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This post will cover both of the 1st of August lists. I missed a name I really wanted at NameJet today. I know there is always more but I really wanted to get a bid in before it ended but time got away from me. In the end it’s not a big deal, I believe that everything happens for a reason and maybe I needed the few hundred bucks for another name that is coming along soon.

Welcome the the Auction Recap. My comments are in Bold.

GoDaddy Also 17 years old. Great travel name for $12. If nobody takes it I’ll take it for $25 $500. Solid name one of those that is easily said and remembered. 14 years old. A little long but a good message and memorable. Actually has a bid $135. All the baby boomers want to do this. There are a lot of fours but it takes a good domain like this to be THE four. Otherwise you’re just A four $821. You never want to be A four. Shane Aaron1 and I make up “The Three”. I know what you’re thinking. Wow that is badass and so much better than The Four. You’re Right. Hard to believe this has no bidders. Health names are always good to own. 12 years old $848. Another name for a Physical. People should get these once a year. This is a lot of potential customers for this site. High price on the Godaddy board and not exactly sure why. Can’t be because of the Lebanese Civil Aviation Authority $1,485. Is there anything Lebsian CAA? I’m not exactly sure why you want someone to find it but very memorable $610. Not like it is hard to do if you really wanted too. But I have a vicious dog that would lick you to death. No vowels or V but still not over $100. Oops there IS a V, never mind $141. Damn V always getting in the way of good domains. Met reserve so it will sell. The opposite of a great Chinese which means it will skyrocket soon because everything that was bad is good now. So I expect everything that is bad now will be good again soon. But don’t take my word, I still haven’t figured out what is good and bad some days $150. It’s hard to know what is good and what is bad these days. droid is a copyrighted word that was made up by Steven Spielberg. Even Android pays him a license fee. Still a top bid getter $4,004. See I don’t know how much I like this name. I think I would like The Droid better. Still a tm issue though. I’m not a big fan of the name but have to acknowledge all the bids $1,143. What would you do with this name though? Yes the rate is high. Where else would you go with this?

Flippa- Not getting any love. Loved it the first time or two at auction. Still love it. But I think people are scared off when the sellers username is the same as the domain. Means they really love it. Maybe too much Auction ended unsold at $17,000. I think that some sellers on Flippa have unrealistic prices in mind when listing. This is still a marketplace comprised mostly with investors. Worth quite a bit more than the $250 bid IMO. 17 years old Auction ended unsold at $2,000. I like this name quite a bit, and this is a big business. Met reserve. Can’t wait for the big surprise aka how much it sells for $139. Could do a cool care package site with this. Can’t believe this didn’t sell the first time. But I wouldn’t give it away either Auction ended unsold at $8,888. Sure is easy to type. Has fours holding it back but still a nice numeric IMO. Only a few bids Auction ended unsold then relisted. 4’s don’t seem to matter as much as they did but looks like they didn’t the price they wanted. I look at a lot of websites on Flippa and usually most aren’t very good. This is a nice one IMO Auction ended unsold at $3,500. Nice looking site. Doing well. Doing even better than I thought. Actually, I’m surprised it hasn’t met reserve Auction ended unsold then relisted. I am not sure what it went too, guess we will see if they re thought the reserve.

NameJet I wondered how many people cared about a 57 bidders care $1,701. I feel like might have had more of a boom. Sorry I had too. Great legal name and would have a lot of good subdomains. $1,621. 3 words but short for a 3 word domain and easy to spell. I visit it way too often. Great brand $2,021. Like he said. Great brand. I Really like this name, figured it go over 2k. Will probably be in that 25-30K range like most LLL.coms $20,201. Sounds like Mock. I like it, the Q works for this one. In the busy travel market you have to stand out. Exotic sounds a little more interesting $2,850. Everyone one wants an exotic travel experience. I haven’t really had many 5N.coms on the list lately. Not sure if people are holding or that they aren’t dropping anymore $491. Hmmm now that you say that I think about it and it has been awhile.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date. They are becoming more popular. 51 bidders think its worth buying Not a bad way to do it. I want to design my own but that’s just me. Yes it will have a secret room. Duh. Everyone wants their own VG. Should cross four figures $800. My Vibrant Gold. 17 years old. Good letters but the E has it under $80 at press time. I think its worth more East West South Facing. Perfect for a company that builds pyramids they never have a north side. No bids. Not any great value but I do like the name in fun. Although it sounds like Anthony is taking it Sounds like a horror movie! Probably worth more than nothing. 1999 name. If someone could write a guide to owning one I would love to read it. One bidder at $25 Should be easy traffic for a forum. 14 years old and no bidders. Another memorable name. I think you can sell it for more than $12 This is me when I am selling. Other than that I am pretty ADHD. Another one of the hg and js numerics doing very very well I don’t get it. Looks like someone tried to build out a celeb site and then quit I would of too if I had this name. One bidder. Sounds like an app I would use. Although not very covert And lenghty, but still not a bad name. Only one bidder (although its a decent bid). I think this easily is a four figure name to the right person For sure. I really like this name. I would say mid four figures.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list- $136,000 $119,000 $14,000 $8,800 $6,900

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