Jul 27 2015

In this business like any other there connections are so important. I know this may not be new information but we all have different talents and things we are inherently good at. The thing I am best at is sales. I like to think about it as people skills. I can and will talk to anyone about pretty much anything(annoys the hell out of my wife 🙂 ) and it leads to good conversations and the ability to build rapport quickly. That being said There are so many things I am not good at. I work to learn as much as I can on my own but I find that other people and differing ideas tend to stimulate growth. The point to all of this is that if you are looking to grow your business grow your relationships. It will help.

On another note my 4 year old took too long of a nap today and would NOT go to sleep tonight. It was awesome, but whatever sleep is for the weak.. or smart or something. I forget.

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My Comments are in Bold.


OSFN.org 19 years old but don’t know why its getting such a high price

OSFN.org: $1,500. Open Season For Nyala. That’s a real animal, they were in Lion King.

TheJogger.com No bidders. 16 years old. Nobody likes to be called a jogger but for $12 you’ll find a few that don’t mind

TheJogger.com: $1,325. Jogger just sounds lame. I like TheSpeedWalker.

HZCX.com Tough to make a word in Scrabble so naturally its getting a ton of bids

HZCX.com: $1,200. Has the X factor on the end.

OrganicBud.com Can’t believe this doesn’t have a bid. $12 and 12 years old

OrganicBud.com: $430. Awesome name, Would have been cooler if ended at $420.

VK6.com Should hit 4 figures. Not there yet

VK6.com: $1,350. Short and Sassy just like I like them.

YHGH.com Yangzi Hoi Gaigzhang Hin Just made all that up. Still going to hit four figures IMO

YHGH.com: $700. Your Human Growth Hormone.

GLKH.com 18 bidders. Shanebot estimated value $645

GLKH.com: $376. Goodman, Lieber, Kent & Harrison.

WZQN.com 11 years old. Awful letters. Should do well

WZQN.com: $1,100. I am not a miracle worker but here it goes. Wisconsin Zebra Quality Nautical.

QQJQ.com I never thought I would ever say this. But I want to buy a name because it has a ton of Qs. I am bidding on this.

QQJQ.com: $1,535. Huh.

ChangLang.com Chinese. Just buy it

ChangLang.com: $2,801. Just do it! Someone did and they were not shy about getting it. 


99Bet.com I had NO idea that NNbet.coms were worth so much

99Bet.com: Auction ended unsold then relisted. I like the double 9’s. But I am not sure where the value for these is.

Sniffed.com Don’t get many dictionary names this short and cheap. 12 years old. I think it makes a good brand as well.

Sniffed.com: Auction ended unsold at $350. Could be a solid brand, but the bidders didn’t like it too well.


Nothing on the NJ list has a result.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

BigIslandWellness.com I may be a bit bias but I googled it and tons of results. No bidders. $12

BigIslandWellness.com: Wellness is wellness. not a bad name, but being on the islands it would be a narrow pool to market too.

HandTime.com No bidders. Much better adult site name than any of them out there. Or so I’ve heard

HandTime.com : Yeah this would make a pretty great adult name.

PhotographyDrones.com The kind of name I feel I could get more for on Flippa

PhotographyDrones.com: Agreed, certain domains will do better than others with certain platforms.

MINU.com 159 bidders can’t be wrong

MINU.com: Strong LLLL name.

ABU.com Another LLL.com that goes for big money

ABU.com: Great name even with 2 vowels.

ZMBC.com Another Chinese premium. Or some solid Scrabble letter points

ZMBC.com: Z at the front works. Seems to flow petty well.

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