Jul 29 2015

I have been experimenting with sending out emails to endusers with an email marketing tool. I am doing this because it can give me so much more info. This is important because I can better format the emails to get greater results. So many different variables to take into account. The other thing is I at least know that I look like a professional instead of the people that send emails from a Gmail or an Aol (Yes Aol still exists). I also got an email from someone telling me that the new Gtld .Top was The best thing since sliced bread. Did anyone even know about .Top?

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments are in bold.


MicroTune.com Mentioned this one a few days ago. 19 years old and lots of uses for anything music related

MicroTune.com: $1,540. Pretty good name, 2 words and easy to spell. I also like the age.

Monroe.net Worth 3 or 4 hundred just as an email IMO

Monroe.net: $587. Sounds like a school or something.

AutoAdvice.com I would think this and medical advice would be two of the most searched for things on the Internet. 18 years old. Doing well

AutoAdvice.com: $5,300. There seriously needs to ba an app for this. I know the basics, my dad owned an auto shop so I call him for everything else.

DMDW.com Great letters worldwide. Worth four figures IMO but not even close to that yet

DMDW.com: $567. Agreed. On everything.

DogCondo.com No bidders. 12 years old. Eventually someone will have a product named this or need it for marketing. I think you can afford to wait for $12

DogCondo.com: $271. It has dog in it and could be a product. People spend so so so so so so much on their dogs.

YDDH.com You know I’m a fan of double Ds

YDDH.com: $876. Decent 4L and they just keep going up.

AustinMe.com If you have ever gone to Austin you’ll want to buy all Austin domains. A fantastic place. If I owned Austin.me I would want to own this as well

AustinMe.com: $205. Or a girl who is stalking a guy named Austin could use it as a blog.


FIQA.com Its being sold as an arcade site that’s making money but the domain has value as well

FIQA.com: $2,550. I think you would say this like Feeka and I like saying it.

Man.io Target audience is half the world

Man.io: $1,250. Nah the whole population could use this. Men: Site about our awesomeness. Women: Site about how men are dumb.


Stema.com 19 years old. Great stem cell name

Stema.com: $1,500. This is the only use I can think of. Great age.

MOQ.com Masters of Quality but pretty sure that won’t be its final use

MOQ.com: Reserve was not met at $20,201. Masters of Quirky.

GolfShop.com Big boy golf name

GolfShop.com: Reserve was not met at $12,522. Me likey. Golf is an expensive sport. Capitalize.

Payday.org I’m the only one that is thinking candy bar

Payday.org: Reserve was not met at $3,500. Nope. They are my favorite.

UABA.com 16 bidders. Deserves more IMO

UABA.com: Reserve was not met $165. Ukrainian American Bar Association. They own the .org.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

NameReport.com A better domain name blog name than most of the ones we already have

NameReport.com: True, but it might have a wider impact as a database for looking up Name meanings.

HerbalLiving.com A few bidders on this bud lifestyle name

HerbalLiving.com: It could be a tea site….

QRRL.com The might queen Q. Might even get more bids because it looks like quarrel

QRRL.com: That is exactly what I saw and was thinking. If that is what we see then EVERYONE see’s that.


My Picks-

EcoChange.com: $456. I love this one. Awesome Eco name.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

MOQ.com $119,000

GolfShop.com $115,000

Payday.org $25,000

Stema.com $7,400

AutoAdvice.com $6,300

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