Jul 28 2015

At the end of the recap sometimes I include the top 5 domains in terms of Estibot value. This is not to say that these figures are foolproof but I think it is interesting to see what something appraises for vs sells for at wholesale. I wanted to ask if there were any other suggestions for that section instead of appraisals I could do top 5 CPC or searches or something. Let me know in the comments.

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments are in bold.


CoinPress.com We still doing bitcoin names? 17 years old

CoinPress.com: $1,136. This is to make your own coins. With a coin press.

ALNR.com The kind of LLLL.coms I’m buying. Good letters and not scared of the vowel because it makes it cheaper right now

ALNR.com: $380. I think the vowel this has to do with the shift in the market, but I am not bothered by it.

Haodia.com I have no idea why its this high but I’m a sucker for a lot of bids

Haodia.com: $1,498. If you bid it they will come. Build makes more sense. But you get it.

CGXM.com Top bid getter on Godaddy today.

CGXM.com: $555. When I see XM I just thing satellite radio.

Richmond.net A lot of Richmond’s in the world

Richmond.net: $3,617. Including a capitol and a home builder.

UHipster.com 58,000 monthly visits if you believe Godaddy

UHipster.com: $1,190. I am not that crazy about it. Its not bad.


INGM.com No reserve ends today. Next bid could take it and its under $300

INGM.com: $366. Introduction to Neurological Graph Management.


8IJ.com I Guarantee its worth more than its current bid of $1

8IJ.com: Reserve not met for $160. Indiana Jones.

9SJ.com And ditto here. Only at $200

9SJ.com: Reserve not met $271. San Jose

Smart3d.com Two great keywords on their own and work together as well. I smell a VR play.

Smart3d.com: Auction ended unsold then relisted. Awesome name. It could be a VR or a 3D Printing name.


NewMortgage.com Refinance is big boy money. Getting a decent amount of bids

NewMortgage.com: $1,250. People love new. I like this one quite a but.

NUZ.com Another pronounceable LLL.com Not going to go Heritage Auction cheap though

NUZ.com: $28,000. Now this sounds like a trendy brand.

VintageTechnology.com Vintage Tech is becoming more and more collectible as time passes. People want gadgets from their childhood. And rich people will pay a lot of get it

VintageTechnology.com: $109. Kinda like how some people like old typewriters.

Canoes.net Good enough keyword to overcome the tld

Canoes.net: $3,000. I Love Canoeing.

Giftcard.net Ditto

Giftcard.net: $2,700. Big business in gift cards.

DNNZ.com I think this goes to a domain investor rather than a Chinese domain investor. Wait, I guess that’s the same thing

DNNZ.com: The reserve was not met at $439. Domain Name NewZ.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

FirstMedical.com A ton of companies would benefit from upgrading to this name

FirstMedical.com: Favorite name on the board.

SoOld.com Yes I am. One bidder. Could also be Soooooold as in what the auctioneer calls out

SoOld.com: Reminds me from a line from Despicable Me. Love this name.

Section.com One word, 20 year old, brand

Section.com: Cool name. No idea what I would use it for. Now if we were talking Sectional.com then I would take a nap on it.


My Picks-

AntiquesCollector.com: $665. So many things can be considered an antiques these days.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

Section.com $109,000

NUZ.com $75,000

Canoes.net $14,000

Richmond.net $14,000

GiftCard.net $8,400

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