Aug 18 2015

Today was a crazy long day. I am transitioning into a new role with my company that I am really excited about. I do tend to be a workaholic though so I will be very busy and have a lot of long days moving forward. All worth it though. There is a very small percentage of people who love what they do and I am fortunate enough to be one of them.

Welcome to the Auction Recap. My comments are in Bold.


OldenDays.com You hear people mention the “olden days”. Now you can get buy them. No bidders. $12 16 years old

OldenDays.com:$450. Like when Shane was born. Sorry, couldn’t help it.

MediaDefender.com 15 years old. I tabbed this one a few days ago but more people took to liking it than I thought they would. PR4, some traffic, and backlinks might be the reason

MediaDefender.com: $500. No one really likes the media, but then again no one likes a criminal and we defend them.

Quinzy.com No bidders. 13 years old. Solid brand name for the price

Quinzy.com: $216. Awesome. But they very rarely go for 12 bucks.

TheBulbs.com Would make a nice site selling…..the bulbs. Light or tulip. At $20. 12 years old

TheBulbs.com: $250. I plant bulbs every year.

PRDomains.com Certainly a niche part of our industry. One bidder at $12

PRDomains.com: $133. Too niche for me. some people like that though.

SocialGain.com The reason behind every move of a teenager.

SocialGain.com: $501. Yeah, thats about right. 

TLLK.com Lovely Chinese LLLL.com

TLLK.com: $405. Great double L in the middle. Looks like Talk.

PDN.cc 8 bids. Under $100 at press time

PDN.cc: $255. Public Display of Narcotics. not a good idea.


RSDA.com I think this would be a steal under $500. Of course there’s a reserve so it won’t go there

RSDA.com: Auction ended unsold $1,080. Hope he wasn’t looking for the estibot price on this… 1100 is a solid price imo.

Return.net Seller says its pretty close to reserve which if true, would be a fair price

Return.net: Auction ended unsold $1,000. Great domain even as a .net. lots of potential end users out there.


SFRS.com Great letters on both sides of the pond. $500 plus IMO

SFRS.com: $1,211. Awesome name.

BuildConfidence.com I think you would do well with this name. No. I KNOW you will do well with this name. See, its already working

BuildConfidence.com: $2,300. It is working on me sooooooooo good.

863.xyz Keep an eye on this one. NNN.xyz are starting to move

863.xyz: $220. Good numbers.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

GWB.cc Under $50 at press time

GWB.cc: Green Women Battalion.

NCP.net I’m officially announcing the rise of LLL.net prices. Moving up each day

NCP.net: National Something something.

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