Jul 02 2015

Welcome to the list. My comments are in bold.


Sierras.com 24 years old. Mountains or a bunch of girls named Sierra

Sierras.com: $2,830 I love anything outdoors This could be used for that or a great brandable. Great brand.

TheSportsPage.com It’s what I go to every morning. This time it would actually be called that. 19 years old

TheSportsPage.com: 30 bids for $600. No idea what you would do with this… Seriously strong name for a sports site.

WebsiteExpert.com We all know we become experts once we own a domain that has the word expert in it

WebsiteExpert.com: 50 bids for $1,027. Damn. Knew I was doing something wrong.

AssFest.com I know its dirty but that’s a lot of ass for $12. 15 years old. The domain not the ass

AssFest.com: $190. How many asses constitute a fest? 3? 5?

HateFree.org Great thought. No bids

HateFree.org: 1 bid for $12. Awesome thought.

OrderScrubs.com No bids. Millions of results and a lot of ads for the keywords

OrderScrubs.com: $195. Solid name, lots of people need a lot of these.

Advertisingz.com I was hoping this would sneak through. Not even close to sneaking through

Advertisingz.com: $460. Advertising Zebra? Fun name, I like it.

HostYourBlog.com Great marketing name for a host company. No bidders $12

HostYourBlog.com: 23 bids for 130. Who would need this?

YLLT.com In Chinese it means Yllt

YLLT.com: $775. You Look Like a Turkey.

QSLM.com Quite Slim. At $300 plus at press time

QSLM.com: $1,009. Quite Slim works.

CCNX.com Move that X to the left and I think this would be four figures.

CCNX.com: 25 bids for $395. Carbon Copy Something Something.

LeanerStronger.com Great workout, weight loss name for $12. No bidders

LeanerStronger.com: 10 bids for $66. Great name, everyone wants to be leaner and stronger.

SPTN.com Spittin. Good for English or Chinese

SPTN.com: $707. South Paw from Tennessee.

58190.com Shows how a domain with a few different numbers loses 80% of its value

58190.com: 9 bids for $303 Auction didn’t meet reserve. It is like learning a second language trying to figure these out.


ReverseProxies.com At $200K. A chance to buy a real business

ReverseProxies.com: 14 bids for $250,000 Auction ended unsold. Huge site and seems like a lot to manage, you would need to hire the right people.

Picr.com Price is a lot higher than I thought it would be. 50% higher. But I am wrong every single day

Picr.com: 6 bids for $7,000. I get where they are going with it. I like the name. But Not sure I like it enough for that price.

DomainValuations.com Could use this one for……..just kidding. Obvious use

DomainValuations.com: 8 bids for $895. This is about the price I would put on this one. a bit long but not bad.


NEVU.com Will sell has met reserve at $1000 and ends early today

NEVU.com: $1,551. Sounds like a shampoo.

L44.com Met reserve at $300. Worth more IMO

L44.com: $1,301. Nice name. Yes it is 2 fours but I like the L.


SurfReport.com I read it for the North Shore every day and I don’t even live there or surf anymore. If you do a surf report this is as good of a name as you can own

SurfReport.com: $10,200. I love this domain name. So awesome.

BSRP.com Solid LLLL.com that’s 15 years old. Bill Shoemaker’s Ringworm Palace

BSRP.com: $520. Beef Stroganoff Recipe.

RDPA.com I’m back to loving LLLL.coms that end in A. And the prices are coming back on them

RDPA.com: $530. Red Dog Pennsylvania.

Jeans.xyz XYZ names are selling on Namejet. This one has quite a few bids

Jeans.xyz: $155. Is there a brand of Jeans called XYZ?

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

1541.net LLLL.nets seem to bottom out at $500 so this one should have a little more to go

1541.net: In 1541 Michelangelo Buonarroti finishes painting The Last Judgement in the Sistine Chapel.

ZCFN.com A little more lean to the Chinese side here. Still in that $300 range though

ZCFN.com: I like the sound of this domain name.

DentalCoverage.com Good name if you’re in the dental insurance game. Or the dental insurance lead gen game

DentalCoverage.com: Lots of content out there for a site like this.

SevenEyes.com Nice religious name. The stone has seven eyes. But no bidders

SevenEyes.com: Zechariah 3:9.

AnimalsAreNotFood.com Yes they are. Just not my dog. But I know the fox in the neighborhood thinks he is

AnimalsAreNotFood.com: There is an Owl in my neighborhood that goes after cats and small dogs.

CatWalker.com No bidder. Would be a nice companion name for DogWalker.com I think I know that guy

CatWalker.com:   I bet that guy paid the big bucks for this one.

82090.com I’m seeing so many 6N.coms each day the 5L.coms like these are starting to look short. Getting a good price as it should

82090.com: Starts with an 8 and ends with a 0. Solid domain name.


My Picks-

EcoInnovation.COM: $1,326. I like this name. Eco is big.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list–

SurfReport.com $80,000 I told you I love this name.

DentalCoverage.com $60,000

BSRP.com $12,000

PICR.com $8,700

NEVU.com $6,900

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