Aug 11 2015

I was doing some reading today on some of the other blogs and honestly the comments sometimes are so outrageous. It is just fun to read through them. One guy was getting so mad and he kept commenting to himself and carrying the entire conversation on by himself. I mean I talk to myself… but commenting to myself? Not even I do that..

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments and in Bold.


iBanks.com Now that I said I don’t like I names they are popping all over with good bids.

iBanks.com: $7,877. This one works with the I too. I like it a lot.

InternetTrust.com 17 years old. And one of the hardest and most expensive things to develop

InternetTrust.com: $1,304. Oxymoron.

CreditCheckers.com Only one bid at $12, 16 years old. Pretty obvious what this one will be used for.

CreditCheckers.com: $305. Agreed, I would use this as a checkers site. Oh you were thinking Credit Checks?

ReWrapped.com One bidder. 11 years old. Great regifting site name

ReWrapped.com: $305. Awesome name for a car wrapping site.

BargainBee.com Darn good name for under $25

BargainBee.com: $490. Bargains and coupons and everything else like that always has some kind of build out potential.

CozyAndWarm.com Great marketing name for a company that sells something that will make you both of these

CozyAndWarm.com: $510. Hot apple cider.

TJYX.com I know what you’re thinking. This a beauty and should be over $1000.

TJYX.com: $1,175. I was going to say should be over $1,174.

PlaygroundOnline.com The action is coming from the traffic. Assume it was a games site or similar

PlaygroundOnline.com: $685. Anyone else seeing this as potential adult site name?

2567.cc You may have already missed the NNNN.cc boat. All these are starting to do well with many in the four figures

2567.cc: $243. That is why I am pulling all of my money out of domains and into time travel.

Relies.com Another one of those dictionary words that gets bids but I have no idea what it would be used for without making up some far fetched idea

Relies.com: $559. Kinda ironic that he says “Far fetched ideas” after I talked about time travel.

DroneShows.com Only two bidders and you know there are going to be more and more of these each year

DroneShows.com: $177. I am ‘Meh’ on this one.


12C.com An awesome name and a perfect example of how NOT to do an auction

12C.com: Auction ended unsold then relisted. 12 Carats.

7M7.com I would think the bottom price for this would be $750 but the bid is nowhere close

7M7.com: Auction ended unsold at $470. I like this one.

AB5.com Ditto here. But I like the above name better

AB5.com: Auction has ended Reserve not met $1,305. I like the 5 at the end.


Shadowboxing.com All I think of is Fiona Apple when I see this. All the bidders tell me that not everyone feels the same. 18 years old

Shadowboxing.com: $1,700. My shadow would kick my ass.

HBBA.com Premier English LLLL.com Love it

HBBA.com: $357. I see hubba.

HDBD.com You know how I like the double Ds. Actually two Ds. Good English AND Chinese. You hear me say this all the time so I’ll call it Chinglish.

HDBD.com: $210. Hump Day Bump Day.

808.xyz Excited to see how it does because I own 3, yes Three, NNN.xyz similar to this. I’m gonna be rich

808.xyz: $150. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU WOULD SELL OUT AND BUY 3 .XYZ’s! Just kidding, Let us know what happens. Really though I am furious about how you spend your money.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

SilentWheels.com No bidders. 11 years old. Don’t know what this is but for $12 I’m willing to wait and see if they are a thing later

SilentWheels.com: Could be a thing.

DumbAssInc.com No bidders and probably what I should have named my company. At least I feel like it some days

DumbAssInc.com: Hahaha Would be an awesome email.

SSS2345.com Yes this has more than one bid and it doesn’t get much traffic

SSS2345.com: Don’t get it.

AutoLoans.net Big time keyword will overcome the dot net……I think

AutoLoans.net: I would think it does.

WeLoveFeet.com Good name for anyone that sells products for the feet. 16 years old

WeLoveFeet.com: Podiatrist name all the way.

HDRB.com Three HDLL.coms today. I like them all

HDRB.com: How do something something.

HDFN.com And this is the other. High Def Financial Nancy. You can probably find a better fit on the N thing

HDFN.com: High Dividend Financial Network.

Tenticles.com Tenticle.com awesome domain. Tenticles.com OK

Tenticles.com: I like this too. A lot.

Toby.com If you don’t get 808.xyz then you could always buy this one if you have to have a nice domain

Toby.com: If you are going to settle then I guess you might as well go with this one.

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