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I am back, and happy to be writing again! My wife recently had a baby so I have been taking time off of work and the blog to help out around the house. Hoping to also sneak away to the golf course as well but if I do that I may never write again. Thanks for reading.

GoDaddy I’m not real big on buying people’s names but if that’s your thing this is a pretty common name in the US. No bidders at $12. 19 years old $220. It’s got Smith in it. It has got to be common. Fantastic brand for the pocket gadgets we all carry around. $898. Awesome domain, love the brandibility. Already a bunch of places called this. At $22 at press time $250. This would be a great tourist site name. Info about small towns and cities along popular driving destinations. You get 4 free visits with the $1500 purchase $1,225. Not Just Killer Monkeys. aka Chinese cabbage aka Bok Choi aka Pak choi. $872. Love it. I think this one is good value under $300 and it is at press time $325. Fire House Something Something. No Vowels. The Wei is making this one very very high priced $2,850. I like it. Only one bidder at $12 for this great keyword name. When sales are good everyone wants to be a real estate agent. $106. Huge keyword, set up an affiliate. Not a million dollar name but worth more than the $12 IMO $325. This could also be a cool IPA name. I don’t like the plural but I imagine all the bids are for the 1000 visitors it gets in typo $4,054. Yeah this isn’t my kinda thing either. I get the traffic piece but not something I would buy. I’m just going to put the next 4 here because they are all over $1500 and I know you all love expensive $1,550. Obviously Popular Chinese Letters. Q for quality $1550. Or quantity Z for ……something Chinese that starts with a Z $1,550. So not Zebra?… OK its only at $1200 and not $1500. I tried to sneak it in $1,550. No Joke Kentucky Molasses.

Flippa- The keyword is overcoming the extension. Doing very well IMO 65 bids for $442. Expensive piece of equipment. 24 year old . ..up periscope Auction ended unsold 4 bids for $30,000. Go Now Prosper I have no idea why this can’t break $100. Worth 5 times that IMO Auction ended unsold with 9 bids for $501. Registered Nurse 7. The web is made of writers. Or at least copy and pasters Auction ended unsold with 19 bids for $800. I am the latter. But the best there ever was.

NameJet Big boy name. Discussed on sherpa as a potential six figure name. I don’t think so but we’ll see 299 bids from 294 bidders for $23,000 Reserve was not met. Not even close. Great Chinese $12,400. A little surprised it didn’t go for more. A Bostonian describing poop $1,877. I got nothing.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date. Another great brand or site name. No bidders. $12 16 years old It’s called Google. But seriously I love this name. Little long. 16 years old. Gets 40 visits with purchase. Solid Travel name. No bidders at $12 People actually go here? Just kidding, not a bad name. If it sounds like an IPA or a bar, buy it. This does. No bidders at $12 Awesome name. You do not want to meet one of these. Every letter the Chinese don’t like. And its doing well huh. Strike while the iron is hot. No bidders at $12 No idea where you are going with this one. Oh right, This is like 75% of our business. You guys still doing 4N.nets? If you are that is a damn solid .net. Great brand although a “the” in front wouldn’t be a deal killer for me here I love this, favorite name on the list. Everyone has build a bird house but I think this is an incredible domain for a startup. Where Quarterbacks go to train Perfect description Shane.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list- $189,000 $180,000 Great name. $130,000 $82,000 $72,000

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  1. hi, Shane
    what does ipa stand for?

    ps.z is big in Chinese
    and nothing starts with v, it works as a vowl, but a small one

    1. Hi Awei,

      IPA stands for India pale ale. This type of ale has more hops than a normal pale ale. I am not too big of a fan but there are a lot of IPA drinkers out there.

      Thank you for reading and commenting, I appreciate the info about Z and V in domains a Chinese buyer might like.

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