May 25 2015

In the auction recap I have included Shane’s entire list for your reference. My comments are in bold. Please keep in mind that each auction house will have different end times. Because of this there will be a delay in the results.


HCMF.com Home Coupon Manufacturing Federation. But I wouldn’t hold your breath for them to be the buyer. 14 years old

HCMF.com: No result. Lots of LLLL.coms today. F for federation, firm or Fuego obviously.

AUUM.com At $50. Feel confident it’s worth more than that

AUUM.com: NameBio has this one selling @ GD on the 3rd for $310… Isn’t this that noise some people make while meditating?

YLGT.com Letters the Chinese like. Thus the price

YLGT.com: $395. I like this one, not a bad price either.

MSBG.com Letters everyone likes. Thus the price

MSBG.com: No result. All of these would be good names to hold for a year or two if you have the cash flow.

TZJD.com Z and X were red headed stepchildren a year ago. Now they are Cinderella

TZJD.com: $1,495. Wow, big price for that one. Hot letters right now and it sounds good.

831000.com Hard to believe that 6N.coms have started to cross $150

831000.com: No result. Might need to pick up a few of these for speculation.

PatrickKane.com One of the top 5 hockey players in the world IMO

PatrickKane.com: $730. Names always do pretty well.

JoyofMyLife.com Plenty of uses. Site for anyone people love. New baby, wife, girlfriend. One bidder

JoyofMyLife.com: No result. Great domain for a blog or something. A little long but works.

IEWV.com Met reserve at $50. Worth at least triple that in today’s market IMO

IEWV.com: No result. This is another you would need to sit on for a bit to find the right buyer.

NameJet- From the list on 5/20/2015

VCDJ.com Venture Capitalist by day. DJ by night. 19 years old

VCDJ.com: 33 bids from 25 bidders for 231

InjuryLaYWers.com Is everyone high? Its a typo and there are this many bidders?

InjuryLaYWers.com: Sold for $1,712. What happened here? On name bio this domain has sold 3 times $1011, $500 and now $1,712. Don’t get it. Per Estibot it gets 14 exacts per month with a $73 CPC. But I am still not a buyer even at $500. 

Flippa- From the list on 5/20/2015

TheMadhouse.com Sound like a bar I went to last night. But it turns out I just had family over

TheMadhouse.com: Sold for $111. Got the name at a good price, needs to be built out or sold actively.

DroneGear.com The more and more I watch the more confident I am that drones are going to be a major part of our every day life

DroneGear.com: Sold for $1,995 on a buy now. Could be a good investment. I don’t know much about the drone market and accessories.

INZ.com I am going to try and buy this

INZ.com: Ended unsold at $12,500. Interestingly it had 6 pending bids.


This is one domain I watched today:


RadiantLife.com $1175 with 43. Two words and a cool brand. ​

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