Jun 28 2015

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments are in bold.



Apropos.com One of them fancy words that many people won’t know but is actually a good brand. Probably undervalued because so many people don’t know the word. 18 years old

Apropos.com: $6,100. Looks like the fancy people who knew what this meant pulled out their wallets for this one.

YourPetfood.com You can go to Animal Outlet and get this. No bidders

YourPetfood.com: $290. Getting more and more expensive.

WLLZ.com For the sake of their kids, everyone should make sure they have a wllz in case something happens. Yeah that one didn’t work

WLLZ.com: $1,106. Idk, that was the first thing that popped into my head when I read it.

BigCactus.com Sounds like a bar that would be in Austin. Could be a brand as well. Bidding has reached a fury at $22

BigCactus.com: $566. Reached a fury lol. Guess it did from 22 to 560. Sold in 2009 for $2,588

Tarang.com Highest price on the board. Seems more Indian than Chinese but the bidding and pricing is Chinese like

Tarang.com: $3,305. Looks like this is a youtube channel and a movie from India. Maybe Baliwood ties.

11534.com This is one of those numbers I don’t get why its so high.

11534.com: You know what I don’t understand is why NameBio doesn’t get the numerics? maybe they use a bot and it doesn’t pick up those.

318333.com Remember the triple repeating number is better AT THE END. I said triple repeating is hot and I got 10 emails of 6N.com with them in the middle. It could have value but the $1000 plus numerics generally have them at the end

318333.com: Same as above. 3 at the beginning too. not too shabby.

QPCF.com A really off typo of “porn”. No traffic so like I said, really off typo

QPCF.com: $343. Quick product Categorize Find.

LifeHacks.net Hell of a website name or brand for under $50. I am going to bid on this one

LifeHacks.net: $346. Sweet .net. This name kinda forks with the .net.

HawaiiWedding.net NO bidders. Even as a dot net it is a perfect site for wedding travel. Millions have traveled to Hawaii over they years for their wedding.

HawaiiWedding.net: 16 bids for $88. This is a GREAT name, for a .net. Mix tourism and weddings? Slam Dunk.

LeisureConsultant.com No bidders. 15 years old. Not sure it has a ton of value but awesome name for a website or Job Title. Shane Cultra- Leisure Consultant

LeisureConsultant.com: 4 bids for $83. Shane you work more than anyone I know. I think you need a Leisure Consultant.

AnimalOutlet.com Again no bidders. I had to double check spelling because I couldn’t believe it had no bidders

AnimalOutlet.com: 14 bids for $75 Who doesn’t love animals?

FilthyPics.com No bidders. 17 years old. Pretty sure these won’t be pictures of a teenagers dirty room. But then again it probably will

FilthyPics.com: 7 bids for $57.  These can always make money.


The domains on the list don’t end till tomorrow.


SAAE.com Means something in Portuguese but not sure what. I’ll just see it as a pretty LLLL.com

SAAE.com: 149 bids from 93 bidders for $1,400. South African Academy of Engineering

BugPowder.com I sell a lot of it every day

BugPowder.com: 82 bids from 68 bidders for $910. The pest control company I use just put it on all of my door steps.

ARZB.com Buy here, sell on Godaddy

ARZB.com: Would make a nice write up on the Flip and Flop post Aaron does.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

TurfChemicals.com HUGE business. Every TruGreen or lawn treatment company buys these

TurfChemicals.com: I didn’t know this was a thing.

EZ6.com The first 6 are easy, its 7 through 9 that are tough. Should cross $1000 easily IMO

EZ6.com: Sold for a grand in 2013. I like that way that this one sounds.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

Apropos.com: $97,000

SAAE.com $21,000

6N.com $17,000

Tarang.com $6,500

BigCactus.com $2,700

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  1. Bobby

    “11534.com: You know what I don’t understand is why NameBio doesn’t get the numerics? maybe they use a bot and it doesn’t pick up those.”

    I don’t know the answer to this, but I’d love to know what “318333.com” finished at as I was thinking about auctioning a 6N there that ends in 333. Ugh.

    But a few weeks ago, I emailed Michael Sumner of namebio and asked if he could start tracking .cc names on Godaddy, and this was his response:

    “Per your request I just added tracking of .cc domains at GoDaddy. We only track expired auctions there, not public auctions, so keep that in mind. Thanks for using our service, I’m glad you like it!”

    Ok. so they only track expiring auctions…however…one of my public auctions is definitely on namebio. SO…I don’t know! Their system is imperfect somehow.

    I just wish I knew what that numeric went for! I was refreshing furiously waiting for this post hoping to see it.

    Thanks again for your hard work.

    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Hey Bobby,

      I’m really sorry that I missed that one. I really wanted to see the price on it too. Hopefully another reader has a price for us soon. I will send an email over to NameBio and see what the scoop is!

      As always thank you for reading, I am glad you enjoy the post.

  2. Paul

    Here are some of the missing results:

    filthypics.com $57 (7 Bids)
    leisureconsultant.com $83 (4 Bids)
    hawaiiwedding.net $88 (16 Bids)
    animaloutlet.com $75 (14 Bids)

    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Hi Paul,
      Thank you for the update I really appreciate you letting me know what these went for! I have updated the list. Really surprised that these went for so cheap. I mean they aren’t amazing names or anything but I have seen worse go for 2 to 300.

      Anyway, thanks again and for the prices and for reading.

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