Jun 23 2015

Welcome to the Recap. My comments are in Bold.


RSGI.com 19 years old and I for International. Good English LLLL.com

RSGI.COM: $425. ReSearch Group Initiative

DeadEye.com Good brand that brings thought of accuracy. A good buy at under $500 IMO and its way under that

DEADEYE.COM: 61 bids for 1051. Looks like it was not a good buy. Who knows, it very well might have been. I just don’t think I would spend a grand on it.

RMRR.com Three Rs, one price. Although my old eyes can’t read it without glasses if it is in small letters

RMRR.COM $805. Rumor Mill something something

CRDT.com Credit, no vowels

CRDT.COM: 79 bids for $1,725. Customer Retention and Deescalation Training

Manzhao.com I don’t think I’ve seen many GD names with 100 bids before

MANZHAO.COM: $1,496. Popular name it looks like.

TLT.cc So nice to put up a .cc again.

TLT.CC $301. Top Level Tomatos… mmmm on a burger.


DirtyPictures.com Generic form of Snapchat

DirtyPictures.com: 40 bids for $548. I think the description could have been a bit better but it is a pretty solid domain so still did ok. I would say this was a pretty great buy at $550.

Wisconsin.info Pretty good dot info for this price. Good tourism name or build it out yourself

Wisconsin.info: 2 bids for $520 auction ended unsold. I like .info’s for this purpose.

FrenchFry.com Hardly any bidders. I think the seller scared them all off

FrenchFry.com: 11 hours left. 3 bids for $100 and the BIN set at $125,000. Great domain name

NameJet from 6/18

GoWire.com Not sure what you’ll use the brand for I like wires and going

GoWire.com: 63 bids from 46 bidders for $511. As long as your not going on wires.. That could be dangerous.

PRM.net 5% of the dot com

PRM.net: 96 bids from 77 bidders for $1,333 Public Relations Management.

YardSheds.com Adam liked this one on DomainSherpa.

YardSheds.com: 46 bids from 43 bidders for $290. Not many people liked it with him. I have seen worse domains though.

DataDeck.com Great cloud service name. Deserves more than the 3 4 bids

DataDeck.com: 49 bids from 41 bidders for $565. I like the way this domain sounds. So that means it was a good buy.

OA.UK At least its really fun to say

OA.UK: 77 bids from 56 bidders for $4,000 Reserve not met. It is really fun to say. Why do I use a different voice every time I say it in my head?

1.dance I have no idea if number.dance has any value. About to find out

1.dance: 53 bids from 43 bidders for $310. What if I wanted more than one?

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

DivorceHelpNow.com Easy to remember and certainly people need divorce help. 17 years old. No bidders so less than the cost of a lead

DIVORCEHELPNOW.COM: For people that need help with divorce now.

153999.com 6N.coms don’t have much value unless they have the special numbers or triple repeating. This has both

153999.COM Don’t have the exact number but I know it went for more than $850.

777725.com And this one as well. Could hit $500

777725.com: Sevens seem to do well. It is a 6N but not a bad one.

OnlyYou.com A lot of pressure on me

OnlyYou.com: I knew the prophecy was about me!


My Picks-

JUSTGREENENERGY.COM: 1 bid for $12 Nothing else, its alllll green. I like this as a brand, even if it is a little long.

IDENTITYMEDIA.COM: 52 for 900 it’s all about your presence and Identity. Great name for a marketing firm.

EXPERIENCECHINA.COM 26 bids for $277. I like these kinds of names, usually a good CPC.

Top 5 Estibot Values from the list–

OnlyYou.com $73,000 I don’t like the double Y. Not a 75k name IMO.

DirtyPictures.com $19,000

CRDT.com: $15,000

RMRR.com $13,000

OA.uk $9,200

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