Aug 12 2015

There was a story today about the guy that sold Alphabet.xyz to google without knowing wo the buyer was and he settled on $3800. He could have made more on it sure but with Sedo you really don’t have any tools to do any research on the person inquiring. Was I the only one that thought it was weird that google chose to buy the name like 1 day before it launched Abc.xyz? If the seller had sat on the offer for a few and waited he could have connected the dots. To me I think it was a good sale. In the end he made money and he can re invest that money and make more of it. After I sell a name it is on to the next. I sold one recently at auction and then I got an end user inquiry two days later and I know I could have gotten a lot more than the auction yielded but what am I going to do, sit here and second guess it? Nope! I am going to take that money I made and buy some other domains.


RentGear.com 19 years old . I’m thinking skiing or any winter things that people only do periodically

RentGear.com: $2,425. That would be a great use for this name. I was thinking boats and wake boards.

PathSmart.com 16 years old. No bidders. Not a bad brand for $12

PathSmart.com: $160. Two common words that are short and easy to sell.

CafeMarijuana.com I think they are opening these in the Colorado McDonalds. Getting a few bids

CafeMarijuana.com: $150. Would be better the other way around but still good.

Unkept.com How in the world does this have no bidders? It may have one by the time you read this but it didn’t when I wrote this

Unkept.com: $264. oooooo I like this one I think this is a good buy at the price.

AUUM.com Pretty domain IMO. Cheaper than it used to be with the new Chinese favorite change up

AUUM.com: Reserve not met. This domain has been auctioned 3 time in the last month.

SlickDomains.com I figured one of you may want to change the name of your company to this. Only one bidder

SlickDomains.com: $332. Mine aren’t. they are uneven and snag fabric.. You could call them catchy…

KNDK.com Ahh the oh so hot K flanking the ends. Should do well

KNDK.com: $900. Something Something Donkey Kong.

RocketCloud.com Ohhh. Love this one. I like rocket and cloud names though. 11 years old

RocketCloud.com: $1,009. Two things that belong in the sky. I like.

Benzhang.com Ben Zhang must REALLY want this name judging by the current price

Benzhang.com: $3,100. You don’t know what Ben Zhang is? Awkward…

HealthPricer.com A health insurance comparison site in the making

HealthPricer.com: $1,500. I feel like this one would be hard to remember when doing marketing.

HV.TV I honestly thought the bid would be much higher than where it is. Maybe I overvalued LL.tvs

HV.TV: I don’t think this hit reserve. Home Values.

VirtualTube.com VR videos are already here. Just not sure if tube names are still a thing

VirtualTube.com: $650. I’m not feeling tube names unless it is an adult name. They will alwyas have value.


ForSolar.com Comes with 76 other names but I only want this one

ForSolar.com: Auction ended unsold at $30. I just don’t think this one makes much sense.

ForMarijuana.com Same here. Love the lead domains, don’t want the rest. At $2

ForMarijuana.com: Auction ended unsold at $2. Same as above.

CreditCards.info Dot info has fallen in value a little bit but this is as good of a dot info as you can buy.

CreditCards.info: Auction ended unsold at $750. This name would have gone for a lot on Flippa a couple years back. Still a solid name. I actually like .info names.

CommunicationStudies.com Getting a great price to profit number. Potential. It’s all about potential

CommunicationStudies.com: $5,000. It’s all about selling dreams.


SeeU.com 18 years old. Short and sweet. The opposite of how I like my ladies

SeeU.com: $7,200. So tall and mean and -18 years old or 36? I’m lost.

RKPC.com 17 year old LLLL.com that appeals to everyone on the planet. That might be a bold statement. A lot of people on the planet

RKPC.com: $444. Rock PC.

CherryGlen.com Looks like every town has something named Cherry Glen

CherryGlen.com: Upgrade for a lot of companies.

Negari.com Been plenty of talk about this one. Daniel of .xyz is selling it because he’s not a dot com person anymore. Not sure why you can’t be both

Negari.com: $1,800. Cool, I should give him my info. He can just push the other .com domains he has into my account.

POD.org Plenty of uses for this one. One of the better LLL.orgs in a while

POD.org: $2,200. Non profit pod storage?

Noso.com Closing today. Loved it on the list a few days ago. Love it just as much now

Noso.com: $9,900. Great for a brand.

DRLA.com I am a bidder on all good LLLL.com that end in an A. But this one is Doctor Los Angeles so its a bit more than just an LLLL.com

DRLA.com: $2,001 Love it. Kinda like the movie Doc Hollywood only not.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

ELBW.com The sad part is a company called Elbow will buy this

ELBW.com: I should have named my domain investment company Elbow.

227888.com 888 never disappoints. Fantastic price

227888.com: Even with a 6N.

TDXB.com I think they are on the weak end of Chinese letters but the price says they are OK

TDXB.com: Includes the ever popular X.

ADDD.com Don’t know if you know what this is. Its a person with ADD that stutters. Pretty rare though

ADDD.com: This domain is my life story then. Except I don’t stutter and I have ADHD. other than that though… It’s like spot on.

CuteMonkey.com They’re all cute until they rip your face off

CuteMonkey.com: I was going to say They’re all cute until they throw poop at you.

ChimneyDoctor.com Not sure how big of a market this is but there are over a million results on Google and ads for the keywords. But less than ten bidders

ChimneyDoctor.com: Gotta be a company named this.

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    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Hey Konstantinos,
      Thanks for the update. I must have read it wrong! I appreciate your comment. On a side note, You do a great job with your blog I read it everyday. Thanks for reading!

  1. Eric Borgos

    I agree about the sale of Alphabet.xyz. $3800 is a great price to get for it, so the seller should be happy. Just because a company (like Google) has lots of money does not mean they should pay more than market value for a domain.

    1. Post author
      Aaron Johnson

      Hey Eric,
      Agreed! Still a solid sale. Thanks for the comment and reading.
      I am planning on checking out your book when time permits. Thanks for making it available!

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