Aug 08 2015

Seems like today was a slow day, some of the names I thought would sell for a lot or get a lot of bids did not and so on and so forth. Seems like some pretty good deals happened though which makes for a healthy profit margin. Have a great weekend everyone.

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments are in Bold.


HotToys.com No bidders. Pretty strong name for a Christmas Toy site. 19 years old

HotToys.com: There are always Hot toys every year for Christmas or it would be a cool ranking and review site.

WiredWest.com Not going to make you rich but a nice play on words. No bidders and $12 so it won’t set you back too much

WiredWest.com: $133. I like play on word domains. Like the man said it wont make you rich but it is damn memorable.

PXF.cc You have to pay attention when a .CC climbs above $200

PXF.cc: $240. Ya sure do. But this one is a pretty good one.

DRQZ.com Dr. Qui Zhang

DRQZ.com: $336. Idk… could be a rappers name.

FloridaEnvironment.com 16 years old. A few hundred visitors a month and under $40 at press time. The Trifecta

FloridaEnvironment.com: $193. Nice name. Damn good price imo.


TouchSafe.com Every device is now touch so touch names are as good as they’ve ever been. And Safe is always a nice comfort word to throw in a brand name

TouchSafe.com: Auction ended unsold $600. This would be an awesome brand or slogan for an induction oven.

OnlineGifts.com Pretty big name. I have bought a few gifts online myself

OnlineGifts.com: Sold by Buy It Now $13,000. Hasn’t everyone? Something like this would be good for gift baskets and such.

MastersDegree.net HUGE CPC that if built out correctly should be more than enough to pay for the purchase

MastersDegree.net: Auction ended unsold at $501. I have no Idea why this didn’t go any higher. I thought about getting one of these… But I don’t use my batchlors. What would I do with a masters?

EmailBackup.com I know I do it all the time. People would pay for a quick, hit the button backup.

EmailBackup.com: Sold by Auction for $825. I think this is a pretty great price. A service for this to back up and move email = No brainer.


NOSO.com My favorite name on the board today but I don’t think I can flip it quickly. I think the price will not be low enough that it will be able to sell quickly in the near future. Just my opinion

NOSO.com: $9,900. I really like this domain name. Just sounds cool.

OAL.com 2nd favorite and on the contrary here. There is always a chance to sell an LLL.com for more, regardless of the price

OAL.com: $33,000. Sold a year ago 13k less. There is money to be made on these. Office of Administrative Law.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

97212.com Don’t see a lot of 14 year old 5Ns unless they are zip codes

97212.com: Nice age, but i’m not sure the age matters to the Chinese.

322333.com Second most bids on the board is a 6N.com. Becoming a regular thing

322333.com: Lots of 3’s.

20154.com Only one bidder at $12. All 5N.com are worth $12 or more IMO

20154.com: Agreed.

UN5.com Coming Up and doing very well considering the U. But everyone loves the 5

UN5.com: Sounds official, maybe that’s because is says UN.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

OAL.com $143,000

HotToys.com $85,000

OnlineGifts.com $84,000

EmailBackup.com $33,000

Noso.com $8,500

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