Jul 30 2015

So tomorrow and Friday I will be out of town and I will not have time to do the Recap. I will catch up on the missing days when I get back. I will be flying back east on a business trip. The only time other I was out there was spent in Virginia but I didn’t have a lot of free time to go site seeing. This trip will be short so I wont be exploring to much but I do like to travel so I am looking forward to it!


CCLM.com 18 years old. Great for all languages and those are the best LLLL.com IMO.

CCLM.com: $840 Coconut Calamity Lemons and Mangos.

GlowStrips.com No bidders. $12 And its a real product. Easily worth the $12

GlowStrips.com: $355. Put them on your teeth for 20 minutes and they will glow for hours! I didnt’t look up the product…. I am sure it’s not this.

KeyStop.com No bidders. I don’t know exactly what a keystop is but its two short,known words, and has lots of Google results. That’s good enough for me at this price

KeyStop.com: $200 Hmmm. not sure what kind of product this would be.

WeddingGuide.net The big keywords overcome the dot net. One bidder at $12

WeddingGuide.net: $10.0 “Keep your future husband happy and your sanity, Hire a Wedding Guide!”

Oculars.com This is going to be worth a lot of money in the future IMO. Ocular Rift

Oculars.com: $3,300. This is a cool name. Pretty brandable.

DomainRecall.com No bidders. $12. 13 years old. Solid name for domain name price guide or domain tool

DomainRecall.com: What some of the GTLD registries did when they accidently released some oth there reserved names.

SageFish.com Something to do with World of Warcraft is drawing all these bids. And the 62,000 backlinks

SageFish.com: $720. I was thinking fish seasoned with sage for dinner. Maybe I’m just hungry.

JXJM.com Wow, doing very very well. J and Xs are sexier than ever

JXJM.com: $1,475. Good Chinese letters.

Coinlot.com We still doing bitcoin names? Nobody ever answers

Coinlot.com: $305.You don’t read my recap because I am pretty sure I did answer you. Because I was there when I wrote it.


ShopEarly.com Everyone likes to feel like they are getting deals nobody else is getting. This would kill it on Black Friday. Ends today and getting some good bids

ShopEarly.com:Auction ended unsold $510. Shop early and save! Generic but solid.

ECQ.com No way it’s going to meet reserve at this price because its a LLL.com Amber Burke is the broker and I’ve gotten a few emails from her asking if she can help negotiate a post auction sale. Look for more of these from Flippa. You’re just starting to get a taste of why these two joined forces (Ps description is premium 3 character dot com, should be 3 letter)

ECQ.com: Auction ended unsold $17,500. A lot of the domains DH is listing don’t hit reserve.

PornHowTo.com I did lots of research on this website auction and its legit. Could be something here

PornHowTo.com: $11,100. Interesting site. There sure is a lot of traffic.

W8L.com Worth at least $250 and bid is less than half that

W8L.com: Auction ended unsold then relisted. I don’t get the whole relist thing. why would you relist your names so many times. Not that this one did.


Accounts.com I know its a great name but I don’t know what I would do with look

Accounts.com: reserve was not met at 41,500. App for managing your accounts. All of them.

YUG.com You can pronounce it so you might as well buy it

YUG.com: reserve was not met at $20,000. Yorkie Pug mix.

YTYT.com Repeating letter LLLL.com is gold. Liquid gold

YTYT.com: reserve was not met! $4,600. Those letters look great together too.

Picn.com A perfect short name for anything picture related

Picn.com: $1,405 I see where you saw hat but I see pickin.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

Pupo.com He he

Pupo.com: Pronounceable as well. Good name.

OJBF.com Another good one and under $150 would be a great deal IMO

OJBF.com: Orange Juices Best Friend. Great saying for a champagne company.

1485.net Not a ton of NNNN.nets up for sale lately. One of my favorite years. The first year Scotch Whisky was ever mentioned in history.

1485.net: The Battle of Bosworth also happened.

EEOD.com Good for English, ehhh for Chinese. Still worth having in your portfolio

EEOD.com: Extended Something Operational Deployment.

Doc.net So many uses. Documents or Doctor. One of the better dot nets this year IMO. 20 years old

Doc.net: This is a .net you could actually use as a network pretty easily.

AA77.com Not worth a ton but I think you could sell it for $40 or 50 just for being short, memorable, and easy to type

AA77.com: I actually like this one quite a bit. I like that it repeats.

BGSF.com No vowels, great consonants, big money. I’m a bidder here

BGSF.com: BiGer Stronger Faster.

67613.com Pretty 5N.com No fours and the ever kind of popular 6

67613.com: This one is nice but I like the other one better too.

65135.com According to the bidders, worth $300 more than the above

65135.com: I think it is, looks better and has a couple 5’s.

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  1. RayJ

    Totally agree with DH listings at Flippa. The majority of their listings are simply too high of a reserve and the listing are there just for exposure. Too many DH listings of this type and like you said, they almost never meet reserve. It’s just a way for DH to showcase their names and then get the end user or company to contact the DH broker to work out a deal.

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