Jul 01 2015

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments are in bold.


OliveGrove.com A thing but more importantly, a brand. 18 years old

OliveGrove.com: 62 bids for $1,877 Love this name, great brand. Lots of small olive oil companies out there.

Plasmo.com Another great, aged brand. Also sounds like a person’s name on the Jetsons

Plasmo.com: 56 for $1,130 Sounds techie.

CECD.com Great letters. Not to be confused with CCD where Catholics that don’t go to Catholic school have to prove they are Catholic enough to be Catholic.

CECD.com: 33 for $550 Computer Engineer Certification Degree.

824.org I think its worth at least $50. But I’m not a dot org guy. I only own two

824.org: 11 bids for $299 reserve not met. I am not sure what to think with this one.

Frugal.net Keyword is strong enough to overcome the dot net. Other bidders agree

Frugal.net: $1,005. Good name for a .net. As I have said with the Coupon sites recently. Everybody wants to save money.

Independency.com Not a word people use a lot but they all would remember it. Only 3 bids. Timely name for Saturday

Independency.com: $1,802. Not a big fan of this one. not a word and not something I have ever heard anyone say.

EmptyCup.com I only see it as an app or website name. But more bidders than I figured it would have

EmptyCup.com: 20 bids for $510 Something to do with drinking.

24245.com Despite the 4s, it is very easy to remember and give out. Under $500 is a good buy IMO

24245.com: 43 bids for $435 reserve not met. Ending in a 5 helps though I think.

CNMW.com I have NO idea why this is this high. Incredible

CNMW.com: $5,550. Cartoon Network Something something.

BFHF.com 11 years old. 13 bids

BFHF.com: $603. Best Friends Hell Freezing.

TheWritten.com Solid name for $12. No bidders

TheWritten.com: 6 bids for $56 Not bad, sounds like a book title to a book I would never read.

JS6060.com Damn it. One more My favorite but not doing as well as I expected

JS6060.com: 48 bids for $461 Nice. I like this one too.


Koalas.com If it were singular you could add a zero. Still a great name. Especially if you sell Koala meat

Koalas.com: 13 bids for $10,001. People eat Koala meat? Couldn’t do it, too cuddly.

BMY.com Going to have to get bids over $25K to move it would be my guess

BMY.com: 12 bids for $16,000 Auction ended unsold. B My.

0845.com Haven’t seen a NNNN.com go under $8K in a year. This is getting no love

0845.com: 11 bids for $5,655 Auction ended unsold. Got a four but this would have gone higher at another venue imo.

OAR.com I think that most people think they can’t afford it so they just don’t bid. Ridiculously low

OAR.com: 6 bids for $10,049 Auction ended unsold. This one has been up a few times before I believe.

Quads.com Four wheel ATVs. High bidder will take it home. High bidders will have to be over $20K

Quads.com: 18 bids for $21,100 This auction has 2 hours left at time of post. This is a gonna be a site about leg workouts.

Chastise.com Love this one. I am high bid at press time.

Chastise.com: 8 bids for $2,500 Auction ended unsold. Awesome name, huge about of searches.

NameJet from 6/26

Quarry.net I work with several quarries and I know that a few of these would buy this one at the right price. Only 9 10 bidders

Quarry.net: $490. I like this one quite a bit but I like it for a counter top store or landscape rock seller.

PlanoHomes.com Best football in Texas. Big homes, big money, all white

PlanoHomes.com: Been here. Its pretty nice.

GCCA.com 18 years old

GCCA.com: $1,544. Go C California.

Illustrated.com Most bids on the board

Illustrated.com: $14,100. Love this name. Its so pretty.

Shadows.com The plural throws me off a little but doesn’t seem to bother anyone else. Tons of bids

Shadows.com: $6,100. I like this domain. I kinda like the S.

MarketingClass.com Everyone wants to learn to sell. Half is learned, the other half is experience

MarketingClass.com: $1,322. Everyone takes them.

PropertyPrices.com As good of a name as Zillow

PropertyPrices.com: $2,600. This domain would be awesome to build out.

RepossessedHouses.com Like dropping domains, everyone thinks they are getting a steal buying a repossessed home

RepossessedHouses.com: $258. How did this not sell for more? 8 thousand exact match searches. Estibot has it at 87k.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

JS3636.com I know that JSNNNN with great numbers are now worth $300 plus. This has great numbers

JS3636.com: I am starting to have some semblance of an Idea about numerics. now we throw letters in front of them and I am lost again.

JS8833.com Another one here

JS8833.com: Ooo 8’s. two 8’s and two 3’s. Should be pretty good.

JS9933.com I would think the above would do a little better because of the 8s

JS9933.com: Agreed.

JS9911.com And one last domain with this pattern

JS9911.com: Still like the 8’s better. Guess we will see.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list–

OAR.com $256,000 To an end user yes, maybe.

Quads.com $142,000

BMY.com $124,000

RepossessedHouses.com $87,000

Koalas.com $86,000

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  1. RJ

    CECD such a steal for 550 , was sold for 1.4k or something a couple of years ago when the market was down

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