Jul 19 2015

Welcome to the recap. My comments are in bold.

I was 2 for 9 on the GoDaddy list today, not my best performance. I wasn’t able to watch them end today and this was all NameBio had. So if any readers want to contribute any prices that would be great.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


SalesDoubler.com No Bidders, 16 years old. $12 Who wouldn’t want to have their sales double?

SalesDoubler.com: $265. Would love a quadrupler but i’ll take a a doubler.

Zongba.com Chinese city. That’s enough reason to buy it

Zongba.com: $870. Tons of buyers it seems like.


YouLikeThis.com And 49 other domains in a portfolio for sale

YouLikeThis.com: 74 bids for $4,050. I didn’t see any that I liked really on that list. I am sure that with an aggressive outbound marketing you could recoup the total spent in just a few names.

DomainNamesForSale.com Not going to be cheap but great SEO potential for anyone in our industry

DomainNamesForSale.com: Auction ended unsold with 9 bids for $3,100. Now this one I like. Awesome name for our industry.

45.io If you think LL.io have value then you have to think these do as well

45.io: Auction ended unsold with 9 bids for $210. I think you need to be selective with the .io domains though. All I think about when I look at this one is a bullet caliber.

2125.net Worth more than the $50 bid

2125.net: Auction ended unsold with 5 bids for $100. I like the repeating 2, not a bad .net. There is money to be made on these.

TheBritishOpen.com There are a lot of British Opens that could use this one. Especially the golf one

TheBritishOpen.com: 2 bids for $200 with 3 hours left. I watch it every year.


CannabisMag.com Not a bad name in a hot space

CannabisMag.com: $360 I am thinking a Magazine about Cannabis. You are asking yourself “how does he do it?!” Answer is I am just that good at this.

AirChart.com You’re going to need one with all the damn drones flying above you

AirChart.com: $557. Sounds like an App for managing AC.

CreativeLand.com I personally love names with creative in them. But more popular would be be copyandchangealittlebit

CreativeLand.com:$1,650 I think this a pretty sweet name.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

GoldRoses.com 20 years old. Not a lot of bids but getting high bids

GoldRoses.com: Love the age and Roses are the most popular flower. Great name.

SunRacer.com No bidders. $12 Great name for a solar driven race car

SunRacer.com: Nice name, brandable and two easy to remember and easy to spell words.

Xoned.com Not a bad 5L.com for $12. Pretty sure you’ll double your money if you get it at $12

Xoned.com: I like the X at the front. It works for this one.

YoSup.com Same here. I hear this all the time on the streets. Yo! Sup? Not really, my streets are lined with corn

YoSup.com: So you talk to the Corn and say “Yo Sup”? Well whatever works for you.

OPLN.com Under $75 at press time. I think this one could end up being a good buy

OPLN.com: I feel like this one has been listed someplace before.

236555.com Triple fives = $500 plus

236555.com: 2 times 3 = 6 and then the 3 5’s.

VeganCakes.com I love cakes. Vegans? As long as they don’t throw blood on me for eating a piece a chicken.

VeganCakes.com: Are we having Chicken and cake for the next DSAD meeting??

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