Welcome to the recap. My comments are in bold.

I will have yesterdays results and today’s on this post. I apologize for missing it but stuff came up!


GoDaddy 7/7

MrTickets.com I would go to Mister Tickets to get my tickets. 19 years old

MrTickets.com: $1,225. I bet Mr Tickets is cut. This could also be a legal name for a lawyer who handles traffic tickets.

HiddenTalent.com My favorite name this week

HiddenTalent.com: $2,839. I have none. Everyone knows about my greatness. Or I have no talents. Really could go either way on this one.

Simplet.com 13 year old domain that will be purchased because it represents something simple

Simplet.com: $595. In the US we want things fast and simple, its pretty sad.

ZAAQ.com Double vowel in the middle LLLL.coms usually do pretty well. Under $250 would be a good buy IMO

ZAAQ.com: $470 Wack way of spelling Zach. I rhymed.

ColorBand.com Trademarked name but can use it for something else beside the trademarked item

ColorBand.com: $205. Be careful with advertising.

IFHR.com Doing well despite the I

IFHR.com: $293. I Found HeR. Dating site in a box with a bow.

BRKP.com No vowels although B is not Chinese premium. Will still most likely hit $500

BRKP.com: $493. I see Breakup.

QYJJ.com I know I’ve said it 50 times but I just can’t get over that a year ago this was a junk LLLL.com and now its a four figure name

QYJJ.com: $1,337. It is pretty crazy that things have shifted so radically.

Chidi.com Just your average $18,000 name

Chidi.com: Looks like this is an African name. Still has a few days left. No idea why it is that high.

GoDaddy 7/8

SFPD.com 19 years old. Great letters and age. Makes me kind of giddy

SFPD.com: $1,645. San Fransisco Police Department. Too easy.

RedScorpion.com 18 years old. My call name when I play Black Ops. Current bid is under $100. Will probably quadruple that by the last bid

RedScorpion.com: $2,025. Hate scorpions, love the domain.

DoNotAssume.com No bidders. At $12. Not a ton of value but a very good lesson

DoNotAssume.com: $70. You know what they say.

NPTT.com Over under $1800

NPTT.com: $1,550. National Protection for Trees and Turtles.

JL8.com You know I like these CCC.coms. All depends on reserve

JL8.com: 28 bids for $2,001 didn’t meet reserve. The 8 is a nice touch.

CDRP.com No vowels or V. Churchill Downs Racing Department

CDRP.com: $258. Certified Domain Requisition Proposal

PracticallyFree.com Love this one and it has only one bidder

PracticallyFree.com: $510. This could be a cool brand.

Flippa- 7/7

WeirdAsiaNews.com Tons of potential here for the price. I used to visit this site back in the day. Met its low reserve

WeirdAsiaNews.com: 71 bids for $6,750 with an hour left at time of post. I bought a Site from this seller before. I got a great deal imo.

Bill.org Big boy name but may have a big boy reserve

Bill.org: 14 bids for $4,550. Awesome name.

86065.com Don’t see a lot of 5N.coms on Flippa. The results will tell you if you’re going to see more

86065.com: 8 bids for $602 Auction ended unsold. I guess we know the answer now.

GTLD.org A great name if you want to discuss the new gTLDs. I know the reserve and its very very reasonable

GTLD.org: 4 bids for $500 Auction ended unsold. I like the .org with this one.

Deceivers.com Not sure I love the name but I LOVE the seller’s avatar picture he took at the laundrymat

Deceivers.com: 3 bids for $105. Auction ended unsold. That picture is amazing.

Flippa- 7/8

PNNI.com Reserve met at under $200

PNNI.com: 48 bids sold by BIN for $725. !8 years old, not bad.

URIN.com Urin the money. 17 years old

URIN.com: Auction ended unsold then relisted. The seller is trying to get you to not think of what it sounds like with the description… it didn’t work.

86065.com Caught and flipped

86065.com: 8 bids for $602. If the trend continues you may be able to flip it again on GD in 6mo.

Bogo.io I bet is sells via BIN. 54 other bad names thrown in

Bogo.io: Auction ended unsold and then re listed. Bad names might be putting it nicely.

XM.tv Love this LL.tv. My favorite name on the list

XM.tv: 13 bids for $1,500 Auction ended unsold. I like this one too. It sounds good to say.

NameJet- ended 7/7

PCTC.com 20 years old and 50 bidders

PCTC.com: $3200. Great letters.

BearBull.com No bidders. Great stock market name

BearBull.com: $399. I would read this blog if it had a cool logo.

HouseOfStyle.com Pending delete. Old show, great name

HouseOfStyle.com: Nice name. Never heard of the show.

BargainSeats.com Stadium or Airline, everyone is looking for a bargain.

BargainSeats.com: Solid ticket name.

StrongMen.com Magness von Magnessen

StrongMen.com: $1,167. Shane and Other Aaron. Have you ever heard these two talk about running? I’ll stick to my Water Aerobics.

80848.com Pending delete and I think the 8s overcome the 4

80848.com: $815 Sold at DropCatch.

NameJet- ended 7/8

Registries.org Just begging for a buildout

Registries.org: 56 bids from 41 bidders for $312. I would be interested to see if this one is built out.

BargainAddict.com Everyone is addicted to finding a good deal

BargainAddict.com: 33 bids from 32 bidders $109. I have tried to explain to my wife that even if something is on sale that it still costs money. No matter what the discount. This could be a cool site.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

58902.com You’re noticing there aren’t as many 5N.coms as there were a few months ago. But these with no 4s continue to do very well

58902.com: They are slowing, you see a lot more 6ns anymore.

18559.com This one is doing even better

18559.com: Double 5 in the middle and an 8 in the mix its a winner.

GGHD.com Opening bid is $638 and this one may be worth that or more

GGHD.com: GG in HD.

BBM.net At $300 at press time. Worth 4 figures IMO

BBM.net: Bank Of Baltimore Maryland.

WSSW.com Another one that I think is worth $1K and isn’t even at $300 yet

WSSW.com: This one is pretty.

QLBY.com Q for already over $1000

QLBY.com: Q for QLBY… duh.

ThisIsReal.com Pics or it isn’t

ThisIsReal.com: Is it?!?!?!

WorldsBestBeaches.com And they are? Show them

WorldsBestBeaches.com: Easy build out and an excuse to travel for work.


My Picks-

GEODOMAIN.COM: $308. I really don’t know what I would do with this one but found it interesting.

Domain of the Day: