Jul 21 2015

Welcome to the Auction recap. My comments are in Bold.


Metheus.com 23 years old. A last name so is also places and things

Metheus.com: $1,141. Sounds old timey. So I love it.

MakeItSimple.com Nice marketing name and all the bidders agree. Could be a four figure result

MakeItSimple.com: $3,215. Could be? This one went way up. I like domains that give advice and this one gives good advice.

MiniBite.com I think all the bids are driven by the backlinks and 624 monthly visits

MiniBite.com: $610. Well if you are into that sort of thing.

TexasMesotheliomaLawyer.com I just like the $129 a click rate. Actually one bidder

TexasMesotheliomaLawyer.com: $119. I think Mesothelioma it one of the top 3 keywords.

DomainNameGuy.com No bidders. You can instantly become that guy. 14 years old

DomainNameGuy.com: $111. That is pretty old. I still think any of these like this are better than a gmail.

TheCrazyGuy.com If you don’t like the above you can always go a different direction. No bidders as well

TheCrazyGuy.com: @ a BIN for $11 right now. This is more my speed.

YSSM.com Love this one. Fair price at press time. May not end up in my range though

YSSM.com: $1,015. Looks like yes’um to me. Not a bad 4L at all.

Seedio.com Good seed money, funding name. No bidders, 12 year old

Seedio.com: $520. I like the sound of this one. One of those names I wouldn’t spend much to get.

XBX.cc I think this is a good buy. Purely my opinion. Don’t buy because of me but watch

XBX.cc: $261. Agreed, but I see Xbox.

WalletPayment.com A bit generic but I guess you know exactly what you’re getting

WalletPayment.com: $510. Decent name for an online payment system.


Remove.org A Domain Holdings name has actually met reserve. And its a real bargain in my opinion. I think reputation repair when I see this.

Remove.org: 66 bids for $1,310. Craigslist type of site for finding assassins.

B81.com You know I like these type but doing well without meeting reserve

B81.com: Auction ended unsold with 20 bids for $3,505. This works, I like this one.

Menz.com I like girlz but half the world likes menz

Menz.com: Auction ended unsold then relisted. I have seen quite a few Z names do really well.


GardenMag.com I guess I should look into buying this one. 19 years old

GardenMag.com: $131. Sold for $1,400 in 2006. Old name, this could be a decent site but would need lots of constant content.

Appreciated.com Love this one. Everyone loves to be appreciated

Appreciated.com: $5,702. Nice name for a E thanks you card service or something.

9G.org I was wondering if anyone was interested in a CC.org. 83 bidders are

9G.org: $1,600 Sounds like a seat number.

t9.org Not doing nearly as well

t9.org: $1,000. If it said T minus 9 it would be awesome.. just kidding. But yeah, not as good as 9G.

ISU.com I do think people will think University when they hear or see this but still great

ISU.com: $25,000. Island Sanctuary University sounds like the place for me.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

RideTheSun.com Nothing real valuable but 15 years old and no bidders. So for $12 not too shabby

RideTheSun.com: You would need a mean pair of chaps to handle that. Not a bad brand though.

RateMyBoobJob.com I’ve already been chosen to be a judge

RateMyBoobJob.com: Haha. Is this Mikes new show?

TheBooze.com No bidders. Worth $12 or more IMO

TheBooze.com: Could be a brand.

DQME.com Disqualify Me

DQME.com: What he said.

InstantUpdate.com Solid breaking news domain. 17 years old

InstantUpdate.com: No way, I see a web developer service that specializes in quick turnaround time for updates on a site.

SAU.com No bidders. Just kidding

SAU.com: Southern Arizona University.

UglyPets.com Build it and I will visit quite often

UglyPets.com: You could do a segment of ugly pets with ugly owners.

VerticalPlains.com Sounds like a tech company already. No bidders

VerticalPlains.com: Damn, I really like that one. Sounds mathematical.

HarvestCafe.com Pretty sure I ate there for breakfast this morning

HarvestCafe.com: Sounds healthy. Great name.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

ISU.com $482,000

SAU.com $184,000

Appreciated.com $54,0000

Menz.com $20,000

Remove.org $17,000

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