Jun 24 2015

Welcome to the Recap. As always my comments are in bold.
Didn’t have time to do the top 5 estibot values today.


TheDevelopers.com Buildings, websites, coders. So many uses for this one

THEDEVELOPERS.COM: 46 bids for $1,425. Solid use of ‘The’. We are The Developers. Land, websites whatever.

Kapali.com A last name so its people, places, and things. 1.7 million results

KAPALI.COM: 27 bids for $504 Didn’t meet reserve. I like saying this.

CSLM.com Surprised its this high. Not your typical Chinese or English high flyer

CSLM.COM: 29 bids for $1,495. Pretty easy typo for Calm.

GetRemoved.com Not sure what you’re going to offer to remove but No bidder. $12

GETREMOVED.COM: 17 bids $500 Perfect site for a hit man. Or the Witness Protection Program.

StartNew.com Hard to believe this one doesn’t have a bid on it

STARTNEW.COM: 51 bids for $677. Great name. Lots of things to start new with. Relationships, finances, careers.

GlassWizard.com I figured there was already a product with this name and I was right. No bidders

GLASSWIZARD.COM: 24 bids for $142 Great branding and marketing name.

H41.com These (LNN with a 4) have been going from $750 to $1500, with a few exceptions

H41.COM: 18 for $760. Hotel 41 Its the next big thing.

617222.com Not going as high as some of the other 222 domains but still pretty good return regardless for the seller, although it may be a drop

617222.COM: I believe this ended at just over $300. triple 2 at the end is nice.

535222.com Even smaller price even though I like it more

535222.COM $352 Decent numbers on this 6N.

807222.com And this one can be had for under $50 at press time

807222.COM 31 bids for $880. Another 6N with better numbers than the others.

QDMT.com Q for Quality and Price

QDMT.COM: 27 bids for $1,493. Quality Digital Marketing Team.


King.io Nice clean dot io brand. The seller might be a bit overzealous on the best brand able thing

King.io: 58 Bids for $2,850. This is a nice .io. These seem to be trending up.

BFH.com I would think this would easily hit 25 or 30K but no luck so far

BFH.com: 20 bids for $20,500 Auction ended unsold. Big Fish Hook. Special hooks to catch the big ones!

Fish.io If you like King you gotta love Fish

Fish.io: 9 Bids for $500 Auction ended unsold. Who doesn’t love fish?

MoldInspection.com Mold is a huge problem and any mortgage company will make you take care of it immediately. Any company that handles mold should want to own this one

MoldInspection.com: 10 bids for $1,550 Auction ended unsold. Solid domain name. This is a very costly service, inspection then removal.

Oceanics.com At $1. Solid name for anything ocean related. I’m thinking ocean wave power but that may be a little too small of a niche

Oceanics.com: 23 bids for $759. I love the ocean. I am not sure I am a huge fan of this domain but its not bad.

ElectricEngineering.com 13 years old. $8 plus CPC. A buildout would yield the best returns but selling it to someone that is going to do that would work as well. One bidder

ElectricEngineering.com: 13 bids for $150. Pretty good price for this one. I would imagine there is a decent market to resell this too.


MysticFire.com 10 bidders. 20 years old

MysticFire.com: 50 bids from 41 bidders for $355. I really love this domain. Could be an awesome brand or I may just be a nerd.

EXN.com Oh good. You get to buy an LLL.com today

EXN.com: 253 bids from 205 bidders for $19,600. Pretty good price for a LLL.com Imo.

WhatSold.com Solid domain name price guide name

WhatSold.com: 61 bids from 52 bidders for $524. You should point this to a badass site with great sales results… huh a lot like this one. Weird.

DomainWeekly.com No bidders. Upgrade or add on name for DotWeekly?

DomainWeekly.com: 31 bids from 30 bidders for $98. Solid name for our industry.

Marlin.com My favorite name of the entire week. I wish I had a little more cash

Marlin.com: 181 bids from 173 bidders for $50,000 the reserve was not met. Great domain for a startup or re branding.

RCDH.com Only 25 bidders at press time. H for holdings

RCDH.com: 101 bids from 61 bidders for $631. Rock Climbing Something Something.

No result list.

PCTT.com 19 year old LLLL.coms are the kind you want to own. If its that old there’s a 99% chance its a good LLLL.com

PCTT.com: I like aged domains and with it ending in a double letter.

MotorVehicle.org Good name for a sub domain. If the DMV can call it a motor vehicle, I’m going to call it a motor vehicle

MotorVehicle.org: Could be good as a build out, do reviews and stuff.

Chompsy.com Great food brand for this low price

CHOMPSY.COM I like this as a brand.

My Pick

YourAdvertisement.com: 8 for 65. Not a great name but I like it for marketing. ect.

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