Jul 24 2015

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments are in bold.

I was in the middle of writing the list when my computer decided it would be a good time to restart. So I lost the list and everything I had written before. Caught myself getting mad and frustrated when I realized that I do this for fun and because I love buying and selling domains. So I got a cup of Coffee and started again. Maybe this has given me more time to think about what I want to say about some of the names. On the other hand you all may get the short straw and only get the random thoughts left after having used the good thoughts on the first list.


YLLB.com 14 years old. Over $1000 at press time

YLLB.com: $1,150. You can almost tell by the look or shape of some 4L names that they will be over $1000.

SpeedofLight.com Great marketing name or even a brand

SpeedofLight.com: $7,211. Favorite name of the day. Love it, and so did the bidders.

SFZ.cc Over $300 already

SFZ.cc: $402. Senior FacultieZ.

6215.com One of the better 4 number dot coms to come up in the last month

6215.com: (6 X 2) – 1 – 5 = 6. 13 hours left.


SportsPhotography.com Ends early this morning. Nice name for stock photos or forum

SportsPhotography.com: Auction ended unsold with 18 bids for $700. or you could sell it to Sports Illustrated.

When.io I guess When can be a tech company name as well as any other word

When.io: Sold via BIN for $1,500. This one finally sold which is awesome because I was tired of the notifications.

FreeScore.com There is a lot of money to made in Free Credit Score affiliates and ads. Reserve me

FreeScore.io: 35 bids for $356. He meant .io, but everyone is geared to typing .com even the pros.

Ornithology.com The study of birds. Big name for people that like birds. PR 5

Ornithology.com: Auction ended unsold then relisted. Starting bid is $10,000. Under similar names that sold why would you have 345.com or NL.com?

Trillions.com Four commas

Trillions.com: Sold by Buy It Now for $3,000. “Over a million hits over the years.” How can you prove this though?


ZEV.com 20 years old. Wish I could buy them all but I’m going to leave this one for you

ZEV.com: $17,020 reserve was not met. I guess as a team thing I will let you have it too.

FreshDaily.com I liked this one on the Sherpa show and like it just as much now. Great marketing name for anyone that sells fresh product

FreshDaily.com: $2,600. I love fresh fruit. I have never had anything better than Fresh Pineapple sliced on the side of the road on the island Kauai.

PAJO.com It’s going to do well because its a CVCV but ironically it has vowels which the Chinese don’t like.

PAJO.com: $3,000. I like this name a lot.

Canoe.net Another one where I think the keyword overcomes the ending

Canoe.net: $710. I like it, but I like anything outdoors and I think that spills into my investments.

BigJoy.com Positive, short name. They always have value IMO

BigJoy.com: $2,188. Positive names are solid. This could easily be a baby site or 100 other things.

DNPress.com Great domain for domain news. Or Panini press news. One bidder

DNPress.com: $409. Mmmmm Paninis.

BeachTips.com Don’t bring a GIANT telephoto lens. Not that I did that, just a beach tip

BeachTips.com: $79. He totally did.

SIBN.com Great acronym letters. Not a lot of bidders

SIBN.com: $400 reserve was not met. Southern Illinois Breaking News.

CreditCardFinder.com All the action coming from the CPC and affiliate money

CreditCardFinder.com: $500 reserve was not met. Mmmmm affiliate money.

UDER.com Really close to Uber and a typo of Under, which means absolutely nothing

UDER.com: $1,700. This is actually the first name Uber decided to use but someone mistyped it and they liked the mistyped name (Uber) better… I just made all of that up.

IDGR.com Another one with good letters

IDGR.com: $200 reserve was not met. I for Institute.

ProductLabels.com I have no idea why it has this many bidders. A bit too generic for me

ProductLabels.com: $3,500 reserve was not met. A site where you can look up what is in different products?

Tooting.com Wasn’t me

Tooting.com: $2,500. Who ever denied it supplied it.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

ForSaleByOwner.cc No bidders (until mine goes in) 17 years old. I think it will be worth more than $12 in the future.

ForSaleByOwner.cc: Solid phrase. lots of uses.

MXXX.com Has one bid, but its pretty high. 17 years old

MXXX.com: I like it but with the XXX it may limit the buyers.

WideBoard.com No bidders. $12. I think it makes a simple, memorable brand.

WideBoard.com: Like he said, one of those you spend a few bucks on and see what happens.

KNBZ.com 19 scrabble points so it’s going to go for over $300

KNBZ.com: I like the Z at the end.

HRTO.com The kind I USED to like. Now I like Q and Z because they sell for more. But I’m selling those and buying these

HRTO.com: HR To. Good for an HR company or software.

LegalDrugsForSale.com 7,ooo backlinks from 1500 different sites. A lot of new legal drugs to add to the mix

LegalDrugsForSale.com: I feel like this name is trying too hard. Would it be for sale if it wasn’t legal? oh… right.

DomainShipper.com I figured you all would like this one. Already a few bidders

DomainShipper.com: Well I hate it.

IrishTaverns.com No bidders despite there being one in every town. I think all of them are called Dublin O’Neil or something similar

IrishTaverns.com: Only one?! there are at least 3 within 5 miles of my house.

ZombieFanatics.com Walking Dead is the catalyst. No bidders on the zombie fan name

ZombieFanatics.com: No one is a fan Shane. Such a noob. People are studying them for preparation purposes.

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