Aug 15 2015

Sometimes when I am placing bids to watch domains for the list I am the first to bid or I am the only one. I really need to take auto pilot off because a lot of times I will win names like that. I have bought 2 or 3 domains in this exact scenario in the last month. They are all decent names because Shane puts out a solid list but still not ones I would typically pick up. This has worked out for me before though. I won a domain for $69 and sold it a few months later for 900ish on Flippa. So maybe it is a good thing. I will let you know how I do with the next one.

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments are in Bold. 


SeaKayakerMag.com Enough backlinks, PR, and traffic to get the price to almost 4 figures

SeaKayakerMag.com: $4,950. I am a sucker for outdoor names but I am not a huge fan of “mag” names. But I like backlinks.

Goople.com Looks pretty close to Google. I thought this would go for much more

Goople.com: $7,999. Wow that went for a lot. Is this like Goop? Like if you are sprayed with goop you would have been Goopled?

Pendia.com No bidders. 12 years old. One of those names you can put up on a brand site and sell for a few thousand

Pendia.com: $405. Reminds me of Pangaea. I like it quite a bit though.

TheHealthInsurance.com Take the “THE” away and you have a a million dollar name. Adding it doesn’t make it worthless IMO

TheHealthInsurance.com: $618. I like the names in some circumstances. This is not one of them. Prove me wrong.

YTMF.com I don’t see a lot of Chinese words that begin in F but the price says its Chinese loved

YTMF.com: $820. Youth Tutor Monday – Friday.

64544.com One 4 bad. Three 4s. Great

64544.com: And I am confused again. Don’t worry this is normal.

Mega.me Under $50 at press time

Mega.me: $1,798. Best .me on the board. Short and sweet.

ShaneYellowbird.com Don’t know why this is at $200 other than the incredible keyword Shane

ShaneYellowbird.com: $212. Are you bidding against yourself?

Important.me Under $30. I guess it’s not so important

Important.me: $155. Another example of a cool one word .me.

Memorize.me Yet another one word dot me. Looks like dot me is losing some value

Memorize.me: $405. Even better.

PesticideDrone.com They will absolutely spray crops with drones. Within the next few years. Only one bidder

PesticideDrone.com: $100. Good price, This could be a smart grab. I just don’t know how much pesticide a drone could hold?

Healthier.me Positive name. One bidder

Healthier.me: $411. Second best one on the list imo.


WeddingInvitations.org Kind of works for these keywords. This seller isn’t getting much love for his domains but I think this one is a nice one

WeddingInvitations.org: Auction ended unsold $150. I like this one quite a bit but the extension doesn’t work for it.


15122.com 17 year old 5N.coms are usually worth watching or buying

15122.com: $775. Really like the look of this one.

Voltor.com Cool 5L.com no bidders. Sounds like a bad guy in a superhero movie

Voltor.com: $222. Before I read that I was thinking it sounded like a comic book or something.

WCOD.com Only 6 bidders on this one. Deserves a lot more IMO

WCOD.com: $138. White Cod. Not sure why you have to say white because all cod is a white fish… I think.

PHDR.com PHD , DR . A bunch of different ways to go with this one

PHDR.com: The reserve was not met, ended at $459. I am all of the above.

GreenBusiness.com Hot keyword for decades now. Green. I’m sure this name will do well. Because everyone loves to be labeled green, even if they’re not

GreenBusiness.com: $8,600. It would be awesome if the business that bought this just wears green.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

MikeAndDave.com No bidders. There HAS to be a Mike and Dave partnership somewhere.

MikeAndDave.com: That is easy, Fill Adam’s vacancy on Domain Sherpa with a David.

Walmar.com This is actually how its pronounced down south. Probably a little type in traffic

Walmar.com: Don’t like the store and I don’t like mistypes. I am really opinionated tonight.

LeisureMachines.com Love the name but not sure most people can spell leisure.

LeisureMachines.com: This is just a long complicated way of saying La-Z-Boy.

GigaTouch.com Two more hot keywords. Put together and it’s magic. Magic Jerry, magic

GigaTouch.com: Uh huh.

PrayForYou.org For only 99 cents I will say a prayer for you. No bidders. $12. 16 years old

PrayForYou.org: Another good example of a great .org.

9QT.com QT is going to draw the Chinese crowd. The 9 is just there to watch. $750 is the floor for this kind

9QT.com: I put gas in my car today at a QT. What does this have to do with this domain? Not a damn thing.

ZVXQ.com I’m pretty sure no LLLL.com should sell under $100 at this point. And this one has no vowels or V so it should sell for $150 or more. Still under $100

ZVXQ.com: It has a few letters that use to be terrible too…. So it should have closed at like $850.

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