Jul 03 2015

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments are in Bold.



Exposa.com 19 years old. Nice brand on its own but also a form of the verb Exposar in Spanish (to expose)

Exposa.com: $350. Aged and dual meanings. Nice.

TheHit.com Gotta take it some times. $350 at press time

TheHit.com: $1,469. This is totally going to be a black market contract killer site.

AccuPick.com No bidders. Pretty good prediction website name for $12

AccuPick.com: $118. Accurate Pick. Still a decent name for a good price.

TheCarolinas.com There ARE two, thus the plural

TheCarolinas.com: $920. I like this one for a travel and info site.

831000.com This is where I realize I have no clue what I’m doing. This one is under $100 at press time

831000.com: 11 bids for $257 Didnt meet reserve. I feel like reserves deter bidders. other than that I have no idea why this wasn’t more money.


Clouds.tv Clouds.me sold for $21.6K . This one has met reserve and is $21K cheaper

Clouds.tv: 6 bids for $505. I at least understand the .tv one. I would watch clouds. What does clouds me mean to anyone?

RecumbentBikes.com They are expensive and purchased by people with a lot of disposable income.

RecumbentBikes.com: 5 bids for $350 Auction ended unsold. No sellers notes?

BabyBaby.com Love it. As memorable as it gets. Thanks to the lovely Britney Spears

BabyBaby.com: 5 bids for $1,800 Reserve not met and 2 hours left at time of post. Not bad. Baby business is big business. I would know I just bought everything for one.


TheDomainGroup.com Already sounds legitimate. And its 19 years old

TheDomainGroup.com: 17 bids from 17 bidders for $69. Nice age! This is a pretty solid domain for what we do.

SportsLocker.com The plural sports is the kicker here. Going to lose traffic to sportlocker but still a solid name

SportsLocker.com: 68 bids from 54 bidders $3,000. This is great for any sport because they all have lockers. or you could sell lockers.

XGTR.com Deserves more than the 12 bids it has. Good Chinese LLLL.com

XGTR.com: 63 bids from 48 bidders for $350.

90402.com Zip for Santa Monica CA. And less than 30 bidders at press time?

90402.com: 49 bids from 46 bidders for $560. I would have guessed more. Great beaches in Santa Monica.

TheWreckers.com Actually one of my favorite country groups. Unfortunately they’ve broken up and moved on. Michele Branch and Jessica Harp. Tennessee is one of my favorite songs of all time

TheWreckers.com: 53 bids from 41 bidders for $570. Good group, but I am more partial to Garth Brooks or Tim McGraw.

Verses.com At first I was thinking a typo of versus but then I saw all the bidders and realized its like verses of songs. I feel a little silly but I also know I’ve missed easier things

Verses.com: 219 bids from 189 bidders for $6,501. Good name for a game or an app. Waiting for a start up with monies.

CorporateReputation.com Great name and one of the most important things a business can build. All you have to do is manage all the people trying to ruin it from behind a keyboard

CorporateReputation.com: 128 bids from 113 bidders for $4,005. If Adam Dicker didn’t buy this then I would be surprised. although I am sure he has enough reputation names.

OL.UK I think all LL.uk are probably a pretty good long term investment

OL.UK: 42 bids from 41 bidders for $1,550. The Ol United Kingdom.

SAAE.com Means something in Portuguese but not sure what. I’ll just see it as a pretty LLLL.com

SAAE.com: 149 bids from 93 bidders for $1,400. Pretty is right! Looks like some bidders thought so too.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

11807.com Solid 5N.com for under $500 IMO

11807.com: I believe this was a reserve auction that didn’t hit reserve.

DBBZ.com Chinese letters, English pricing

DBBZ.com: Don’t buy something something.

CCQR.com Under $400 which is the bottom right now for the better non vowel, no V, LLLL.coms

CCQR.com: I got nothing for this one.

SecretPlans.com More of a website or project name than a business but at the right price a good pickup

SecretPlans.com: ” What are we going to do tonight Brain?” “The Same thing we do every night Pinky, try to take over the world!”

GoodRiver.com The kind of two word combo that people name their company. No bids

GoodRiver.com: I really like this name. Awesome brand and it is a place.

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  1. KC

    XGTR.com. Here’s a Chinese translation for fun: XGTR(性感土人, or sexy aborigines).

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