Aug 04 2015

I recently purchased a few domains from GoDaddy. They aren’t anything great but I know I can make money on them down the road at least 10x my small investment. I feel like a lot of people get caught up on seeing the big numbers. Don’t get me wrong, I love to read about how someone flips one for massive amounts of money. If you can start by taking 5 domains and buying them for $50 each, then selling them in a month for $500 that is a huge ROI. To me I don’t care what I sell the name for as long as I am making money. If I make 5x 10x or 100x great, I take it and keep building. The bigger ones will come but don’t be discouraged by the little ones, just make sure you stay in the green.

Apparently there is also two August 2nds and I will be doing one massive list. Get ready.

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments are in Bold.


LiveSexClub.com Hate to start the list off so dirty, especially on Sunday but its 18 years old and no bidders at $12. Cost more than $12 for a drink…or so I hear

LiveSexClub.com: $199. Yeah, 12 bucks is about right. Enough to buy a bottle at Costco. Ok maybe I exaggerated.

Danielle.org No bidders. 14 years old. I think you can sell this for a lot more than $12 as an email alone

Danielle.org: $496. even as a .org this is a popular name. About 200,000 people in the US with that name.

DataClick.com Data and any word is worth something. A lot of bidders think this is worth a lot more than something

DataClick.com: $2,605. Data and clicks. Im a stats guy so I like this name.

BuyBuyBuy.com 14 years old. Certainly memorable. Only one bidder

BuyBuyBuy.com: $2,125. Was it N’sync or Backstreet Boys?

ChicagoLasik.com Lasic is trademarked but the 16 bids don’t seem to care

ChicagoLasik.com: $1,025. I didn’t know that. The brand is so powerful that people know it by that. Like Ziploc Bags.

BigIslandTravel.com No bidders. Just got back from the Big Island and is all built around travel. No bidders. $12 10 years old

BigIslandTravel.com: $261. Some pretty solid travel names up recently.

SMGJ.com 10 years old and no vowels. Aka a name that was worth very little that is now worth a lot

SMGJ.com: $599. SMG reminds me of MSG so I hate this name. Just kidding.

TXDY.com Top amount of bids and top price of the LLLL.com

TXDY.com: $790. Say it like Textdy?

XZZF.com Awful letters so worth a lot

XZZF.com: $595. Well it is really easy to pronounce so it should be worth a lot.

QYJC.com Another name you could have had on eBay for $25 and now are going to pay over $500…and yet I’m saying it may not be a bad buy

QYJC.com: $520. Quit Your Job Something.

RRQX.com And another

RRQX.com: $530. How many 4L’s are going to have Q today? I only have so many words.

PerfectTaco.com 987 monthly visits. And everyone loves tacos. Especially perfect tacos

PerfectTaco.com: $2,095. I love tacos and burros and everything mexican food.

CQQX.com Everyone loves two Qs in their LLLL.com Everyone but English speakers but who cares about them when the non speakers are paying what they’re paying

CQQX.com: $810. Hey look another one with Q’s.

InfoKey.com 19 years old. Great tech brand that really could be used for anything. First thought is online security

InfoKey.com: $1,611. ooooo I like this one quite a bit.

Alistar.com Getting lots of bids and the 24 million Google results are all League of Legends stuff. 19 years old

Alistar.com: $1,730. This could be a first name too.

WaterDevelopment.com I think water is our most precious resource and getting it and keeping it is a big business. No bidders

WaterDevelopment.com: $401. The East has it the West needs it. Figure it out.

XPUP.com The positive is it has the word Pup in it. The negative is the Far East doesn’t like U

XPUP.com: $305. Aren’t all dogs X Pups? or is it like former pups?

NYAss.com I’ve been to NY and I’m pretty sure there isn’t a big donkey network. A few bidders if you want a piece of this

NYAss.com: $178. Could be a site for a comedian from New York.

DFQQ.com Double Qs bring all the boys to the yard

DFQQ.com: $750. Pretty sure that is not how the song goes.

DomainerDeveloper.com Many of you are and many of you would do well to own this

DomainerDeveloper.com: $270. Lots of money to be made.

BABBL.com 159 visit per month for under $50

BABBL.com: $565. Babbel. All Aaron does is Babble. So what, You like it.

Nude.cc There are lots of .cc that come through the auctions and I don’t like most, but this one I like

Nude.cc: $105. Of course you do. I like it too, could actually go for something other than the obvious. Naked anymore can mean without enhancements or all natural.

SC8.com This was up for auction not too long ago that got canceled and was up to $3400. Up again with a much lower bid

SC8.com: $2,777. Could be said like Skate.


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Encouraged.com I saw this for sale for $6000 on a sales newsletter in 2014

Encouraged.com: Auction ended unsold then relisted. Imagine that. Not a bad name though.

VEGN.com What the cool Vegans are called. The auction description is a bit over the top

VEGN.com: Auction ended unsold for $1,080. I don’t know if it is “One of the most brandable vegan domains in existence” but I think it is a solid name.

YW.io I think two letter .io are worth keeping an eye on. Maybe even buying

YW.io: $715. Your Welcome .io.

Drones.to Curious to see if the keyword the extension. Officially sold as a site but the site is not worth anything IMO

Drones.to: Auction ended unsold $105. The seller disagrees.

LVVV.com One V bad, Three Vs good

LVVV.com: $1,060. What about 2 Vs?

HomeTeaching.com Not really what its called (home schooling) but everyone knows what it represents and that makes it valuable

HomeTeaching.com: Auction ended unsold $750. Agreed, lots of people do this. So lots of people looking up info.

Picd.com They capitalize the D in the write up. I think keeping it small makes it cool and tech.

Picd.com: Auction ended unsold $975. I wouldn’t have sold wither. It sounds like Picked. I like this one.


GNDA.com Same for this one

GNDA.com: $510. General Non Disclosure Agreement.

PartyShops.com 48 million results for the keywords and 56 bidders want to party

PartyShops.com: $4,099. Big business. I know because I have kids and my wife thinks there parties need to be decorated or something.

HowToRepairMyCredit.com These used to be SEO gold. Doesn’t have a lot of bids but I think it could still be built out and make some good money

HowToRepairMyCredit.com: $362. I don’t have a problem with long names if they work like this one does.

GetAWebsite.com I feel like I’ve seen this on a TV marketing campaign already at Godaddy or similar. Great name

GetAWebsite.com: $3,200. Nice name, says what they are getting.

GNYP.com New York and a good Chinese name. Double delicious. AND 16 years old

GNYP.com: $441. Great New York Players.

GreenEnergies.com Hot topic right now. Solar is the old and the new king

GreenEnergies.com: $316. One of my favorite names this week.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

VioletWire.com Not huge value but Color Noun at $12 is always worth looking at. 13 years old

VioletWire.com: Worth a few bucks. Brandable.

227888.com I don’t believe this price.

227888.com: 3 8’s at the end though..

615888.com And yet this one is also that high as well. I’ll have to see this one change hands to believe that these two names are actually going to sell for that much

615888.com: Someone find me the price I want to see.

Amandas.com Quite a few businesses named Amanda’s. 18 years old and under $100 at press time. Pretty sure your can sell this for at least $300 to one of them

Amandas.com: gotta be a Real Estate team with multiple Amandas.

9QT.com QT sold for over $600K. Putting a 9 in front of it saves you a little money

9QT.com: could I buy it then print it out then white-out the nine and scan it in to get QT.com?

OPLN.com A steal under $350 IMO. I’m a bidder

OPLN.com: Love this 4L. But so will a lot of people because If I like it AND Shane likes it. Damn.

22950.com Like this a lot because I like all the 5Ns that end in 50. Its my thing

22950.com: Sounds like a car price.

CTK.com Chinese LLL.com. Bring your checkbook

CTK.com: Whats a checkbook?

NWAF.com Before these only consonant things took over. This is what I was buying…..and I still am. 18 years old

NWAF.com: North West Air Freight

DebtSolutions.com Last chance to get one of the better names this year

DebtSolutions.com: So so so so so so so many people need this.

AFAX.com Have to get past the word Fax and see the value as an acronym. Only 15 bids

AFAX.com: Sounds good, this one may pass the radio test too.

AYFI.com Someone isn’t messing around with this one. Hasn’t officially gone to auction and its already sky high

AYFI.com: Pretty decent name.

DomainNameReport.com I thought you all might like this one for a blog or website. Only 7 bidders so it won’t be that expensive.

DomainNameReport.com: So many out there whats one more.

WU.uk I don’t own any .uk but I’m smart enough to know they have some value. Just not smart enough to read a rental car agreement

WU.uk: Westover University. Just made that up.

TheDockhouse.com No bidders. 14 years old. Upgrade name for a few restaurants

TheDockhouse.com: What a good name for a bar.

ClassicAutoSales.com An upgrade name for quite a few. A great marketing name for many more. No bidders

ClassicAutoSales.com: There are some people that pay big bucks for these. Barrett Jackson.

HouseofSex.com No bidders despite it being an entire house full of sex. 18 years old

HouseofSex.com: Wouldn’t be confused about what the site was about.

Caskets.net HUGE name. People don’t like talking about it but most people are put into this or a vase.

Caskets.net: Very nicely made for going in the ground.

VeganRecipe.com Mmmmmmm kale

VeganRecipe.com: These type of sites usually do pretty well.

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