Aug 16 2015

Ever since Shane said Chipotle this morning I have wanted a burrito bowl. I get Chicken and steak with extra rice, half black beans and half pinto. Then comes the spicy salsa and the corn salsa. Don’t even get me started on the Guacamole. I did not get around to that today because I was working around the house and running errands. I liked this quote from Shane’s post this morning “You will feel sluggish and put on a bunch of weight”. Sluggish? If I finished that entire bowl I would just curl up on the floor under my table and go to sleep. On a completely unrelated topic. I hope we get some more rain soon, I love rainy days. That could be because Arizona has like 6 of those a year. Here is a picture of a desert thunderstorm from few days ago, if you have never seen one there is nothing quite like it. That was actually open house/ meet the teacher night and lightning actually blew up a tree outside my kids school.




LIQR.com Great liquor domain. Under $200 at press time

LIQR.com: $1,825. I don’t see it. Just jokes. Awesome 4L.

LibertyMeadows.com 16 years old. 1.6K backlinks. PR4. Old Book series and lots of other things with the same name. “And now welcome to the stage……Liberty Meadows”

LibertyMeadows.com: $1,426. This is what I want the name of the Home that my kids check me into when I have gone off the deep end. Shhhh don’t tell them it’s already happenen.

PetOfTheWeek.com Hard to believe there is only one bidder on this one. Lots of potential. And nobody remembers the Pet of the Month

PetOfTheWeek.com: $565. This says pet though. Dog people would be discussed if a cat won and coat people would be the same way. Don’t even get me started on what would happen if a ferret won.

SinglesForum.com Not sure if this is still a thing after Tinder. The bidding says its kinda a thing

SinglesForum.com: $676. Apparently there are a few single people out there.

DGKK.com Two Ks good, Three Ks, not good. Doing very well

DGKK.com: $720. That was a good one. I laughed a little bit.

JCLX.com Terrible letters so naturally getting a good price

JCLX.com: $580.00 Well J is ok… Yeah they’re not good. Or use to not be good. Who knows anymore.. Seriously who does. I would love some info.

MLTI.com 14 free visits with the purchase of this one

MLTI.com: $1,814. I see Milton.


2CK.com Closes today and has crossed the 4 figure mark. I think it has a little more room to run

2CK.com:$1,100. To ClicK!

31865.com Great looking 5N.com and these are starting to hit the $800 plus range with no 4s and ending on a 5 or 8′

31865.com: $510. Not a bad price for this.


Sura.net 1988 birthday. Yes 1988

Sura.net: $3,255. I like that year.

GoBright.com 9 bidders at press time. 16 years old. A good name on its own or a company or thing named Bright

GoBright.com: $730. I like this one for a brand or name slogan.

FireStack.com 19 years old. Great tech sounding brand

FireStack.com: $110. Yup, great name. Same as above.

TheMovieStars.com A little long but you know what the site would be about

TheMovieStars.com: $69. ‘The’ names seem to do well.

XDomainNames.com The seller is probably disappointed. No bidders but there’s a reserve. I actually like it a lot

XDomainNames.com: Reserve not met. As far as names for our business goes.

SimpleContracts.com Surprised this was top bid getter of the “regular” (non public auction) with 25 bids

SimpleContracts.com: $812. Great name to fill in your info and order the documents.

Negari.com Last chance to buy Daniel’s name. Again, I have no idea why he sold it. You can show you are the future without throwing away the past

Negari.com: 1,800. Is this a popular name?

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

7322.cc I am also a bidder here. I think 4N.cc are a good investment. Not saying invest. Saying watch

7322.cc: So I should invest? Cool man taking out a second and third mortgage on Monday!

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