

SlotsHero.com Is a popular online Slots Game. Godaddy doesn’t show any traffic but all the bidders show that it has some interest in it one way or another

SlotsHero.com: $1,225. I’m not into slots because it has nothing to do with skill. But when i see the really big ones I’ll throw a buck in.

BlackJackHero.com and RouletteHero.com CrapsHero.com All up for auction as well and fetching good prices

BlackJackHero.com: $1,010

RouletteHero.com: $810

CrapsHero.com: $770

Few grand for all of them if thats your thing. Not bad for a online gambling portfolio. I have one in this sector that has gotten 3 inquires in the last 4 months. Hasn’t gone far past my initial offer though. 🙂

TheRedSpoon.com Not real valuable but solid restaurant or bar name for $20. Only one bidder at $12

TheRedSpoon.com: I would rather have stuff like this than random brandables I made up.


XGIO.com and 12 LLLL.coms This is will go at Buy it Now. Surprised it hasn’t. If they were all at Godaddy, or Uniregistry it would have already IMO

XGIO.com and 12 LLLL.coms: Sold via BIN for $1,200. Solid buy imo.

Speech.net A lot could be done with this one. The dot net keeps the price down but a very solid keyword

Speech.net: 7 bids for $500 Auction ended unsold. Almost 20 years old. Not a bad domain.


RingTones.com Last chance to get the former million dollar name

RingTones.com: 218 bids from 194 bidders for $105,000. Ouch What a loss. See more here.

PayrollNow.com Works for me as a payroll company name. Great radio and television name

PayrollNow.com: 40 bids from 33 bidders for $219. Payroll solutions are a huge thing and there are a lot of small businesses that may need them .

898.info We’ll see if the great numbers can overcome the dot info

898.info: 31 bids from 20 bidders for $191. The answer is ‘No’ Shane.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

ELOO.com Three vowels. Breaks the new no vowel rules but still doing OK

ELOO.com: ‘The OO’ in Spanish. But I like the way it sounds just like it is. Electric Light Orchestra Orchestra.

N54.com Has a 4 but still a nice short CCC.com

N54.com: Anything exciting happen in November 1954?


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

RingTones.com $909,000 460,000 exact matches a month.

Speech.net $17,000

ELOO.com $4,800

JCBX.com $3,700

PEXX.com $3,500

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