Jul 20 2015

Welcome to the Recap. My Comments are in Bold.


OxygenSensors.com Every car has one. Actually not sure about Tesla

OxygenSensors.com: $4,320. Someone liked it. It is pretty specific though.

Stillo.com Not a bad 6L.com for $12

Stillo.com: $710. Pretty decent.

Popio.com Another one but only a 5L.com I’m getting the letter counting thing down. Only took 6 years

Popio.com: $290. I like saying this one!

PXCF.com Top LLLL.com on the board

PXCF.com: $1,255. Pacific X-Ray Certification Forum.

GetFish.com 50 thousand less than Merlin paid for GoFish back in 2009-2010

GetFish.com: $285. Mail order Mahi Mahi?

TruckUp.com Not super valuable but worth the $20 bid IMO

TruckUp.com: $390. I like trucks. I have a 55 Ford I am restoring. But I have been saying that for years.

XTGO.com For no special reason I like and buy LLLL.coms with Go in them. I’ll be after this one

XTGO.com: $243. Something to Go.

THZ.cc I think everyone should look into LLL.cc. But nobody ever does except the Chinese

THZ.cc: $255 I think I will start.


CoinFund.com Maybe my favorite name on the board. And I’m not even a big fan of Bitcoin

CoinFund.com: 52 bids for $2,222. Solid funding name.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

No results from NJ today.

SiteKicker.com No bids. $12. 15 years old. Funding for website builders

SiteKicker.com: Kinda like a tire kicker only for sites.

9QT.com Last night Q received the comeback player of the year at the Domainies. A short letter domain awards show

9QT.com: I bet 9 and T are feeling jealous right now.

STSX.com Chinese appeal but the price is still pretty fair

STSX.com: Nice 4L.


Birdhouse.com Although I’d rather have this one

Birdhouse.com: I love this, favorite name on the list. Everyone has built a bird house but I think this is an incredible domain for a startup.

QBU.com I almost bought this name several years ago. Missed a great name

QBU.com: Happens to us all.

EJB.com And this one might end up the highest of them all

EJB.com: Elect John Bates not sure if that is even a real person or not.

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