Jul 18 2015

Welcome to the Recap. My comments are in Bold.


EDTA.com 18 years old. Great American LLLL.com A for association or aardvark

EDTA.com: $6,505. Really too bad there isn’t a double A. Could have been the Aardvark Association.

4UP.com Doing well. The younger, more handsome brother of 7 UP

4UP.com: $525 Well it is short so I like that. This just makes me think of “Threw up”.

TNYL.com The New York Ladies aka the knicks

TNYL.com: $321. I can’t come up with anything else after reading that.

CTCJ.com Chinese name that will probably hit $750. Just guessing other than the fact that its almost already there

CTCJ.com: $600. CT is the abbreviation for Court. This must stand for Court CJ. And if any of you remember CJ from Baywatch…

XFRK.com $1000

XFRK.com: $950.

Legr.com A typo for lego. Actually not even close and the wrong fingers.

Legr.com: $553. I saw Ledger. Love it for that use. Great accounting domain imo. Decent Price too.

ZombieFanatics.com With Walking Dead there certainly are plenty of these out there. No bidders

ZombieFanatics.com: 5 days left. There is a walking dead cruise and everything. I would say that is Fanatical.

IrishTaverns.com There are several in every city. No bidders. At $1

IrishTaverns.com: 5 days left. I would LOVE it without the S. This just feels like a directory domain. Still solid.


LCFE.com Sedo has had some great value on LLLL.com. Very flippable on Godaddy.

LCFE.com: $398. Easy, I would guess you could almost double that in a month at GD.


SEMForum.com Don’t be distracted by the ugly mug of the seller. This is a nice name

SEMForum.com: Sold by Buy It Now $1,100. Solid name. I would do a forum. That is a beautiful picture of Mike.. But where is his Country Arbors Nursery Visor?

Data.me I think the current price is a good value considering the keyword. But reserve isn’t met yet

Data.me: Auction ended unsold for $1,150. This is a monster keyword, I wouldn’t have sold either.

Noona.com I love these types of 5N.coms Worth $300 or more IMO

Noona.com: Auction ended unsold with 4 bids for $300. The owner thought the “or more” part of that statement was preferable.

GoldenSnowball.com Interesting site for sale. So glad its not a snowball with pee on it

GoldenSnowball.com: Auction ended unsold with 3 bids at $300.


LUS.com It’s a 20 year old three letter dot com. Nothing left to say

LUS.com: 216 bids from 162 bidders $23,500 Reserve was not met.

CommunityColleges.com The good enough degree

CommunityColleges.com: 77 bids from 71 bidders for $12,000. Reserve not met. Big money in affiliate marketing.

DULO.com CVCV.com are IMO good investments. I have to admit I’ve had trouble selling them but I’ve always paid top dollar for them

DULO.com: 146 bids from 135 bidders for $6,000, reserve was not met. Wonder what the reserve was because that is a pretty strong bid. Nice name though.

DoNotEat.com No bidders. Worth a few hundred at least just for a site name

DoNotEat.com: 28 bids from 25 bidders for $99. Under a hundred bucks and a cool name. wonder if this will be developed.

DirectLoan.com Ironically, might need a loan in order to afford this one

DirectLoan.com: I want a Beat Around The Bush Loan.

OOOS.com Surprised this hardly has any bidders

OOOS.com: 115 bids from 76 bidders for $1,500. OOO’S and Ahhh’s.

Z8.org I don’t know much about CC.orgs. But I’ll know a little more after the end of the auction

Z8.org: 83 bids from 70 bidders for $1,200. I really like this one. I know it is a .org but still solid.

RentThisRoom.com Only two bidders

RentThisRoom.com: $576. Awesome name. I think it is worth a lot more than this.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

StopSucking.com Not sure if there’s any value but great sports training or motivation name. No bidders

StopSucking.com: LMFAO. You can send invites to people to stop sucking.

7058.com Boooooorrrring. Only at $29,500

7058.com: I know someone saw this one end, Price?…. I don’t get out of bed unless it is a 50k initial offer.

FHHP.com 41 visitors per month which is pretty good for a non developed LLLL.com

FHHP.com: Not bad at all. Looks like there might be a medical brand called Family Heart Health Program.

Gab.cc One of the better dot cc names in a while

Gab.cc: Agreed. But I don’t really keep on the .cc market. So there is that.

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