Jul 07 2015

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My Comments are in Bold.


JustASec.com 19 years old. One bidder at $12. When people tell you just a sec they usually mean 5 minutes

JUSTASEC.COM: 25 bids for $405. I say this all the time and if I say it and a lot of other people use this expression then it should be a solid buy.

SecretCloset.com 18 years old. I guess the closet isn’t a secret any more

SECRETCLOSET.COM: 34 bids for $662. I really like this one. Great brand for a vintage clothing site.

ThatsPerfect.com Great marketing name. More bidders than I like want the name so it may not be cheap

THATSPERFECT.COM: 26 bids for $915. Solid domain, tons of different uses.

GoldRose.com I mentioned it a few days ago. Love the color noun and I love flowers so you can see why me likey

GOLDROSE.COM: 86 bids for $2,004. Great brand, Everyone loves roses. Love this one.

CGKS.com I think this would be a steal under $100 which it is below right now but won’t very long now

CGKS.COM: 20 bids for $305, Didn’t meet reserve. Come Get Killer Sauce.

MyrtleBeachProperty.com 48 visits each month to this excellent real estate name. 16 years old

MYRTLEBEACHPROPERTY.COM: $620. Well this one is a dud, no idea what you would use this for.. Unless of course you were a realtor or a domain investor that liked making money.

BetterThanCable.com I would think that Dish or Directv would want this one. No bidders

BETTERTHANCABLE.COM: $708. Is there? Please tell me all about it in detail.

Seinfeld.org Great fan site name. Yet no bidders

SEINFELD.ORG: 1 bid for $12 you would want to put up a fan site quickly.

YoureAJerk.com No bidders. Worth buying just for a few emails

YOUREAJERK.COM: 1 bid fopr $12 I know you are but what am I?

WorkComp.org Perfect name for dot org. And if you have employees in the US you understand the value of this one

WORKCOMP.ORG: 1 bid for $12. Great name for a lawyer.

JECT.com Pronounceable and if anyone did sub domain hacks could be Pro.ject

JECT.COM: $2,550? Soooo much shorter and easier to say than Eject.

0540.net Most bids on the board

0540.NET: 35 for $920 Flanking Zeros. Not a bad .net.

TheLawnPros.com Upgrade name for quite a few companies of the same name

THELAWNPROS.COM: 34 bids for $575. Perfect name for thousands of lawn care companies.


ZT.com Love the comments on this one. I wasn’t sure if it was a good domain but the comments let me know

ZT.com: 0 Bids starting at $500,000. Zulu Tango as a brand and this is the domain.

i79.com The kind of CCC.com i like

i79.com: 4 bids for $1,250. I love the I in front.

MADZ.com I always felt that short one word dot coms that end in Z have done well in the past and the write up backs that up with data. Very memorable

MADZ.com: 18 bids but sold as a BIN for $5,500. Lots of searches. Seller had a good write up.


Looks like NameJet is still down so I have any of the pricing.
ESNY.com 18 years old. I think any LLLL.com that ends in New York is worth buying

ESNY.com: Easy New York. Easy brand.

HMTM.com Rhymes and that’s a good thing. Everyone likes things that rhyme

HMTM.com: Hot Mark Trademark. Hopefully the guy that bought this was named Mark and is a Trademark attorney.

TheLockerRoom.com Only 9 bidders. This one could be a steal

TheLockerRoom.com: I would love to know! Awesome for anything sports.

GNCB.com Good Night Charlie Brown. More bidders than I though it would have

GNCB.com: Gold Night Club Bracelet.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

97005.com There’s a hat trick of great 5N.coms today, in almost sequential order. Buy all three

97005.COM: You Should

97007.com Number 2

97007.COM: Buy

97008.com Number 3. All 13 years old

97008.COM: Them all.

Viral.cc The dream of every content writer. You know I see value in .cc

Viral.cc: Pretty sure my recap does this every day.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

ZT.com $243,000 Obviously worth more.

Ject.com $22,000

Madz.com $17,000

MyrtleBeachProperty.com $8,400

GoldRose.com $3,300 This is my personal favorite on the list and should sell for a lot more than what estibot puts it at.

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  1. Roger McClannen

    I’ve got Hot.enterprises at Flippa and can’t get any bids for it. What’s up with that? Seems like a great name to me.

    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Hi Robert,
      I think it is decent for a .Enterprises, I didn’t even know that that was an extension to be honest. I think that is part of the problem. You have to find a buyer for something like that or build something out on it. Flippa is still a platform where a lot of people are domain investors or developers. Why buy your name when they could get Hot .Ventures or . Company and so on?
      I really appreciate you reading and commenting.

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