Jun 26 2015

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments are in bold.

I am not a full time Domain Investor, My day job is in sales. It sometimes surprises me how easy it is to become complacent. In my opinion 75% of sales is persistence. I was at $0 for the first 3 hours of the day which never happens to me. I kept at it and ended closing a bunch of orders and crushing out numbers I haven’t seen for a few weeks. Don’t be discouraged. Work at it, and if its not working try something new.

Now I am sure that many of you already know this but sometimes being reminded to not become complacent and going after it day after day call after call and email after email is all we need. Go out there and crush out some domain sales to end users. I listen to my workout playlist while doing the playlist and I get all motivated geez.


ResumePro.com 19 Years old. 1K backlinks. I imagine that plus the keyword is driving the good price

RESUMEPRO.COM: 76 for $4,765 Pretty self explanitory. Great name. This is something that is more of an art than anything.

HHWA.com Undervalued at its current price of under $200 IMO

HHWA.COM 28 for $205 Something Something Washington. Someone got a good deal on this one.

TPRN.com Toilet Paper Nurse

TPRN.COM: 19 bids for $730 Toilet Paper Nurse is really the best use for this one.

TastyGram.com I’d much rather receive one of these than the animal shit I get sent every other week (at least send me the real stuff so I can fertilize my cucumbers, not this cheap knock off poop. I’m not mad at getting a package of poop, I’m mad because someone didn’t care enough to get the real stuff)

TASTYGRAM.COM: $131. This sounds awesome. Mail order service for candy or really whatever you wanted to send. No Shit.

393888.com The kind of 6N.com you want to own

393888.COM 65 for $1,676 Three 8’s at the end and solid numbers otherwise thus the price.

CXHG.com The ultimate Chinese LLLL.com with all four letters being in the top 6. Doing very very well

CXHG.COM: $1,525 For the chinese buyer this is a fantastic domain.

Metabolistic.com I like the word and it has 10,000 backlinks. That’s enough for me to make a small bid

METABOLISTIC.COM: $228 Not many results on google, not a fan.

Vaporly.com Solid Vape name for under $50

VAPORLY.COM: $192 Obvious uses. Good name.

HH365.com Another one of those LLNNN.com domains that have been doing very well. Just figuring out which ones are selling and worthy of a little investment. The results here will be more data

HH365.COM: 44 bids for $802. With the number at the end being 365 I like this one. Not sure what the HH would stand for but Im sure there is something. Suprised it went this high to be honest.


GotForex.com Forex names go for good money for one reason. High CPC and great affiliate programs. 7 bids so far

GotForex.com: 8 bids for $340 Auction ended unsold. Worth more than that for sure.

FaceFlow.com Videoconferencing website. $35K. Pretty nice platform with 800,000 users and profits of 6 figures

FaceFlow.com: 13 bids for $41,000 Auction ended unsold. Looking at the comments it had a lot of interest but nothing in the 6 figure range he was looking for.

QT.com First LL.com I’ve seen up for auction in years

QT.com: 25 bids for $250,000. Why doesn’t QuikTrip own this? I feel like I am taking crazy pills here but the board over there has to be dumb to have not snatched this up.


Interest.net Looks like the owner is going to take whatever he can get. No reserve

Interest.net: $2,805. I love no reserve auctions, they are so fun. Seems like there have been less of them than there use to be.


SMOS.com 24 years old. Good enough for me to place a bid

SMOS.com: $2,028. Who doesn’t see S’mores when they look at this?? Sold 4 years ago for $5,555.

AFJ.com I’d take a look at three letter dot coms. I think they are eventually going to catch on

AFJ.com:$27,200 No they are not, stop making crap up. 3L domains are terrible no one bid on them. I will take one for the community and get all of them for $69. Muhahahaha.

BQI.com Here’s another one. Q for quality

BQI.com: $17,119 See above… Muhahahaha

LeaveAPenny.com and TakeAPenny.com I’m not sure what you’d do with them but very memorable and most people know the little jars at the front of convenience store.

LeaveAPenny.com and TakeAPenny.com: Dont think these got any bids.

DeathMart.com I just wanted to stay that I would not go into a store named this

DeathMart.com: I didnt see any bids on this one either. Even on halloween? yeah, your right I would GTFO of there too. In a real manly way.

ExpressPizza.com Fast and pizza have always gone together well. What hasn’t gone together well? Hair and pizza

ExpressPizza.com: $1,001 Could go my entire life without hearing the story behind that hair comment.

Vannessa.com Not as many add the extra N but still enough to find an eventually buyer

Vannessa.com: $460. No guy named Aaron spells it Erin either and it still happens ALL THE TIME. Seriously I don’t get it.

658000.com If you’re going to buy a 6N.com these round ones would be your best bet in my opinion

658000.com: $401 Hey look a 6N. Haven’t seen one of these in…8 or 10 domains.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

LBBT.com Lesbians, BiSexual, Bicycles, and TransSexuals

LBBT.com: Already sounds like an advertised domain. I like this one quite a bit.

69769.com 7 flanked by 69s is always a good thing. I actually don’t know but this time seems to be pretty good

69769.COM not bad numbers and I love the Symetry of it.

StateFund.com In Illinois this means broke. “I can’t go out tonight, I’m like a State Fund”

StateFund.com: Don’t even get me started on government spending.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

QT.com: $253,000 Worth a lot more.

AFJ.com $111.000

BGI.com $99,000

StateFund.com $21,000

Interest.net $20,000 Great .net.

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