Jul 06 2015

Welcome to the Auction Recap. This is the recap for the 4th and 5th. My comments are in Bold.

GoDaddy 7/4

BigWorm.com Love the brand. Fun and memorable. 18 years old. “Those who stay out late get the Big Worm, BigWorm.com” Free slogan

BigWorm.com: $895. Good thing this wasn’t blue worm or Shane would have bought it. Might have anyway. Good Brand

BFEN.com I actually thought this one would be much higher. 15 years old

BFEN.com: $1,455. There has to be something out there the B Fen could stand for.

MPRP.com Ahhh, the repeating Ps. Like when I drink a lot of coffee. Actually that’s repeating pees

MPRP.com: $455. Mal Practice Representation Practice. Yeah, that’s pretty weak.

NewBar.com No bidders. $12 for two short known words. I’ll take it every day.

NewBar.com: $777. Place to drink, protein bar, organic bar, juice bar, coffee bar, bar of steel to hit people with and brandable. Lots of things.

YCSZ.com Why yes, it IS over $1500

YCSZ.com: $1,525. There is a great place I like to eat called Yc’s this could be pronounced the same way.

BCGW.com No vowels or V so it will cross $500 guaranteed. But I offer no guarantees so disregard.

BCGW.com: $358. Suprising. This kind of thing makes me realize that I still have so much to learn.

0b.net I personally don’t like the confusion of zero and 0 but its a two character dot net so it will go for a lot regardless

0b.net: I am in that boat too. Confusion makes a bad domain imo. But who knows I have been wrong before just ask my wife.

PurpleAvocado.com I do like color nouns. Easy to remember and brand. No bidders. $12

PurpleAvocado.com: $294. He does like these. I like it too.

Clucked.com Has 12 bidders. Place yours. Don’t be a chicken

Clucked.com: $155. I see what you did there.

MMC.cc Been a week since I had a .cc over $150

MMC.cc: $305. This one sounds good, lots of repeating.

GIZD.com I see where the future of this name is but I’m not going to talk about it. It’s family day

GIZD.com: $255. Arguably pronounceable.

GoDaddy 7/5

MBFW.com 17 years old. My Best Friend’s Welding

MBFW.com: $699. I have an old truck I need to work on. Send him to Arizona to teach me welding.

ARMQ.com I’ve always wanted a Q. Now that they have them small enough to wear on my arm I’m probably going to buy one

ARMQ.com: $305. Arm Quebec? Is this the message we want to send? I think not.

DeckBox.com Sounds techy. One i away from something completely different though

DeckBox.com: $1,650. Or a box you keep a Deck of cards in. But from the price I am thinking Techy.

ACRR.com Great English letters. Value under $500

ACRR.com: $625. AC Regular Repair.

GoHillary.com Surprised there are no bidders for this Hillary Clinton campaign name

GoHillary.com: $233. I am indifferent to these types of domains. They just don’t do it for me.

CuteShirts.com Girls love cute things. Domain investors, not so much. Only one bidder

CuteShirts.com: $190. Don’t pigeon hole us Cultra. If that shirt has an adorable bunny or turtle or basically any cute animal I just may buy the hell out of it. Oh you mean cute domains.. Yeah your right.

BeHuge.com No bidders. Americans are doing a great job at this already. I was thinking huge in accomplishments

BeHuge.com: $290. I was thinking like muscles and if that is the case it’s too late I am already HUGE.

Zhuajian.com Chinese, just buy it

Zhuajian.com: $1,225. Someone did.

PMQL.com Q for Quality. Should hit $500. But I’m new

PMQL.com: $609. Post Medicine Quality Learning.

VPHD.com This one might be my favorite. Virtual PHD. Since you’re getting your degree online you might as well go all the way. I’ll be a neurosurgeon at the end of the month.

VPHD.com: $272. Shane. A PHD does not give you the ability to practice medicine. Freaking out in Arizona right now.

OldDuck.com If it sounds like an alcohol brand. Buy it

OldDuck.com: $133. Emilio Estevez?

Flippa from 7/4-

SEMForum.com Don’t mind the mug on the listing, this is one of the better SEM names if you’re trying to build a community. Solid writeup if you want to know more. No reserve and at $1

SEMForum.com: Bidding at $305 with 12 days left at time of post. Solid age and great forum name.

NorthAmerica.org Why worry about city geos when you can have the whole continent

NorthAmerica.org: 32 bids for $372. 16 years old and not a bad .org.

SportBars.com Doing very well despite the singular of Sport

SportBars.com: Auction ended unsold then relisted.

ManSlaughter.com Like this one. Great website name for a crude mens site. I’m thinking half naked girls. Sorry. Forgot. Family day

ManSlaughter.com: 9 bids for $2,000 Auction ended unsold. Solid domain for an attorney specializing in these types of cases.

UKFN.com Not one single bid. I feel comfortable saying this is worth more than $0

UKFN.com: Auctions ended unsold then relisted. “It is pronounceable if you read it carefully.” Come on…

JNAJ.com Ditto

JNAJ.com: I at least like the J at the beginning and end. I have not known LLLL domains to do too well on flippa unless they are really solid. I would maybe list these on GD and see what kind of bids you get. But I guess that all depends on what the reserve is.

Flippa from 7/5-

Sucker.com I like the gum centers more than the Tootsie roll

Sucker.com: 1 bid for $7,500 Reserve not met and Auction still has 3 hours left at time of post. I like this one as a brand.

NameJet- 4th and 5th

T6T.com Short and memorable. Will hit a few K IMO

T6T.com: 114 bids from 79 bidders for $1,801. Sounds like T60 if you say it fast enough. So it fails the radio test but still short and a solid brand.

Illness.com I thought this would have more bidders. Everyone has illness and I want names that are subjects that everyone has or spends money on.

Illness.com: 202 bids from 151 bidders for $12,742. This is great for a build out or information site. Sell advertising.

Illustrated.com Last chance to get this beauty. Draw me like your one of your French girls Jack.

Illustrated.com: $14,100. I thought this would go for me to be honest.

79071.com 9 or 10 5N.coms on the Namejet list today but they all have 4s in them but this one

79071.com: 55 bids from 51 bidders for $271. Again I thought this would go for more.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

HRTO.com Great name for the English which to me means value

HRTO.com: Sold in 2012 for under 200. I dont have the price but I would bet that it went for more than that.

DParty.com Not A party. D party. No bidders, 13 years old

DParty.com: I can think of a few things for this one..

YODN.com Under $75 at press time.

YODN.com: Short hand version of where Thor is from.

WeddingChapel.com I know of 4 or 5 places in Vegas that would love to own this one. Only 50 bidders

WeddingChapel.com: Lots of places would love to own this name. You should too.

Internets.org No bidders on this fun name

Internets.org: No idea what I would do with this one. Not sure anyone did.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

Illness.com: $124,000

WeddingChapel.com $68,000

Manslaughter.com $40,000

Sucker.com: $26,000

Illustrated.com $18,000 I think this one is worth more.

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  1. KC

    In 2004, BCGW.com was actually website called Billy Casper Golf World.

    Zhuajian (抓奸, catching someone having an affair)

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