Jun 24 2015

Welcome to the recap. My comments are in bold.


FarmCraft.com 18 years old. Sounds like a type of tractor of mower. Any type of rural brand

FARMCRAFT.COM: $997 The craft of farming! Cool brand.

YogaPractice.com Not sure if you can practice for yoga but I sure know anyone can wear yoga pants

YOGAPRACTICE.COM: $900 Website with practice techniques..? Yoga pants are awesome, I just love the way they hug my legs.

CuteNames.com Baby name sights actually perform very well. Sold a few back in the day. The day being 2007

CuteNames.com: $1,391 People are always looking for cute names for kids. Set up affiliate links.

LogoHelp.com Solid name for logo design for under $50

LOGOHELP.COM 59 bids for $725 No thanks I got someone.. But I like the domain. Email marketing would go something like this.” I saw your logo and it needs help.

DesiredNames.com No bidders. Good domain investing name for $12

DESIREDNAMES.COM: 8 for $42 Better name than a lot of them I have seen. Look 42 bucks and then you can email people from something other than your Aol.

RPDG.com Really Pretty something something. Over under $578

RPDG.com: $541. Pretty damn close Shane. Really Pretty Dating Game.

GardenBar.com I was thinking a place to drink in the garden. All the bids are probably thinking of a store name

GARDENBAR.COM: 58 bids for $625. Could be an awesome salad bar restaurant.

PetInsuranceOnline.com Pretty sure you can make the $20 back with a buildout

PETINSURANCEONLINE.COM: 43 for 490. Pet insurance is HUGE. Huge industry.

EOOB.com Another LLLL.com that I can draw googly eyes in the middle Os

EOOB.COM 26 bids for $320 Hopefully Kim and Kanye name their next babe this and Then you would be set

DBZC.com Top price on the Godaddy board today

DBZC.COM: $1,486. Don’t Buy Zebras Carrots

HNZK.com Right behind it. Will probably end higher because I think the letters are worse

HNZK.com: $1,225. another domain with a Z selling for over 1k.

CloudManage.com I don’t really do cloud names but I know a lot of people do

CloudManage.com: $655. I don’t have any cloud domains either. Just not my thing.


HomeRemedy.com Love the domain, not the site, hate the BIN. Overall rating……a maybe buy

HomeRemedy.com: 15 bids for $1,550 Auction ended unsold. Holistic medicine is huge and growing.

Dobi.com Reserve still met, now $1500 higher

Dobi.com: 49 bids for $9,750. Domain Holdings Name. Solid 4L.. even with a couple vowels.

ExtraMoney.com Who doesn’t want a little extra money? Not a lot of bidders so quite a few people

ExtraMoney.com: 43 bids for $4,100. Mo Money Mo Problems.

MUI.com Not going to be cheap

MUI.com: 6 bids for $20,100 Auction ended unsold. Makes me think of Maui.

Fleek.com Evidently a new urban word. And I thought I knew all of them. Like it as a made up word though

Fleek.com: 10 bids for $1,250 Auction ended unsold. Its got its own #.

8LP.com Under $750 is a good price on any 8LL.com IMO

8LP.com: 4 bids for $600 Auction ended unsold. Seller description is a little messed up.


DataTrack.com Because the good part of data is tracking it. 20 years old

DataTrack.com: 121 bids from 107 bidders for $8,877. Always more data to tranck and different ways the gather.

XPR.com Just buy it, you’ll be fine

XPR.com: 276 bids from 219 bidders $30,129. Really good 3L. First picked this one up. Great buy.

Hadler.com A lot of people, places, and things named this. Those are the kinds of names I like to own

Hadler.com: 94 bids from 61 bidders for $1,410. I like this one as a brand. sounds famerilr, so it might already be.

YBF.com Buy this one if you have any money left over

YBF.com: 331 bids from 174 bidders for $55,301. Also purchased by First. YBF = Your Best Friend

Acrylic.com The domain of the week

Acrylic.com: 121 bids from 121 bidders for $20,000 Reserve not met. Great domain name.

TheDesignShop.com Worth the 27 bids IMO

TheDesignShop.com: $270. Not a bad domain. would be perfect for an interior designer.

57900.com Has a bid at $500 and worth more IMO

57900.com: 67 bids from 53 bidders for $1,009. Solid numbers.

SaladIdeas.com The 4 bidders must be on a diet

SaladIdeas.com: 24 bids from 24 bidders for $69. Recipie sites do well.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

AlarmSpecialist.com Its probably the $17 CPC that is bringing in all the bids.

AlarmSpecialist.com: A lot of people have alarm systems on their houses and probably want a specialist to install it for them.

GardenRight.com Because there is a wrong way to garden. I think I’ll go ahead and buy this since there is only one bidder

GARDENRIGHT.COM Learn how to do it here. Lot of people looking for ways to garden wherever they are.

588222.com Double 8s AND triple 2s. Going to do well

588222.COM Repeating? Awesome.


My Picks-

VINTAGETHEMES.COM 1 bid for $12. Theme domains can do pretty well. Build it out.

CLOUDMANAGE.COM $655. Obviously a weather control machine. Or I guess you could use it for manage cloud services.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list–

YBF.com $165,000

Acrylic.com $163,000

MUI.com $163,000

XPR.com $104,000

ExtraMoney.com $41,000

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