Aug 10 2015

How do you handle offers or inquires? So when I get an inquiry it is often without an offer. I will usually ask for an initial offer but sometimes I will just hit them with the price. I don’t want to waste my time explaining why the domain name is worth it if we are way apart in price. I will always keep the emails professional and understanding because they could always come up with the money later.

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My Comments are in Bold.


HQC.net 17 years old. Good Chinese letters. High Quality Coathooks

HQC.net: $1,400. This is a weed name for sure. High Quality Chronic.

BeachBlue.com Upgrade name for quite a few companies. 12 years old and one bidder

BeachBlue.com: $305. Sweet brand. Perfect for a Hawaiian company near the clear blue water.

YourWeightLoss.com A LOT of money in trying to get the weight off the hundreds of millions of big people

YourWeightLoss.com: $430. Eat a salad for one meal a day and go on 30 minute to hour long walks every night and work your way up to running or swiming or something.

JHYT.com Bad English letters so of course doing well

JHYT.com: $363. Tried to come up with a phrase for this and got nothing. Don’t judge me.

PushNotifications.com We all get them. Now you just have to figure out how to monetize the domain

PushNotifications.com: $260. Its long but EVERYONE knows what it is.


PayV.com Man this is doing well. Reserve met

PayV.com: $7,850. Wow, looks like the seller re though the reserve and it sold big with no reserve.


SiteFuel.com I thought I could steal this one. 6 people found it already. 16 years old

SiteFuel.com: $609. Cool development domain. It’s catchy.

EOOO.com not getting a lot of love. Under $700 at press time. Damn vowels

EOOO.com: $2,999. Vowels are always screwing things up.

Slava.com Bigger than I thought. 19 million results and for a lot of different things

Slava.com: $6,036. Looks like it is a Serbian Orthodox Christian holiday.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

YSLP.com Probably gets some Yelp typo traffic as well

YSLP.com: You Should Like Pizza.

GKF.net I am starting to follow LLL.net a little closer starting today. I’m not saying they are going to move fast but I think they are going to move

GKF.net: Great Kachina Figurines. It’s a thing in Arizona. 

388808.com Under $50. Take away the 3 and you get $5K

388808.com: Even if that 3 were A 5 I think it would be higher.

UN5.com Liquid, short and ends with the ever so nice 5. Not there yet but worth 4 figures IMO. 16 years old

UN5.com: With these if you divide the age by the number of letters and then add a few zeros to the end of that number it has no significance at all.

RUCA.com Closes today. Getting a lot of bids. Looks like the CVCV is taking over the vowel thing

RUCA.com: Awesome CVCV. It sounds awesome, it looks awesome and it is an easy brandable.

ClothesClub.com A lot cheaper than Clothes.club

ClothesClub.com: There are a lot of companies that do something like this.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

Slava.com $68,000

Ruca.com $27,000

PayV.com $6,800

EOOO.com $3,400

YSLP.com $2,500

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