Aug 05 2015

I have a pretty long 3 word domain that I am going to let expire. When I first started buying and selling domains it was one of the ones I picked up. I was hesitant to let it go because I spent $100 on it or something around there and I didn’t want to take the loss. But the fact was I have had it for about 3 years with no uniques, no inquires and no searches. I made a bad purchase and its not even worth the reg fee. Luckily that one may be my biggest mistake yet and it is really small compared to what it could have been. But now that I have said that I am sure I will make a bigger one soon enough. Live and learn, life is too short to worry about the small stuff.

The NameJet list only has 3 results. This is the day that was the first August 1st. I would guess that more will end tomorrow.

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments are in Bold.


ICNB.com 18 years old and great letters. Maybe the I isn’t Chinese approved but it sure is everywhere else.

ICNB.com: $1,225. I for institute.

SelectSurf.com Surf names have been doing pretty well. SurfReport crossed $10K on Namejet the other day. Obviously not as good but still quite a few bidders here

SelectSurf.com: $1,226. I love everything about the beach, so I am a fan of this name.

WhaleWatcher.com Only one bidder. That’s crazy. Worth $250 or more easily in my opinion. I will join the bidding late if this listing doesn’t drive the price up

WhaleWatcher.com: $506. Another great name. My parents are going up to San Juan Island Washington in a few weeks in hopes of seeing whales. Well I don’t know that dad cares all that much but My mom is pretty excited to see them.

KillerLogos.com 18 years old. Californiaish name but certainly memorable and only $12 with no bidders

KillerLogos.com: $111. Hell of a lot better than others I have heard.

QualityPictures.com Sounds like a production studio out West. No bidders at $12 . 14 years old

QualityPictures.com: $350. Would also be a great name for any photography studio or freelancer.

MobileTraining.com Another one with no bidders. At $12 Certainly worth that IMO

MobileTraining.com: $4,052. I am picturing a flat bed 18 wheeler with workout machines bolted to it. “No tome to Workout? We will come to you!” Free Motto.

FallInLoveAgain.com Nice thought. And half the world is divorced and wants to. No bidders $12

FallInLoveAgain.com: $225. I like this as a renew your vows site.

XSO.net Getting some good bids. Looks like its going to hit four figures

XSO.net: $300. XS or excess and O is for Orange. Excess Orange.

AUUM.com Under $100 at press time

AUUM.com: $310. Sound you make while meditating.

NTLN.com Worldwide love for this one.

NTLN.com: $708. Count me in too.

ViralNation.com Sounds like a TV show I would see at 11 pm on some obscure cable station. Or MTV

ViralNation.com: $3,750. I would think this would be used as a social media management company.

HospitalData.com Health name. Can’t share patient info but you can share data about the doctors and hospitals themselves

HospitalData.com: $1,231. This could also be an app or a new program to better store the patient data and such.

StoneHighway.com If they aren’t already a band they should be. Great brand

StoneHighway.com: $105. If it sounds like a Ban or a Bar you can usually make money.

FYRW.com Another one that should do well based on the letters

FYRW.com: $610. For Your Something Something.


FanBoys.com Great name, ridiculous writeup. “the hottest one word dot com on the market” . Not even the hottest one word dot com on Flippa. He’s a fanboy of his own names

FanBoys.com: Auction ended unsold with no bids. HAHA. That was funny. It is a great name though, 33k exacts.

Onlined.com I don’t mind the fake word. Solid name and great brand. Seller says name needs no explanation but some comps are always nice

Onlined.com: Auction ended unsold at $250. I am not a huge fan of past tense domains in general. I just don’t get this one at all.

Dominican.com Ends early this morning. Seller has a very square head in the picture. Not saying its bad, just saying

Dominican.com: Auction ended unsold at $1,000. Could be one of the better names on the list. Lots of things to do with this site. And some really great cigars come out of the Dominican.


MedicalBillingServices.com Not many industries bigger than this. I realize the value of health insurance and health names but it doesn’t mean I have to like the product

MedicalBillingServices.com: $5,600. I know all about this. Wish they did a frequent visitor card at the hospital. Huge industry and tons of money in it.

EJJJ.com Chicks dig the triple J

EJJJ.com: $1,999. How do you know about the Triple J?

NYB.org I think any LLL.org with NY at the front is worth owning. Lots of org in New York

NYB.org: $460. New York Books.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

Pufs.com Also 18 years old. I think I use this brand of tissues to blow my nose but may be missing an F

Pufs.com: Could be used for something else as long as its not like a tissue. And you are right there is 2 F’s.

75213.com I won’t pretend like I know why this one is so high

75213.com: It is a Zip code for Dallas Texas. That is my only guess.

87559.com I get this one. The double 5s always do well.

87559.com: All good numbers.

SC8.com Skate? Not sure if short hacks are still a thing. Under $3000 is a deal IMO but I am biased because I love most CCC.coms

SC8.com: I said Skate yesterday. “Could be said like Skate.”

Tavares.com One of the most popular names in the South American world. And the name of every short stop in major league baseball. (made the last part up) 20 years old

Tavares.com: I was this close to changing my son’s name to Tavares Johnson.

RUCA.com 19 year old CVCV.com That’s enough to take a look

RUCA.com: Pretty much. I like the way this one sounds. That is part one of Aaron’s CVCV test.

XR.com No bidders. Just kidding. More watchers than bidders but not a lot of buyers have $500K laying around

XR.com: I am buying this one if I can remember where the hell I buried that money in the back yard.

EOOO.com A pretty domain and also what the guy who accidentally walked off a cliff. Sorry, not very good

EOOO.com: If you are going to do vowels might as well have four of them.

IWillNow.com A good name for a site that teaches a lesson

IWillNow.com: Could stand for Internet Will Now. Website to set up a Will.

NamePartners.com Good name for one of you

NamePartners.com: Not me. I have one and I am NOT migrating email.

LakeShoreDrive.com Can’t believe it has only 11 bids but then again not everyone is from Chicago

LakeShoreDrive.com: Pretty sure this is mentioned in series I read. It is based in Chicago.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

Dominican.com $632,000

XR.com $243,000

Fanboys.com $64,000

Ruca.com $27,000

Tavares.com $15,000

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