May 23 2015

In the auction recap I have included Shane’s entire list for your reference. My comments are in bold. Please keep in mind that each auction house will have different end times. Because of this there will be a delay in the results.


LookYoung.com Fantastic name but then again I look old. 19 years old

LookYoung.com: 52 bids for $3,150. If you can’t be young then look it. And sell this domain for all the money. Then buy a red sports car with the money!

OOBOO.com You get 72 free visits per month with the purchase. But it’s going to cost you over $10 per visit

OOBOO.com: 66 bids for $3,050. I wouldn’t have paid 3k for it but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it.

WineChillers.com Hit 4 figures. Google ads all down the search page for the term

WineChillers.com: 76 bids for $4,050. What a great product name. Huge search volume.

KingLion.com Not quite the Lion King but still getting lots of bids

KingLion.com: Went for 1575. Easy logo work. Solid brand name but I feel like people would accidently say/type Lion King instead.

NHBD.com All good letters…….I think. I’m not quite sure anymore

NHBD.com: 30 bids for $365. Did Shanes lack of confidence in the letters steer people away? This seems pretty cheap. Good grab imo.

WSZX.com Like I said. These are great letters. This one is killing it

WSZX.com: 51 bids for $1,333. Like the man said.

MassageTherapySchool.com A little long but valuable to a Massage School

MassageTherapySchool.com: 85 bids for $2125. Lots of action on this one. I think I would use it as a Massage Therapy School. Anyone else?

ThunderBar.com Either now, or someday there is or will be a place called the Thunder Bar. And you will own the name

ThunderBar.com: No results. That is too obvious. I would use it for Thor Bar Soap. By the time you are reading this I will already be the VP of Marketing for Marvel.

KZAX.com At $50 at press time

KZAX.com: Sold for 160. This one is pronounceable as K Zacks. I like it.

QWPC.com Doing better than you expected although maybe your expectations may be higher than mine. Could hit $1K

QWPC.com: No results. If it hit $1,000 it would do better than I expected.

TTJN.com At $600 at press time

TTJN.com Sold for $708. Double letters on either end are good imo.

SUE.cc Can’t have a list without an LLL.cc getting bids

SUE.cc:Sold for $210. First names do great as .coms. Not sure what the market is for first name .cc’s.

NameJet- From the list on 5/18/2015

Pinup.com One of the better names on Namejet this month. Plenty of uses from Pinterest to Nudie

Pinup.com: Reviewed on DomainSherpa. Fantastic name.

AYEV.com VCVC aren’t nearly as popular as CVCV, but it’s still a decent name

AYEV.com: Sold for $230. I like it for 230.

LZFQ.com Here is a great example of what I talked about yesterday re: knowing which letters are in demand. Who would have thought that this one has more bidders than AYEV.com

LZFQ.com: Sold for $360. Hopefully seeing Shane’s picks and what they are selling for is helping you all figure out the trends.

MAYX.com A ticker symbol for penny stock Mayex USA, or an abbreviation for May Xperience

MAYX.com: Sold for $230. I though X was really popular now? Could be a date X for the numeral 10. May 10th.

FindTunes.com Because there aren’t enough places to find music

FindTunes.com: Sold for $810. This site is for selling tuning forks. I’m sure of it.


CareerAdvisors.com At some point in time we all can use some career advice. Big industry

CareerAdvisors.com: 35 bids for $3,552. Yup, aka submitting your portfolio for review on Domain Sherpa.

MOGM.com Surprised to see an LLLL.com this high at Flippa. A chance at four figures

MOGM.com: 5 bids reached $825 and didn’t meet reserve. Also included is MBUN.com, UAMT.com, PUGB.com and YSBY.com.

HairDyes.com I’ll be curious to see how this one does. I don’t see how this would be monetized other than selling hair dyes but maybe that is a big enough market to drive the price up. Doing well so the answer may already be yes

HairDyes.com: 13 bids up to $1,200 and didn’t meet reserve. I got nothing on how to monetize either.


HV.TV Have to imagine the values of LL.TV have gone up this past two years. We’ll find out how much

HV.TV: Didn’t catch this one. Harry Vardon Tv. I’ll watch.

This is a few domains I watched today:



CaptainComfort.com: 1 bid for $10. Now that is what I want to be the Captain of!

ConsolidateStudentLoan.com: $228. 13 years old and Estibot likes. 400 Exacts with a CPC of 5.95.

OrganicGround.com: 9 bids for $149. Its like holy ground for people trying to eat healthy.

BigCool.com: 20 bids for $305. I think this is my favorite on my list. Looks like it sold a few years ago NameJet for 2k.

InspiredByCalifornia.com 28 bids for $205. I just like San Diego. And Scotch and leather bound books. What movie?

DomainTreasure.com: 13 bids for $206: Thought you all might like this one.

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  1. Jeff

    Funny how our minds think . When I saw SUE.cc the first thing that came into my mind was not a girl’s first name but rather a site for an attorney.

    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Good call Jeff. I like it for that as well. My Mom’s name is Sue so that where my mind went first. I like when people share their ideas too. Gives the posts more info. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Nat

    Sorry if this is a double post…

    Sue.cc sold for $210.

    Over the past week, HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of low-quality 4L.coms showed up in GD expiration auction. This will be very interesting to watch and track.

    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Hey Nat, Nobody has put up the price so thank you! I will update the post. There have been a lot of them moving recently and I agree it will be fun to track and see what happens.

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