Jun 30 2015

Welcome to the Auction Recap. Today was brutal and I did not get to the ones I wanted so there are quite a few missing.


AFactor.com 17 years old. Bids are based on it being A as in the first letter of the alphabet rather than an article (a, the, an)

AFactor.com: $625. Article Factor is a thing for anyone that follows the stock market. May not be the actual name for it but if you follow the

market at all and you see the way a stock price reacts to a good or bad article in one of the popular stock news sites.

OnlineCoupon.com Big Boy Name. Under $4K is a good buy IMO

OnlineCoupon.com: $8,700. This is a solid name. This is literally what everyone is looking for.

DogClothing.com Mentioned this one the other day. Could be a big name to an end user that actually sells clothes for the pooches.

DogClothing.com: $3,350. Listen, dogs look freaking adorable being dressed up.

EpicVacations.com No bidders. Although if you go with this name you’re setting the bar pretty high on the vacations you can deliver

EpicVacations.com: $277. Good brand name. I have seen A LOT worse names than this for travel sites.

LiveDocs.com No bidders. Live documents. Real time anything has some value

LiveDocs.com: $980. Real time doctors. Virtual reality doctors.


TheWestsideStory.net A website for sale. Very interesting. Getting a potential business if description matches what you are actually


TheWestsideStory.net: 20 bids for $15,800. Lots of traffic, be interesting to see what happens.

Described.com One word dot com. I have trouble figuring out what to use this one for but not stopping the bidder

Described.com: 61 bids for $5,000. I am not sure I love this past tense verb. But it is a one word.

Invisibles.io I actually had no idea what these were. Its a future tech and tech and IO go together well. I told the owner I didn’t think

it was worth anything. I am wrong and the bidders prove it

Invisibles.io: 21 bids for $120. More than reg fee.

Faja.com I like this one a lot but not getting any bids. Domain Holdings needs to manage their names though. There were three bids pending

as I type this.

Faja.com: 12 bids for $4691 Auction ended unsold.

UV.com Can I borrow a million dollars ? I really want to own this

UV.com: 5 bids for $125,000 Auction ended unsold. UV? This only has one possible use and it is to talk about the UV Rays in Arizona. So yes,

I will take care of the reg for the owners and take this burden off their hands.

Tourist.org Great travel writer domain. Domain Holdings certainly is adding quality to Flippa. Even if they aren’t adding a ton of sales

Tourist.org: 8 bids for $3,100. Tourist information site. .org fits for this.


WCCG.com 18 years old. Radio and TV call letters

WCCG.com: $1,500. Never came up with an acronym for this one. 

KEYO.com My favorite CVCV.com so far this year

KEYO.com: $4,200. Locksmith Company for sure.

UKay.com Sounds like someone checking on your health status in a quick voice

UKay.com: $1,420. ooookay… Video blog about crazy people.

Apprehensive.com I wasn’t quite sure whether to list this

Apprehensive.com: $1,300. Great domain. Long word but one word none the less. This will be flipped on Flippa in 6 mounths or less. 

94600.com Its gotta 4 but I’m feeling sorry for the 4s today so I listed it

94600.com: $530. Not many numerics today.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

LaRocca.com A popular last name and you know someone is going to name something after themselves.

LaRocca.com: I just love the way it rolls off the tongue.

Labs.com Going to do well. Hell, its already doing well. Tons of subdomain possibilities

Labs.com: This is a great domain name. 4 letters and spells something. Science, medical, ect. Tons of uses.

ShortLegs.com Elliot and I should be awarded this name for free. No bidders

ShortLegs.com: It is a problem that effects thousands.

2344.net The double fours slows down the price but hasn’t stopped it

2344.net: And its a .net.

WDJW.com Call letters of a radio station but I’m sure the Chinese guy that buys it isn’t really going to care

WDJW.com: Where Does Justice Walk. I am stretching but that would be a cool news site.

WholesaleVibrators.com Not much value but one of the better gag emails I’ve seen for $12

WholesaleVibrators.com: Got an S on the end so it is for an eCom site.

LemonRain.com Don’t buy it. It’s just pee

LemonRain.com: …..Could be a Lemonade shop.

831222.com If you can figure out which 6N.com have the best resale value you will make tens of thousands. Let me know if you do. This one

will probably hit $1K

831222.com: Starts with an eight ends with a triple repeating. I would be cool with making tens of hundreds.

QOQ.cc I think if you buy under $30 you will make money on them in 2016. My opinion only

QOQ.cc: If it was bought at $30 maybe. I like the way this one looks but 2 Q’s? idk.

HG6858.com I’ve said it before but at these prices I need to learn more about these Chinese names that have two letters in front. JS and HG

are two of the more popular, or at least getting the best price results

HG6858.com: I am pretty sure that those are some of the more popular letters.

NewsFeed.com Deserves more bidders than it has IMO

NewsFeed.com: This is a great name. News feeds are great and can have a nice ROI.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list–

Labs.com $317,000 Interesting.. Obviously incorrect. But I do like this domain.

UV.com $245,000 Worth a smidge more.

DogClothing.com $67,000 people and their pets. I’m telling you.

OnlineCoupon.com $47,000

NewsFeed.com $29,0000 or more A year if you got some big names in the feed.

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  1. KC


    Wayback Machine shows the domain name having been used as a gambling site in China over the years. The company seems to use many sites with the name HG(皇冠, or Crown) plus a number (gambling issue?). I think the number part is not that important in this case. If you really want to add a meaning to the number, here’s one: 6858乐吧玩吧 (have fun, let’s play). How about that for a gambling site?

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