May 26 2015

In the auction recap I have included Shane’s entire list for your reference. My comments are in bold. Please keep in mind that each auction house will have different end times. Because of this there will be a delay in the results.


TheSpam.com 16 years old and no bidders. We all get it and solid name for $12. Great blog name

TheSpam.com: No result: This is a fun name. I would use this a a personal email. When I send out invites to all the family because my wife tells me I have to they may not open it!

TotallyCash.com Used to be something because it’s DMOZ listed but worth the $50 bid on domain value alone

TotallyCash.com: $290. This would be a good domain for an auction site or could be a payday loan place.

SunEngine.com I may be ahead of my time but I think solar power when I see this one. No bidders

SunEngine.com: $320. I like this one and it looks like some bidders did too. If you auction it they will come. There was a movie reference there people… Sorta.

EZSS.com I thought this one would be much higher. Maybe it will be later in the auction. Over under $280

EZSS.com: $310. Close Shane! EZ like easy, EZ Social Sharing. Dang i’m good.

FYZL.com And yet this one is at 4 times the above. Z baby, Z Over under $670

FYZL.com: $505. Did not close at four times the one above. I like the other better but this one doesn’t have any vowels.

ZQIL.com Guess this price. I bet you are wrong. I think I take this when I have a cold but I could be wrong

ZQIL.com: 180. I though it would be more. Good buy.

CrackCocaine.biz The perfect domain to put on your 1987 Chevy Cavalier if you’re in this business. For some reason no bidders

CrackCocaine.biz: Didn’t sell. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME?! Nope, believe it or not this Gem did not sell.

Pggy.com Drop an E, save 50K. I guess the the I could have been dropped

Pggy.com: $820. Good one, has good balance.

XMBN.com Over a grand and absolutely worth it. Actually I’m not sure but plenty of bidders think it is and I’m a follower. It’s why my friends call me whiskers

XMBN.com: $1,485. It is a great domain. “It’s why my friends call me whiskers” Lmao.

66177.com Awesome 5n .com. I am a bidder on this one

66177.com: No result. Love this domain name.

Daoman.com A Chinese name therefore it’s crushing it

Daoman.com: $1,525. Crushing it is right. 193,000 results.

1626.cc 4N.cc are hot. This has already hit $500

1626.cc: No result. These are hot right now. I may have to go over to the dark side with one of these 4n.cc domains.

VZR.cc I’m just putting this up so I can say “I told you so” when they cross into 4 figures

VZR.cc: No result. Z domains are hot!

PleaseGiveBlood.org Not sure it has any value but you should

PleaseGiveBlood.org: $775. I am a universal donor so I donate all the time because of the free cookies. Then I run 2 marathons before breakfast. Beat that Shane and Other Aaron!

7550.net If you are going to buy a NNNN.net this is the kind you should be buying

7550.net: No result. Fantastic name for a .net. This is a great way to get into the numeric game without breaking the bank.


EmploymentAds.com Is this how far the exact match and employment ad market has fallen?

EmploymentAds.com: Auction ended unsold at $505. Great name didn’t even break a grand?

NameJet- From 5/21/2015

Qia.net I figured this one would get some action. I was right. 18 years old

Qia.net: $1,600. Get some action and 18 years old. That it did. USC.net went for more but not much more.

TownSlut.com You would make a lot of friends if you give away this email….if you’re a girl. Forgot to throw that in

TownSlut.com: No bids. It is results like that that make me question weather you readers have a grasp on whats good and whats not.

NightJobs.com More money…vampires

NightJobs.com: No result. Great exact match domain and would be a perfect recruiting site. And by that I mean a site to lure in prey for the vampires obviously.

VHVV.com Save $20K by throwing in an H

VHVV.com: No result. This is solid. 2 letters one 3 times.

VMVV.com Or an M. Barely any bidders

VMVV.com: No result. The ugly fraternal twin.

HempBiz.com I like it better than hemp.biz

HempBiz.com: No result. Hemp is just going to get more popular.

IntoFood.com Good foodie name. Or fatty

IntoFood.com: No result. Agreed, I like this name as a blog or critic site.

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