Jul 16 2015

I am back, and happy to be writing again! My wife recently had a baby so I have been taking time off of work and the blog to help out around the house. Hoping to also sneak away to the golf course as well but if I do that I may never write again. Thanks for reading.


RickySmith.com I’m not real big on buying people’s names but if that’s your thing this is a pretty common name in the US. No bidders at $12. 19 years old

RickySmith.com: $220. It’s got Smith in it. It has got to be common.

PocketFuel.com Fantastic brand for the pocket gadgets we all carry around.

PocketFuel.com: $898. Awesome domain, love the brandibility.

CityCrossing.com Already a bunch of places called this. At $22 at press time

CityCrossing.com: $250. This would be a great tourist site name. Info about small towns and cities along popular driving destinations.

NJKM.com You get 4 free visits with the $1500 purchase

NJKM.com: $1,225. Not Just Killer Monkeys.

Pechay.com aka Chinese cabbage aka Bok Choi aka Pak choi.

Pechay.com: $872. Love it.

FHBM.com I think this one is good value under $300 and it is at press time

FHBM.com: $325. Fire House Something Something. No Vowels.

HWEI.com The Wei is making this one very very high priced

HWEI.com: $2,850. I like it.

RealEstateLicense.net Only one bidder at $12 for this great keyword name. When sales are good everyone wants to be a real estate agent.

RealEstateLicense.net: $106. Huge keyword, set up an affiliate.

TheBullion.com Not a million dollar name but worth more than the $12 IMO

TheBullion.com: $325. This could also be a cool IPA name.

AppStores.com I don’t like the plural but I imagine all the bids are for the 1000 visitors it gets in typo

AppStores.com: $4,054. Yeah this isn’t my kinda thing either. I get the traffic piece but not something I would buy.

YCPN.com I’m just going to put the next 4 here because they are all over $1500 and I know you all love expensive LLLL.com

YCPN.com: $1,550. Obviously Popular Chinese Letters.

PJHQ.com Q for quality

PJHQ.com: $1550. Or quantity

YCPZ.com Z for ……something Chinese that starts with a Z

YCPZ.com: $1,550. So not Zebra?…

NJKM.com OK its only at $1200 and not $1500. I tried to sneak it in

NJKM.com: $1,550. No Joke Kentucky Molasses.


Piano.to The keyword is overcoming the extension. Doing very well IMO

Piano.to: 65 bids for $442. Expensive piece of equipment.

GNP.com 24 year old LLL.com . ..up periscope

GNP.com: Auction ended unsold 4 bids for $30,000. Go Now Prosper

RN7.com I have no idea why this can’t break $100. Worth 5 times that IMO

RN7.com: Auction ended unsold with 9 bids for $501. Registered Nurse 7.

WritersClub.com The web is made of writers. Or at least copy and pasters

WritersClub.com: Auction ended unsold with 19 bids for $800. I am the latter. But the best there ever was.


Programs.com Big boy name. Discussed on sherpa as a potential six figure name. I don’t think so but we’ll see

Programs.com: 299 bids from 294 bidders for $23,000 Reserve was not met. Not even close.

HVZ.com Great Chinese LLL.com

HVZ.com: $12,400. A little surprised it didn’t go for more.

Tuds.com A Bostonian describing poop

Tuds.com: $1,877. I got nothing.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

KnowledgeHunter.com Another great brand or site name. No bidders. $12 16 years old

KnowledgeHunter.com: It’s called Google. But seriously I love this name. Little long.

WisconsinDestinations.com 16 years old. Gets 40 visits with purchase. Solid Travel name. No bidders at $12

WisconsinDestinations.com: People actually go here? Just kidding, not a bad name.

AngryLizard.com If it sounds like an IPA or a bar, buy it. This does. No bidders at $12

AngryLizard.com: Awesome name. You do not want to meet one of these.

OIAE.com Every letter the Chinese don’t like. And its doing well

OIAE.com: huh. Strike while the iron is hot.

FindExpiredNames.com No bidders at $12

FindExpiredNames.com: No idea where you are going with this one. Oh right, This is like 75% of our business.

9878.net You guys still doing 4N.nets?

9878.net: If you are that is a damn solid .net.

Birdhouse.com Great brand although a “the” in front wouldn’t be a deal killer for me here

Birdhouse.com: I love this, favorite name on the list. Everyone has build a bird house but I think this is an incredible domain for a startup.

QBU.com Where Quarterbacks go to train

QBU.com: Perfect description Shane.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

Programs.com $189,000

BirdHouse.com $180,000 Great name.

GNP.com $130,000

GBU.com $82,000

HVZ.com $72,000

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  1. awei

    hi, Shane
    what does ipa stand for?

    ps.z is big in Chinese
    and nothing starts with v, it works as a vowl, but a small one

    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Hi Awei,

      IPA stands for India pale ale. This type of ale has more hops than a normal pale ale. I am not too big of a fan but there are a lot of IPA drinkers out there.

      Thank you for reading and commenting, I appreciate the info about Z and V in domains a Chinese buyer might like.

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