May 24 2015

In the auction recap I have included Shane’s entire list for your reference. My comments are in bold. Please keep in mind that each auction house will have different end times. Because of this there will be a delay in the results.
Sorry the post is late again today. I had a fun filled day of packing up the house.


UJet.com One of my favorite names of the month. I’ve always wanted to own a jet. This will have to do.

UJet.com: $9,200. Great name and the price reflects that. I thought you owned a Jet and that I would get unlimited hours for writing these witty posts...

5480.net The NNNN.nets have been a little quiet lately but I think this is worth more than the $40 bid it has

5480.net: No Results. It has a 4. but does that matter anymore? It also has an 8 and I know that matters!

UHHO.com 13 years old, 21 bidders and what you say when the girl you met at the Fraternity party tells you she’s in High School

UHHO.com: $587. Shane’s comment was perfect. And I like the double H in the middle

NumbThumb.com Great video gaming domain. One bidder at $10

NumbThumb.com: No Results. I like that sound of this one. Looks like it was a video game rental site before.

CouponDepot.com Good coupon names cross $500 easily. This one is half way there and is a good name IMO

CouponDepot.com: $1,500. Huge business. There are lots of sites out there but in this niche there is never enough. People always want a better deal.

CouponFinders.com This one is 1/5 the cost at press time. Not 1/5 the quality

CouponFinders.com: $455. Wow. Someone got a good deal imo.

VintageApple.com Obvious Apple computer issue here but Vintage Apple stuff is fetching big money. No bidders

VintageApple.com: No Results. We can reminisce in the glow of a beautiful amber screen. Not even sure that makes sense but you get it.

XKW.cc Over $300 and climbing

XKW.cc: 49 bids for $610. Xylophone King Wisconsin

GQC.cc At $200. You’re starting to want to buy an LLLcc aren’t you

GQC.cc: $405. I will not be peer pressured Shane!

IGE.cc Here’s one under $30

IGE.cc: No Results. Still didn’t buy it. You just wont give up will you?

KMFP.com Could hit $500 since it doesn’t have a vowel

KMFP.com: No Results. On Urban Dictionary it says that KMFP is an Icon for the “Humps” and Grammar police on Facebook.

TruckDriversJob.com Trucks always have signs on the back announcing that they are hiring drivers for great pay. This domain would work for that purpose. The S brings it down a bit but only one $12 bidder

TruckDriversJob.com: Auction not concluded.

JoyOfMyLife.com Great baby domain. I guess it could be about your pet as well but I’m more of a kid than a dog kind of guy. A lot less work

JoyOfMyLife.com: Auction not concluded.

NameJet- From the list on 5/19/2015

USC.net I only know one USC. OK two, South Carolina. 19 years old

USC.net: $1956. This domain is old enough to go off to college.

SmartFridge.com If they could just close the door on their own so the ice cream won’t melt when I don’t close it all the way

SmartFridge.com: $1011. I hear that Shane. Why can’t my fridge make like Uber and come to me.

Lessy.com I thought I could sneak this one for $69. Nope. Like this as a savings site

Lessy.com: $351. I like this for the price. Solid brandable.

FreeToJoin.com Great marketing name for any free club or group

FreeToJoin.com: No Results. Free to Join and 34.99 per month after.. Suckers.

Flippa- From the list on 5/19/2015

Clinic.net At $5900. Obvious medical uses

Clinic.net: Ended unsold at $4,900. Shane mistyped or there was a bidder removed.

ForSolar.com Nobody seems to want this despite solar being hot and the future. At $1

ForSolar.com: Ended unsold at $130. Sounds like a slogan. I am Aaron Johnson and I am For Solar.

SUYA.com Nice CVCV.com Good name for a lawyer

SUYA.com: Ended unsold at $2,100. Just thinking about it and I get the jingles from the commercials stuck in my head.

Mape.com Could hit 5 figures

Mape.com: Ended unsold at $8,100. The first line of the description says “Low Reserve”. Uh huh.

This is a few domains I watched today:



SocialForce.com: $1,280. In the social media world we live in this is a great generic name.

PureWireless.com: $1,025. This is where everything is going.

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  1. Chris

    I’m just curious what it means when a domain that Shane lists with bids is showing as no results in our list? XKW.cc is an example.

    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Hi Chris I should have explained that on the post. That means that I didn’t catch the end of the auction so I don’t have the results like the bids or price it went for. Thank you for reading and commenting. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  2. MarijuanaGuy

    Hey newlyweds,

    Nice you post how much they were sold for but it is nicer if you provide information who the sellers and buyers of the domains.

    Do those people that send you guys $10000 to list their domains on your DShame site ever get their domains sold ?

  3. Aaron

    Hey MarijuanaGuy, we’d be happy to have you guest post on your first suggestion — “it is nicer if you provide information who the sellers and buyers of the domains.” However, I’d need to retain the right to screen your posts…..you’re a little out there some times. 🙂

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