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Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments are in Bold.

GoDaddy Can’t wait to see how this finishes. Never seen one for sale or sell at auction. Actually never even remembered such things. Doing very well but there are only 100 of them available. 49 for 2,650 Not sure that this met reserve. Really like the repeating number in this one. I scan down the list and holy smokes there is another one. But not doing nearly as well 48 for 2,000 Not sure that this met reserve. I don’t know how I feel about this one. Spells like is sounds. Nice for the price IMO 21 bids for $504. I like this one as a brandable. Surprised this one is so high so early. But it has good Chinese pattern so sky is the limit 34 bids for $1,200. Don’t Be Something Something Fails the radio test. Passes the awesome short domain test 15 bids for $2,026. Awesome Short name is right. Love this one. No bidders. Its going to have to be a buildout but could make you a little money 12 bids for $70. Holistic medicine is a big thing. No bidders. Sounds like an already existing advertising business. Sell it for $24 and double your money 1 bid for $12. Meh. No bidders. I think hydroponics when I see this one Didn’t recieve any bids. I have no idea what I would do with this one. I just think water bottle. Another $1500 for us to buy 35 bids for $1,325. I like the H’s at the beginning and end. Easy crowdfunding name 58 bids for $1,800. Love this for a crowd funding domain. You can’t go wrong with a flanked by 8s with no 4s in the middle 42 bids for $1,480. Completely agree. No flankers but still doing well 37 bids for $1,358(Not sure that is accurate). Double 5’s in the middle though. Really solid cloud name. State sound secure and strong. Unless the state is Illinois or California and state means broke 37 bids for $995. Broke and no water in California’s case. 989 visitors per month for $50 $1,405 Bidding on this went F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Solid domain. Really like this one even though this is a little long. Another name that is higher than I ever thought it would be 35 bids for $1,325. Cat Scale in Kg. Qs used to kill the price, now they’re killing it $1,325. All I see is Quigley. Tom Selleck? Anyone following me here?

Flippa- Huge CPC and affiliate money to be made with this one 25 bids for $8,500 Auction ended unsold. Great domain for a build out. Doesn’t get much bigger than this data name. Actually there are a few better but not in this price range. Actually, I don’t know what the price range is 10 bids for $15,000 Auction ended unsold. Huge name. Huge.

Raise.Money I do a lot of gTLDs but this one I like

Raise.Money: 4 bids for $1,111 Auction ended unsold. This is a solid GTLD. One of the best .io names there is IMO 16 bids for $1,750 Auction ended unsold. I don’t know if I would say its the best .IO. but it is good. I will let you know what the best one it when I own it and sell it to you for all the monies.

SnapNames Maybe the most sought after pending delete in years $87,550. Damn this is a great name.

NameJet I’ve said it before. People with back pain will do anything to get rid of it. No bidders $100. Says exactly what it means. Minimum $250 on this based on past sales at Godaddy 79 bids from 52 bidders for $505. Short and Sassy just like I like them. Its not good that I see NSFW when I see this one. I need a cleansing 61 bids from 51 bidders for $353. North Dakota Something Something.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date. Since we’re doing dashes we might as well do the L-L.coms These generally go in the $2K plus range. This one is getting close Quite a few extensions taken for this one. Sold at NameJet in 2011 for $4,143. And one more. Doing half as well Don’t like this one as much as J-V. sold for $702 in 2010 at Sedo. did well, this one might as well. I’m a bidder I really wanted to see how this one ended up. I sold with a few other long tail names. It did do very well.

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    NDNW for 男赌女武 (men gamble women fight). How about that for just for a little bit of fun?

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